3 Years Ago Today: Pixies/Jay Reatard @ Wang Theatre

This show happened. When it was announced that Jay Reatard would be opening for Pixies this evening, us dudes became beyond excited. Pixies playing Doolittle was enough to go nuts over, but man, it was just two months ago that we witnessed a fine Reatard (and Hunx/Nobunny/Box Elders/Useless Eaters) spectacle at Harpers Ferry. This announcement was insane.

Jay and his new backing band of Cola Freaks delivered in one of the strangest atmospheres he/they probably had ever played in. The modest crowd seemed puzzled by Jay’s performance and even more so the guy by the merchandise section who called him “Johnnie Reatard”. Either way, the KLYAM gang witnessed an amazing thing, something that afterward had us craving for more; we wondered when Reatard and crew would be back. Was this every 2-3 months of playing Boston going to become a habit? We hoped.

There are not many accounts of this show that mention Reatard. There are some, including our review of the show. Check it outhttps://klyam.com/2009/12/04/concert-review-the-pixies/

If you were there for this and want to share any memories or what have you, go for it! It would be awesome to hear other perspectives.

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