NEW Colleen Green- “Taxi Driver” Music Video!

Watch this brand new video for “Taxi Driver” off Colleen Green’s latest album, Sock It To Me (Hardly Art).  You can stream it here:

And for you Bostonians, don’t forget to go see Colleen Green with Fat Creeps, Fedavees, and Ronnie Nordac at Radio on Thursday, April 25! Here’s a link to the facebook event page:


Check out Colleen Green’s new song, “Heavy Shit,” which will be featured on her upcoming album Sock It To Me (out March 19 on Hardly Art). Ms. Green will be hitting up the Radio in Somerville on April 25. Fat Creeps, Fedavees, and Ronnie Nordac are opening.


Colleen Spring Tour
KLYAM fave, Colleen Green is heading on tour again and naturally I’m giddy like a school girl. Last time, I caught two back to back Colleen shows! This time around, I’m even giddier because my favorite local band, Fat Creeps are on the bill along with some kewl cats, Fedavees and Ronnie Nordac. All of this craziness is going down on Thursday, April 25 @ Radio (upstairs) in Somerville. Here’s the FB page: For Those of you that don’t come from these parts, check below to see when Colleen Green hits your town:

April 4: San Diego CA
@ The Void w/ WIDOWSPEAK

April 5: Tucson AZ

April 6: El Paso, TX
@ The Lovesprout

April 8: McAllen, TX
@ Thirsty Monkey

April 9: Austin, TX
@ Hotel Vegas w/ CHEAP CURLS

April 10: Little Rock, AR
@ The Crown & Harp

April 11: Oxford MS
@ Lamar Lounge

April 12: Murray KY
@ Tater-Tot Mansion

April 13: Nashville TN

April 15: Atlanta GA
@ 529

April 16: Columbia SC
@ Jessica Oliver’s House

April 17: Bristol TN
@ Machiavelli’s

April 18: Harrisonburg VA
@ My Mansion

April 19: Washington DC
@ Judy’s

April 20: Philadelphia PA
@ Dad’s House

April 21: Brooklyn NY
@ Death by Audio

April 25: Boston MA
@ Radio  w/ Fat Creeps, Fedavees, and Ronnie Nordac

April 26: Montreal QB
@ Drone Club

April 27: Ottawa ON
@ Pressed

April 28: Toronto ON
@ The Shop at Parts and Labour

April 29: Detroit MI
@ The Garden Bowl

April 30: Columbus OH
@ Ace of Cups

May 1: Lexington KY
@ Al’s Sidecar

May 2: Bloomington IN
@ Bishop Bar w/ JAILL

May 3: Chicago IL
@ The Empty Bottle w/ JAILL

May 4: Milwaukee WI
@ Hotel Foster w/ JAILL

May 5: Duluth MN

May 6: Minneapolis MN
@ Memory Lanes

May 7: Omaha NE
@ The Middle House

May 9: Denver CO

May 10: Salt Lake City, UT
@ Salt Haus

May 11: Boise ID
@ The Chamber of Death

May 12: Moscow ID
@ Matt’s Basement

May 13: Seattle WA
@ Heartland w/ WHITE FANG

May 14: Vancouver BC

May 15: Portland OR
@ Crayon Coffin w/ WHITE FANG

May 16: Eugene, OR

May 17: San Francisco CA
@ Amnesia

May 18: Los Angeles CA
Info from here:

I’ll fill in these dates, when they’re announced. In the meantime, listen to my favorite Colleen Green song below:



WHOA dude! A show with Colleen Green and Fat Creeps, hot damn, it must be my birthday. Thursday, April 25 @ Radio (Somerville), GO TO THIS SHOW! More Colleen tour dates will be posted shortly, stay tuned.

