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Best Of 2012: LPs and More!


In a few hours it will be 2013, but before I enter the new year I have to look back at my favorite releases in 2012. The following are my top ten:

1) The Barbaras- The Barbaras: 2006-2008 (Goner)

2) Fat Creeps- Fat Creeps EP (Self-Released)

3) Black Lips- Black Lips Live @ Third Man Records (Third Man)

4) Cumstain- White People Problems (Burger)- Okay, not officially released, but still, a favorite of mine.

5) Yankee Power- Zoo Traffic (Self-Released)

6) Hunx- Hairdresser Blues (Hardly Art)

7) Ty Segall- Twins (Drag City)

8) Gravys Drop- For the Love of Gravy (Burger)

9) Maine Coons- Maine Coons 7″ (Stencil Trash)

10) Fat History Month- Live at the Bruce Manor (

2013 shall be a year of great releases I predict.

Chris’s Top Songs Of Twenty-Twelve

The Barbaras – these dudes created some of my favorite songs released in 2012

As with every year, I’m listing off my favorite songs (in alphabetical order) and keeping to a three song maximum per band, because there’s just way too many to list all of them! And we’re off.


Adam Green & Binki Shapiro– “Here I Am”
Atlantic Thrills– “Foreign Lands” “Acid Rain” “Give It Back”


The Barbaras– “Breathing Underwater” “How Many Times” “Only One”
Bent Shapes– “Bites and Scratches” “Leave It Till You Need It”
Best Coast– “The Only Place”


Cumstain– “Ghost Love” “Rollin Wrong” “Sit and Twist”


Dangeresque– “Walking Dead”
Diamond Rugs– “Blue Mountains”
Dirty Virgins– “Cheap Talk”


The Electric Street Queens– “Beefcake Baby” “She’s Gotta Bruise” “Doncha Wanna Work At the Brewary”


Fagettes– “If I See Him Again” “On Drugs”
Fat Creeps– “700 Parts” “Nancy Drew” “Secrets”


Gangbang Gordon– “Life At the ABC” “QMI Fatties”
Ghetto Cross– “Still”
Gravys Drop– “Made to Love” “Runaway” “Happy Birthday”


– “Private Room” “Always Forever” “I’m Not The One You’re Looking For”


Jacques Le Coque– “Grow Up”


King Khan & The Shrines– “Bite My Tongue”


Maine Coons– “Ghetto Queen” “Tired and Inspired” “Uniform Choice”
The Migs– “You and Me” “Fuzzy Son” “Take Take Take”


Natural Child– “Faces of Death”
The New Highway Hymnal– “Hey Kid (Gotta Run)” “More” “Blackend Hands”
Nobunny– “Assholes” “At the Mall”


The Orwells– “Halloween All Year” “Mallrats (La La La)”


Peach Kelli Pop– “Panchito Blues II” “Dreamphone”


Saba Lou– “Until The End”
Shannon and the Clams– “Angel Baby”
SKIMASK– “Get U Back” “Fine China”
Slimers– “Spaghetti Ann”
Squall– “Repulsor” “No Life Here”


Ty Segall– “Thank God For Sinners” “You’re The Doctor”
Ty Segall Band– “Wave Goodbye”


Yankee Power– “Stray” “Adopted Love Doll” “Real Folk”

Band of the Week: Gravys Drop!!!!

WOOOOOO! Band of the Month, errr Band of the Week a title only reserved for the greatest Rock ‘n’ Rollers, the truest gangstas to quote one, Frank Hurricane, and this week we have Gravys Drop!!! Gravys Drop is fronted by Billy Grave, a cool, cool dude. In fact, while we’re here we might as well do some reminiscing. Let’s take a quick trip back to October 2, 2009, a day that will live in KLYAM infamy. Nobunny nearly burned down Harpers Ferry haha! JK!! More importantly, Billy G himself played drums in Nobunny during this tour and KLYAM chatted with the dude for a little while before the show- at the time we were pretty new to well everything. We knew and loved Tard, but had never heard of Nobunny or Hunx or most of the bands we enjoy and endorse now. It’s funny, I remember distinctly it was Billy that introduced us to Thee Oh Sees. I doubt he remembers this, but for what’s it worth, thanks, great show, good times! Now back to present. Gravys Drop. Killer band with killer songs. Nice, old school rock ‘n’ roll just the way we know you like it. There’s some country, bubblegum, and certainly gah ridge rock. It’s fun! Listen to For The Love of Gravy, it dropped on Burger Records earlier this year. Check it out!


P.S. Gravys Drop, if you’re ever heading on tour, hit up Boston we’d love to have ya!


RUNAWAY – GRAVYS DROP (Official Music Video) from Billy Grave on Vimeo.

GRAVYS DROP- “RUNAWAY” first single from the new album For the Love of Gravy out on Burger Records! Way to go Billy! SHATTERED RECORDS TOUR 2009 FOR LIFE!