BOTW Song Showcase: “Christina” (Oblivians)

In a coming post, you’ll be getting the whole run down of just why we’ve chosen The Oblivians as BAND OF THE WEEK, but nothing truly warrants justification for this choice. The Oblivians are the quintessential garage punk trio, as measured by their vast influence on most contemporary bands (and defunct legends like The Reatards) bearing that designation. High energy, no bass needed. “Christina” is from their aptly titled Popular Favorites LP.


Who Did It Better?! “Bad Man”

“Bad Man” is a personal favorite of mine by the legendary Memphis Blues Punk/Garage band, The Oblivians, whom you should all know by now. Here is the original from their 1996 LP Popular Favorites (Crypt)

The first “cover” by Greg Oblivian & The Tip Tops from his 1998 LP Head Shop (Sympathy For the Record Industry). Technically, this isn’t a cover, since Greg Cartwright (Greg Oblivian) was the main songwriter in the original song above, but this is a totally different, mellower, version.

and lastly the second cover by Mister Heavenly with Michael Cera on guitar.

What do y’all think? For my money, the original is the best, but each version is unique in its own way and evokes different emotions. The covers both have almost a sensitive feeling to them, like someone pondering their love life. Whereas the Oblivians’ version is more like “yeah, I fucked her.”

Black Lips- “Something For Nothing” (Unreleased Oblivians Cover, 2005)

Yee! Apparently an Oblivians compilation entitled, “Static Party: A Tribute to The Oblivians” was set to be released in 2006, but it never happened. Recently, this track from that would be compilation has popped up and being both a fan of the lips and the Oblivians (especially the lips) so has my dick. In honor of that, here is the song “Something for Nothing.” You can tell there’s some Memphis flavor in there, but all and all it is typical early Lips material with its muddy production and shouts and screams and what have ya, which is always great. I love the sudden ending.