Box Elders Live Gem

This is footage from November 2009. I just found it today. It is great and has three parts. The first, below, features both songs (“Tiny Sioux” and “Plenty of Room”) off of their new single. Be sure to watch!

1. Alice & Friends
2. Death of Me
3. Unknown
4. Tiny Sioux
5. Plenty of Room at the Bottom
6. Necro
7. One Foot in Front of the Other
8. Dave
9. Talk Amongst Yourself
10. Hole in My Head
11. Jackie Wood
12. Stay
13. Dave
14. 2012
15. Unknown

3 thoughts on “Box Elders Live Gem”

  1. Where the fuck is Atlantis?! I bet they played that where you have Dave listed first and the guy forgot to film it. Who knows? This was only a month after the Jay show, it is possible they played the new single cuts at that show… idk why they kept the gems hidden from us at the Black Lips show!

  2. On second thought, I’m pretty sure the only song I didn’t recognize was “Librarians,” or it was 2 songs I didn’t know, meaning the aforementioned song and one of the new cuts. Oh well, it doesn’t matter.

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