Top 10 Bands/Performances Seen In 2012

No Age March 2012 001

1. No Age  Favorite Show: Chum’s Coffeehouse (3/10/12)

NobunnyTyOhSeesNYCSep2012 009

2. Nobunny – Favorite Show: Living Bread (9/21/12)

NobunnyTyOhSeesNYCSep2012 051

3. Ty Segall – Favorite Show: The Well (9/22/12)

4. Fat Creeps – Favorite Show: Moe’s Lounge (8/10/12)

5. Atlantic Thrills – Favorite Show: Great Scott (12/3/12)

6. Thee Oh Sees – Favorite Show: The Well (9/22/12)

7. The Migs – Favorite Show: Wilder Zangcraft (11/24/12)

8. Slimers – Favorite Show: Great Scott (12/18/12)

9. Mark Sultan  Favorite Show: Starlab (12/8/12)

10. Colleen Green – Favorite Show: Middle East Upstairs (9/9/12)

Concert Review: Colleen Green, Plateaus, Empty Phrases @ unchARTed (9/10/12)

Artists: Colleen Green, Plateaus, Empty Phrases
Date: Monday, September 10, 2012
Venue: unchARTed (Lowell, MA)

Comments: Tonight is my first time stepping foot into the unchARTed gallery in downtown Lowell and I am impressed by its small, but cozy and enticing atmosphere. The walls are covered with various, intriguing portraits, I don’t know much about art, but I can recommend art enthusiasts and purveyors to check this place out! Though, this is my first unchARTed show, I have heard of the place for a while now, so I am glad my introduction is with one of my favorite artists, Colleen Green!

Act I: Empty Phrases– Ahh my boys, the Empty Phrases, a budding four piece fresh out of Lowell and ready to take on the world. Alas, tonight they are missing guitarist Evan Walters :( next time brother! Fortunately, the group manages more than fine as a three piece and I can honestly say this is the finest performance I have experienced from these gentlemen. Tonight, they display a much more aggressive, almost a hardcore/noise rock possessed version of Empty Phrases, giving their summery, dream like sound an oddly  enchanting, sinister touch. All in all, a fun, loud, rocking set from one of Lowell’s most promising bands.

Act II: Plateaus– Plateaus were sick last night when I saw them at the Middle East Upstairs, but I prefer them even more tonight. The PA at unchARTed is a motherfucker, making all the bands sound quite loud, I love it! This is definitely the case for Plateaus, for their power pop sounds even better with the thunderous volume added to the mix. I don’t know if it’s just me, but their set tonight hit me like a ton of bricks and leaves me with an even greater impression of their music.  Check out this badass band!

Act III: Colleen Green– Wooooooo! Night 2 of my Colleen Green extravaganza. KLYAM has the whole Colleen Green coverage as Empty Phrases vocalist/guitarist Ben Raymond puts it. Indeed, the Massachusetts coverage anyway. It has been a privilege of mine to see one of my favorite singers and her glorious backing band two nights in a row. I say this not to sound like a kiss ass as I am sure it may come off that way haha, but I love her music so as a fan the pleasure is all mine, and who wouldn’t want to experience something they love two nights in a row? Masochists that’s who. Anyway, Colleen and crew delivered a fantastic set last night at the Middle East Upstairs, so going into this performance I was ecstatic, rightfully so. The unchARTEd gallery truly is one of the best venues for a Colleen Green show in all of MASS and definitely the DIY atmosphere of this place feels fitting. Once again, I have to give props to the sound system here, I definitely think this is the best way to experience Colleen. When the bands gets their thing on, Colleen introduces the whole band as “Colleen Green,” which I think is awesome. Just like the previous night they rock into the Descendents tune “Good Good Things,” and transition into the fast, punk, Ramones ode “I Wanna Be Degraded.” The PA is nasty here and from what I am told it often unleashes some unpleasant noises (though tonight everything I have heard has been awesome), but the Colleen Green band is able to make everything sound great; nothing sounds harsh; in fact it’s all very soothing to my ears, which at this point are horribly damaged. Seriously, Colleen is one of my favorite singers, her vocals are so soft,  yet powerful, it’s incredible and I cannot think of anyone else that compares to her. Overall, the Colleen Green band destroys and I am a happy camper. I can’t wait to see her and her band again! KLYAM loves you!

