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Peach Kelli Pop Announces Spring Tour/ Freak Flag Show (3/27/13)!!!

Damn, I’ve been waiting for this for almost two years! Can’t wait to see Peach Kelli Pop again. Check the dates below to see if they are hitting up your city. We’ll add venues and such when they are announced.
03/7  Sacramento CA @ Press Club w/ Fine Steps, Croissants
03/8 Bakersfield, CA @ Sandrinis- dj beat surrender party!
03/9 Los Angeles, CA @ TBA
03/10 San Pedro, CA @ Harold’s w/ Dirt Dress, Can of Beans, Benn & the Jet Rodriguez
03/11 Phoenix, AZ @ Trunkspace w/ LENZ + more
03/12 Tucson, AZ @ Tucson Live Music Space w/ Resonars, Maston, and more
03/14-17  SXSW
03/18 New Orleans, LA @ Saturn Bar w/ Warm Soda
03/19 St. Augustine FL @ Nobby’s w/ Wet Nurse, Queen Beef, Mental Boy
03/20 Orlando, FL @  Peacock Room w/ Golden Pelicans and Pillowfight
03/22 Atlanta, GA @ 97 Estoria w/ GHB +more
03/23 Montevallo, AL  @ Eclipse w/ Dommel Mosel
03/24 Nashville, TN @ TBA
03/25 Richmond, VA  Strange Matter w/ Warm Soda, Wolf//Goat, Arkaic
03/26 NYC, NY @ DBA w/ White Mystery & more tba
03/27 Boston, MA Freak Flag Presents @ Radio Up w/ The Fagettes, Scamps, and Great Valley
03/28 Montreal, QC @ L’esco w/ Dagger Eyes and Vomit Squad
03/29 Ottawa, ON @ House Show
03/30 Toronto, ON @ Magpies
03/31 Detroit , MI @ Lager House
04/1 Chicago, IL @ Burlington w/ Summer Girlfriends
04/2 Milwaukee, WI @ Quarters w/ the Delphines
04/3 St. Louis, MO @ House Show  w/ Bruiser Queen, Holy Doldrums, Sleepy & the Bedtimes
04/4 Lawrence, KS @ Replay
04/5 Denver, CO Rocky Mountain Sound Garden w/  w/ Real Diamonds, Chase Diamond, Wvlf Blvd
04/6 Salt Lake City, UT @ Salt Haus

Chris’s Top Songs Of Twenty-Twelve

The Barbaras – these dudes created some of my favorite songs released in 2012

As with every year, I’m listing off my favorite songs (in alphabetical order) and keeping to a three song maximum per band, because there’s just way too many to list all of them! And we’re off.


Adam Green & Binki Shapiro– “Here I Am”
Atlantic Thrills– “Foreign Lands” “Acid Rain” “Give It Back”


The Barbaras– “Breathing Underwater” “How Many Times” “Only One”
Bent Shapes– “Bites and Scratches” “Leave It Till You Need It”
Best Coast– “The Only Place”


Cumstain– “Ghost Love” “Rollin Wrong” “Sit and Twist”


Dangeresque– “Walking Dead”
Diamond Rugs– “Blue Mountains”
Dirty Virgins– “Cheap Talk”


The Electric Street Queens– “Beefcake Baby” “She’s Gotta Bruise” “Doncha Wanna Work At the Brewary”


Fagettes– “If I See Him Again” “On Drugs”
Fat Creeps– “700 Parts” “Nancy Drew” “Secrets”


Gangbang Gordon– “Life At the ABC” “QMI Fatties”
Ghetto Cross– “Still”
Gravys Drop– “Made to Love” “Runaway” “Happy Birthday”


– “Private Room” “Always Forever” “I’m Not The One You’re Looking For”


Jacques Le Coque– “Grow Up”


King Khan & The Shrines– “Bite My Tongue”


Maine Coons– “Ghetto Queen” “Tired and Inspired” “Uniform Choice”
The Migs– “You and Me” “Fuzzy Son” “Take Take Take”


