New Back Pages “Various” Out Now

Our man Back Pages is back with you rightly guessed it – another new EP! The Orlando lone teen shredder’s Various is a mix of three acoustic recordings and one with the full band. In fact, these guys opened for NOTS last month and check on that video footage if you haven’t.

And there are Back Pages compilation tapes – Singles 13 – available on our do-worthy label KLYAM Records. That’s a lotta Back Pages, just how we like it.


CD Review: Black Hole [2010]

Band: Young Adults
Release: 11/2010

1. “Reverie 1” – N/A
2. “Let Us Out” – A-
3. “Wasting Time” – B+
4. “Black Surf” – B
5. “Rip It Up” – A
6. “Impression” – A
7. “Over the Edge” – B+
8. “Life Under Review” – B
9. “Annulation” – B+
10. “Bummer Summer” – A-
11. “Drifing” – A
12. “Reverie 2” – C-
13. “Campfires” – B+

Comments: Funny how a band from the East Coast can have a set of influences quite similar to a higher profile band from the other coast and end up having the same album production esthetic and “punk” sound. On that note, these dudes also have an opening instrumental eerily comparable to the other band’s instrumental tracks. Young Adults are more rough around the edges, but quite clearly have direction and polish. Comparison notwithstanding, Young Adults Demo, reviewed on here back in May, was cheaply recorded and that very fact could’ve dulled some hooks and the demo’s overall catchiness…what I’m trying to say is I think that the band re-recorded some of those tracks and obtained a fuller sound for this full-length. This is true (to me, anyway) on “Rip It Up” and the ever-so-Fugazi-in-a-great-way “Impression.” I think he’s singing “leave an impression” on that one.  A highlight of the band’s instrumental get up is that sort of rolling high-pitched notes only post-punk lead guitar line that’s been utilized by a bunch of bands, most recognizably UK dark-rock group Editors. Unlike Editors, Young Adults turn up the punk levels to max, but always seem to have semblances of pop, which is nice for a band that has a sizable Boston following, but hasn’t yet jumped in the cross-country van to play to an ever-so eager underground. “Drifing” is one of the best tunes on here! Not like “yo, I’m gonna keep listening to this song over and over,” but it’s simply an immediate winner. By the way, the band I’m speaking of in the first sentence is No Age and these dudes should open for them when they hit the Middle East Downstairs.

Grade: B+ (87)

Listen To “Drifing” —

Upcoming Dates:
9/28 – Middle East Downstairs – Opening For Best Coast
11/6 – Great Scott – CD Release Show

CD Review: Radical Sabbatical [2010]

Release: 6/2010
Label: Burger Records

1. “Bad Kids” – A-
2. “Heaven Can Wait” – A-
3. “Finger Banger” – A
4. “Pint Size Punker” – A
5. “Bloody Knuckles” – B+
6. “Outside” – A
7. “Jam Pusher” – A-
8. “Beat Myself” – B
9. “Faster Louder” – B
10. “Hospital Bed” – A
11. “OMC” – A
12. “Boomtown Gems” – A
13. “Kitty” – B+

Comments: “Bad Kids” is not quite “Bad Kids,” but it rock and rolls. Most of these song rock and roll. This is a punk record through and through if you couldn’t already tell from the titles. You’d think they were talking about you Chris on “Pint Size Punker,” but nah, she’s only 17. SHE. Anyway, the music itself is catchier than most punk records I’ve listened to this year. APACHE likes heavy doses of sensible freestyle guitaring, especially on “Outside,” the most memorable jam on this disc. The fast fast fast (FASTER. LOUDER) ones aren’t as fun as the more rhythmic power-poppers, but that’s just my preference. As far as 2010 lowbrow independent record label releases go, this LP definitely has to be near the top of that lit.

Grade: A- (91)

Sunday Mornin’ Playlist

The Marked Men! A great band that I just discovered.

Find your roots and dig them up! The sound of Phase One is soft jangle pop. The sound of Phase Two is frantic power pop/punk.

Phase One
1. The Go-Betweens “Finding You”
2. Yo La Tengo “Autumn Sweater”
3. The Pastels “Comin’ Through”
4. The Bats “The Rays”
5. The Smiths “Accept Yourself”

Phase Two
1. Jay Reatard “Oh, It’s Such a Shame”
2. The Marked Men “Nowhere,” “Sophisticate”
3. The Old Haunts “Hurricane Eyes”
4. Thee Oh Sees “Maria Stacks”
5. The Sermon “Time Has Come”

Punk Rock =…

Rock and Roll Immortality! Rock and Roll emerged as a way for kids to rebel against their parents and their beliefs. As time went on, Rock died a slow corporate death. In the ashes of this tragedy, the rebellion was revived with Punk Rock. The Ramones, the greatest practicioners of the uprsing, brought Rock and Roll back to the youngsters and pretty soon they had something of their own, something that existed outside of the mainstream. Thus, without the constraint of corporate control, the fun and rebel rousing of the initial Rock boom can live forever through independent music. Thank God for Punk!


CD Review: Punk [2010]

Band: Reverend Elvis and the Undead Syncopators
Release: 3/2010
Label: Suzy Q Records

1. “I’m A Blues Punk” – B-
2. “Trouble” – B+
3. “The Angel of Death” – B
4. “Kill! Kill! Kill!” – B+
5. “Never Let You Go” – B+
6. “666” – B
7. “Tainted Love” – A-
8. “I Still Believe” – B
9. “Dead Before You Died” – B+
10. “Boppin’ The Blues” – B
11. “Country Heroes” – B-
12. “Rockabilly Riot” – B
13. “Honky Tonkin” – B
14. “Killer Wolf” – B+

Comments: A cross between Bob Dylan and Bloodshot Bill, Reverend Elvis is a great story teller and his back-up crew, the Undead Syncopators, play some sweet licks behind him. “I’m drinking all night long and getting high/I’m drinking all night long not afraid to die” sings Rev. Elvis on “Kill” with a drunken delivery. The band channels fellow rockers King Khan and BBQ Show on “Never Let You Go” if only because of the line: “Oh, little girl I love you/ I love you so and never let you go.” Side note: singing about little girls never gets old does it? How old is little? 20? Hopefully?  Ever wanted to hear a rockabilly cover of Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love” ??? I was actually expecting a GG Allin cover based on the first few chords, but no go. Rev. Elvis really does the chorus great. Ever bopped the blues? BBT has bopped the blues. Unveiled for the first time: a new KLYAM designation. See below.

Grade: B (85)

Garage Suggestions Thursday

1. Japanese Motors (formerly of Vice Records) – “Better Trends”
2. Leopold and His Fiction – “Adanelia”
3. Wallpaper – “Auto Bop”
4. The Strange Boys – “MLKs”
5. Thee Oh Sees – “Two Drummers Disappear”
6. King Khan & BBQ Show – “Dock It #8”
7. Jack Oblivian – “American Slang”