Concert Review: Colleen Green, Plateaus, Bent Shapes, Bugs and Rats @ Middle East Upstairs (9/9/12)

Artists: Colleen Green, Plateaus, Bent Shapes, Bugs and Rats
Date: Sunday, September 9, 2012
Venue: Middle East Upstairs (Cambridge, MA)


Act I: Bugs and Rats– These motherfuckers diminish what is left of my eardrums, which is great. Bugs and Rats are a powerhouse band, a three piece that is LOUD and guaranteed to wake up the neighbors. They would serve as a terrific alarm clock, I must say. I’ll admit much of the music I listen to is of the “wimpy” variety so I’m not as big into Bugs and Rats, but damn they are a solid band and they rock pretty hard. Their music is easy to head-bang to – in fact I would find it hard not to. Though it’s not necessarily my cup of tea, I can definitely recommend it. I also admire the band’s overall enthusiasm, which makes this performance even more fun. The drummer looks like he is going berserk! Lastly, I notice there is a picture of Anne Frank on the guitarist’s guitar, I do not know why, but I find this interesting. I mean I think it is Anne Frank. Either it is her or I am a fucking idiot.
Go nuts

Act II: Bent Shapes–  So, y’all know Bent Shapes were formerly known as Girlfriends, right? Alright good. Speaking of which, I haven’t seen this band since they opened for Harlem at Great Scott back in April 2010, so it is a real pleasure to see them tonight.  I was always struck by their music before and I have been meaning to see them again for quite some time now, but for whatever reason it just never worked out. Fortunately, tonight is my night and I get a chance to see this excellent band.  Bent Shapes definitely has some outstanding pop hooks and they remind me of one of my favorite bands, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart.  I also hear a lot of pop punk a la Wavves in their music. Glen concurs on this point. Without a doubt my favorite moment is when they play “I Was Here, But I Disappear,” a favorite of mine. Not just a favorite from the band, but one of my favorite songs of all time. I did not expect them to play this song at all, so this is a real treat. Admittedly, I need to listen to more of their material and I plan to. You should too!

Set List:
Brat (“Brat Poison”)
Panel (“Panel of Experts”)
Bites (“Bits and Scratches”)
Big M (“Big Machines”)
Disappear (“I Was Here But I Disappear”)
Hex (“Hex Maneuvers”)
Leave (“Leave It Till You Need It”)
Boys (“Boys to Men”)

: Plateaus– Before tonight’s performance I have never heard of Plateaus, but now I am convinced they are a sound band and I plan on checking out their music. Their songs are not as stripped down and catchy as those of Bent Shapes, but they keep up the same power pop/ pop punk sensibility. I am also feeling some strong garage vibes and in this way I can see them fitting well with the kind of music we typically champion on KLYAM. Their set is definitely fun and gets me pumped up for Colleen, even more so than I already was.

