Ronnie Nordac Interview

Check out this sweet, informative Ronnie Nordac interview from “The Media.” It’s from a little while back, April 25 @ Radio in Somerville to be exact haha. This is the night Ronnie opened for Colleen Green; Fedavees and Fat Creeps played as well. I just discovered it now though, so I figured I’d post it. You can even hear Fat Creeps playing in the background!

Colleen Green 12 Questions Interview

Read this super cool Colleen Green interview from 12 Questions. Colleen offers sincere, thought provoking, and sometimes funny responses. Here’s my favorite: “It’s been years since I looked at the book, but I always think about how Holden Caulfield couldn’t stop himself from telling a girl that he loved her, even though he didn’t REALLY love her, but in that moment, he REALLY did. And I believe in that. It’s what my song “Goldmine” is inspired by.”

Oh and why not hook you up with a link to the interview: There ya go.

Bradford Cox Teaches The Kids

Watch this comical and informative video (from September 16, 2010)  of the one and only Bradford Cox  speaking in front of some music students in Athens, GA. Bradford playfully shares  his experiences in the music industry; coming from playing to two random friends in Atlanta to playing in front of thousands of fans in Barcelona.

Watch Part II here: (NOTE: it’s significantly longer).

The Oblivians “Going Off Track” Interview

Listen to this interview with The Oblivians from the Going Off Track Podcast. And don’t forget to pick up their new LP Desperation on In The Red!

Why not also check out this interview with Greg Cartwright from emusic