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Who Did It Better?: The Model….

Up first, the orignal version of “The Model” by German synth pioneers Kraftwerk

Next, the cover version by the menacing, 80s noise trio (or should I say quartet ;) ) Big Black.

Perfect video!

So, who did it better? Well, I’m going with Big Black on this one, although I love both versions; Kraftwerk’s version I think is truly the better version, but I prefer BB’s cover because they are one of my favorite bands and they simply nailed it in this instance.

KLYAMer Shuffle: Chris

Pixies– U-Mass (1991)- One of my favorites from one of my favorite bands.

Gheorghe Zamfir– The Lonely Shepherd (don’t know actual year of release, but it appears on the Kill Bill Volume 1 sountrack, released in 2003)- Epic as fuck!

Mark Sultan– Cursed World (2007)- A decent tune from one of my top singers.

Dinosaur Jr– Pieces (2009)- Solid opener from last year’s Farm.

Arctic Monkeys– Cornerstone (2009)- I love this song! My favorite from also last year’s Humbug.

Tool– Parabola (2001)- Tool (and I feel like this song specifically) always seems to come up on these shuffles :)

Big Black– Bazooka Joe (1986)- Another fucked up, but sonically sound number from one of the best bands to come out of the 80s by far.

Lou Reed– Perfect Day (1972)- Lou’s finest solo work.

Black Lips!– Transcendental Light (2007)- Ian on Vocals! which we will be seeing again soon :)

Weezer– Island in the Sun (2001)- A fairly decent song from post-classic Weezer.