Act IV
: Colleen Green– Before I start my little babbling, I am going to take a mini trip back to April 2011. April 29, 2011 to be exact. Glen and I had had little exposure to basement venues (a couple of shows in Lowell and that was about it) and so when we arrived at the Starlab in Somerville to see one of Ottawa’s finest, The White Wires, we were a bit perplexed. As I recall we paid the seven bucks or so for admission (which included a stamp of the word “fuck” on my hand) and then we left the venue momentarily to smoke a bowl. One of the dudes running the show caught up with us and said that it was cool for us to smoke inside. So, we did. More importantly, why am I telling this story?! What I forgot to mention was that Colleen Green was headlining this bill, but at the time we had no idea who Colleen Green was, we came to see White Wires as I had mentioned earlier. I remember sitting down Indian style in the basement of the Starlab, waiting for the band to play- actually the dudes from Luau (also on the bill that evening) were setting up their equipment and I began to aggressively converse about G.G. Allin and Charles Manson the way I often do when I’m left unsupervised. Around this time, Colleen approached Glen and me, oh and Dan, damn I forgot that motherfucker came with us, he’s the man! She sarcastically said something to the effect of “You aren’t those guys that are smoking weed are you?” She then politely introduced herself as Colleen and within seconds I began vigorously raving about my favorite bands as I tend to do if given even the slightest opportunity. I stated that my top three current favorite bands were/are 1)Black Lips 2)Deerhunter, and 3) Hunx and His Punx. This led to a brief discussion of the Hunx tune “Cruisin,” a fabulous song indeed. Alas, we weren’t able to stay long enough to catch Colleen’s set that night, but I remember thinking anyone that appreciates greats like Hunx and His Punx is worth checking out. So, I YouTube’d a few songs and live vids and I was instantly hooked. But, between 21+ shows and lack of transportation we KLYAMERS missed out on all the remaining Colleen Boston gigs :( Until now! Ahh shit, it’s 4:20 (I didn’t plan this btw) why am I still writing this? Why am I still up? I need to be awake and alert in a vapid classroom setting within four hours. Oh well. So yeah, tonight is very exciting on the account that not only do Glen and I get to see Colleen Green live for the first time, but with a whole band including members of Plateaus. The Colleen Green Band opens with a cover of the fine Descendents tune, “Good Good Things,” before moving into what may just be my favorite Colleen number “I Wanna Be Degraded,” goddamn that song is catchy! The whole set is spectacular. Colleen can be pure rock ‘n’ roll and totally mellow all at once. It’s like she doesn’t have to shout, but you can hear every little nuance of her vocals. I don’t know what I’m talking about- to quote a friend of mine-“I don’t know art, but I know what I like!” One of my other favorites is “Dance the Night Away,” a killer tune that surely stood out as one of 2011’s finest. Colleen and crew close the set with “Nice Boy (I Want A),” another classic that leaves me in great anticipation for tomorrow night’s performance in Lowell. I can’t wait!

Check Out The Dodgy Exclusive Interview W/ Colleen Green

Well-written and highly informative. I didn’t know Colleen had ties to UMASS Lowell (a college that comes up a lot in KLYAM lit), but now I do! Read here!

Colleen is playing Middle East Upstairs on September 9 with Bent Shapes, Plateaus, and Bugs and Rats. Before and after that date she is playing several shows:

8/24 – San Diego, CA @ Tower Bar
8/25 – Tucson, AZ @ Plush
8/26 – Las Cruces, NM @ The Trainyard
8/27 – Lubbock, TX @ Glassy Alley
8/28 – Austin, TX @ Mohawk (inside)
8/29 – Dallas, TX @ Bryan St Tavern
8/31 – Atlanta, GA @ 529
9/1 – Durham, NC @ The Pinhook
9/2 – Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar (upstairs)
9/4 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
9/5 – New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge
9/7 – Brooklyn, NY @ 285 Kent
9/8 – Storrs, CT @ University of CT
9/9 – Boston, MA @ Middle East (upstairs)
9/10- Lowell, MA @ unchARTed
9/11 – Buffalo, NY @ Ninth Ward
9/12 – Cleveland, OH @ Happy Dog
9/13 – Columbus, OH @ Cafe Bourbon Street
9/14 – Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR Pub
9/15 – Louisville, KY @ TBA
9/16 – Lafayette, IN @ Black Sparrow
9/18 – Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle
9/19 – Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club
9/20 – Minneapolis, MN @ 7th Street Entry
9/21 – Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge
9/22 – Denver, CO @ Lion’s Lair
9/23 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court
9/25 – Missoula, MT @ Zoo City
9/26 – Seattle, WA @ Comet Tavern
9/27 – Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios
9/28 – San Francisco, CA @ Thee Parkside
9/29 – Los Angeles, CA @ TBA