Natural Child– “Faces of Death”
The New Highway Hymnal– “Hey Kid (Gotta Run)” “More” “Blackend Hands”
Nobunny– “Assholes” “At the Mall”


The Orwells– “Halloween All Year” “Mallrats (La La La)”


Peach Kelli Pop– “Panchito Blues II” “Dreamphone”


Saba Lou– “Until The End”
Shannon and the Clams– “Angel Baby”
SKIMASK– “Get U Back” “Fine China”
Slimers– “Spaghetti Ann”
Squall– “Repulsor” “No Life Here”


Ty Segall– “Thank God For Sinners” “You’re The Doctor”
Ty Segall Band– “Wave Goodbye”


Yankee Power– “Stray” “Adopted Love Doll” “Real Folk”

Peach Kelli Pop MTV Iggy Article!

Here’s a great article by Beverly Bryan entitled, “Sunshine, Rainbows, and Canada’s Peach Kelli Pop”:

I love this desciption of the self-titled PKP debut: “The 2010 release is a true pop confection for people who believe in love and put chocolate syrup on foods that aren’t supposed to have chocolate syrup on them. The cherry on top is the way she makes lyrics about dreamy boys sound heartfelt no matter how tried and true the rhymes.”



Colleen Green
Allie Hanlon (Peach Kelli Pop, White Wires)


“*Accompanied by Allie Hanlon (White Wires, Peach Kelli Pop) on drums and the always adorable KAYLA!*

Hang out wif us.

If you can help with any of these dates please let me know!

6/29: Fullerton CA
6/30: San Diego CA (Soda Bar w/ White Fang, Wax Idols)
7/1: Santa Barbara CA
7/2: Santa Cruz CA (PIONEER w/ White Fang)
7/3: San Francisco CA (Brick & Mortar w/ White Fang, Pamela)
7/4: Oakland CA
7/5: Eureka CA
7/6: Portland OR (The Know)
7/7: Seattle WA
7/8: Moscow ID (Bayou House w/ Tim Blood, Diners, Balloons)
7/9: Caldwell ID (The Manor w/ Meth House Party Band)
7/10: Salt Lake City UT
7/11: Las Vegas NV
7/12: ?
7/13: Los Angeles CA (Bootleg Bar w/ TV Girl)See More“-!/events/129206400545237/


Best of 2011- Chris’s Favorite Songs

I like what Glen did for his end of the year song list, so I am following in this new direction.

Atlas Sound– “The Shakes,” “My Angel Is Broken,” and “Parallax”
The Beets– “I Think I Might Have Built A Horse”
Big Mess– “The Hook,” “No Good Time,” and “Gueule de Bois,”
Black Lips– “Family Tree,” “Spidey’s Curse,” and “Don’t Mess Up My Baby,”
Colleen Green– “Dance the Night Away”
Fat History Month– “Old Lady Smokers,” “Things I Enjoy,” and “Free As A Cat”
Girls– “Honey Bunny,” “Magic,” and “Saying I Love You,”
Hunx & His Punx– “Lovers’ Lane,” “Too Young to Be In Love,” and “Keep Away From Johnny”
Mark Sultan– “Just For a Moment,” “Axis Abraxas,” and “Song In Grey”
Natural Child– “Easy Street,” “Hard Workin’ Man,” and “White People”
The Orwells– “Halloween All Year”
The Pains of Being Pure At Heart– “Belong,” “Heart In Your Heartbreak”
Peach Kelli Pop “Eeenie Meenie Minie Moe,” “Do the Eggroll,” and “Doo Wah Diddy”
Shannon and the Clams– “The Cult Song,” “You Will Always Bring Me Flowers,” and “Sleep Talk”
Saralee– “Circle of Hands,” “Ceiling,”
Silhouette Rising– “Don’t You Hear Me Calling”
Smith Westerns– “Smile,” “All Die Young,” and “Weekend”
Those Darlins– “Screws Get Loose,” “Be Your Bro”
Ty Segall– “Comfortable Home,” “Goodbye Bread,” and “California Commercial”
Wavves– “Nodding Off (Featuring Best Coast),” “Bug,” and “I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl”