Khan + Sultan Arrested!

Updated: 7:51 PM

Mark Sultan advised a would-be concert goer yesterday at 1:34 PM to “bring some friends who aren’t wearing jack johnson shirts, please.” He was referring to the King Khan & BBQ Show gig that was supposed to be held in St. Louis at the Off Broadway. Well, Sultan and my boy Arish “King” Khan never played that gig. They missed an early evening sound check and frankly never made an appearance at the venue at all. They somehow got arrested on their way to St. Louis in Oak Grove, Kentucky (home of really cheap gas). Their booking agent inquired that perhaps they stopped to take a piss. For all we know, a trooper may have noticed them and they are now sex offenders. They are out on bail, but their tour manager, Kristin Klein (above right), apparently is still in jail. She’s been driving the boys around on a suspended license. Tonight’s show hasĀ  obviously been cancelled. As of 7:51 PM, Kristin is out of jail! The suspected drug found in the vehicle is mushrooms. That’s because Kristin foolishly posted a photo on her flickr of King Khan and Leo Chips with the caption “on mushrooms.”

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