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Annoying Trends In Today’s Pop Music

#1: Songs that compare drugs to emotions or status. Example: “Your love is like a drug” AND “The only drug I need is being with you.” Wow, can this get anymore annoying?!

#2: Male singers of cowardly pop songs. There’s not much worse than a man singing a hip-pop number, but this applies to basically every man on pop radio. I feel bad that they actually agree to do this.

Rihanna, Music Videos, Et Al

Why is “pop” music today so depressing? I just saw a Rihanna music video and it’s so damn stale that I can’t take it seriously. It’s a joke. Nobody gives a shit about music or music videos that much to actually take interest in watching this piece of crap. Do they? Same with Lady Gaga. I’m sure her music videos are over the top filled with craziness. Are these videos for real?

General Observation

Here is something that’s been bugging me for years…

If I am standing next to a wall or in the corner ALONE, do not fucking ask me what’s wrong! I’m not deliberately trying to be anti-social (at least most of the time), so don’t play these fucking sympathy games with me. “Hey man, what’s the matter?” You know what’s the matter? I’m not mad or being anti-social, I’m happy. It’s when fucks you like come up to me asking what’s the matter; that’s when shit becomes “the matter.” If the situation sucks, you don’t have to fucking magnify it or put it into perspective by bothering me! “Oh, I’m just a little depressed. Been listening to a lot of Morrissey lately. What the fuck do you want me to explain to you, a stranger, my life story or something? If you are a faggot, don’t think that your games are going to work on me. If you are a girl, your games might work a little more, but you’re still being a bitch. If you are just naturally worried about other people, I’m sorry that I’ve pissed on your parade, but deal with it. AND another thing. If I respond with “nothing” that doesn’t mean you have the right to ask me again…two minutes later. Got it? All right, cool.

Thoughts on Shark Tank (TV Series)

I watched the new ABC show Shark Tank tonight. Here’s how it works: there are four greedy sons (and one daughter) of a bitch who are out there to steal away the ideas of prospective businessmen and women. The prospective businessmen and women (contestants) try their best to sell their product and investment offer to the five sharks. The sharks are typically hard to please, unless the products have made a decent profit and great sales. They also demand more than half of the ownership of the contestant’s company or product. The contestants are usually left with two options that look something like this: 1) sell a majority of the equity to the sharks or 2) walk away with no investment. It comes down to this: doing it yourself or having billionaire big business people run the operations for you. For instance, one contestant selling a life saving seat belt attachment rejected the sharks’ offer (which would have given them complete control his patent, his idea) because he would have “sold out” in essentially the same manner that independent rock musicians do when they sign to a major label. That’s really a core aspect of the show: does the contestant want to be completely immersed in something that he created…something that he knows what direction it should go in…OR does the contestant want somebody with more “business knowledge” to take control in the name of greed and “branding”? The first contestant was selling a line of clothing called Crooked Jaw Fashions. The sharks were only interested in the brand awareness/target audience of the clothing line. I’m probably going to keep watching this show even though I despise the sharks. And you might say well aren’t the contestants dumb for coming on to the show? Not really. They are asking for extra funding, like any investor might. When the contestant sacrifices control of the business, the operation, in my opinion, becomes unethical. Another contestant on tonight’s show made a Shakespeare rock disc collection to help students better understand the great English writer. Awesome idea! But he sold it away to the sharks. He’s only going to get 5% in royalties. Seems kind of ridiculous.