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General Observation

Here is something that’s been bugging me for years…

If I am standing next to a wall or in the corner ALONE, do not fucking ask me what’s wrong! I’m not deliberately trying to be anti-social (at least most of the time), so don’t play these fucking sympathy games with me. “Hey man, what’s the matter?” You know what’s the matter? I’m not mad or being anti-social, I’m happy. It’s when fucks you like come up to me asking what’s the matter; that’s when shit becomes “the matter.” If the situation sucks, you don’t have to fucking magnify it or put it into perspective by bothering me! “Oh, I’m just a little depressed. Been listening to a lot of Morrissey lately. What the fuck do you want me to explain to you, a stranger, my life story or something? If you are a faggot, don’t think that your games are going to work on me. If you are a girl, your games might work a little more, but you’re still being a bitch. If you are just naturally worried about other people, I’m sorry that I’ve pissed on your parade, but deal with it. AND another thing. If I respond with “nothing” that doesn’t mean you have the right to ask me again…two minutes later. Got it? All right, cool.

Bunker Hill Race Distribution

Okay, so this survey does have some degree of error. Like…people might be multi-racial or maybe I was flat-out wrong in my observation. Anyway, here are the results for a twenty minute observational session of students at Bunker Hill Community College who walked passed me on the lower level.

BHCC Statement: Students of color comprise over 50% of student population.

My Observations
Total: 89 students
Black: 24 students (27%)
White: 36 students (40%)
Asian/Indian: 23 students (26%)
Hispanic: 6 students (7%)

My Conclusion: Students of color comprise 60% of student population.