White Fang April/May Tour (Mid East Up – 4/20!!!)

White Fang
White Fang – hardy fucking har.

Yo! Portland, OR’s perpetual stoners White Fang are touring across the USA this April/May and they are hitting up Boston on none other than 420! That’s right, White Fang at the Middle East Upstairs on Sunday, April 20, 2014. Nashville’s Denney and the Jets are opening. Check out all the dates below.

White Fang Tour Dates:
Wed 4/2 Phoenix, AZ @ Last Exit
Fri 4/4 Dallas, TX @ Three Links
Sat 4/5 Austin, TX @ Mohawk Inside
Sun 4/6 Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald’s
Mon 4/7 day off to party in New Orleans, LA
Tues 4/8 New Orleans, LA @ Circle Bar
Wed 4/9 Birmingham, AL @ Bottletree Cafe
Thurs 4/10 Atlanta, GA @ 529
Fri 4/11 Tallahassee, FL @ Club Downunder
Sat 4/12 Jacksonville, FL @ Burro Bar
Sun 4/13 Gainesville, FL @ Hi Dive
Mon 4/14 Wilmington, NC @ Orton’s Bar & Billiards
Tues 4/15 Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506
Wed 4/16 Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
Thurs 4/17 Baltimore, MD @ The Goldbar
Fri 4/18 Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
Sat 4/19 Brooklyn, NY @ Glasslands
Sun 4/20 Cambridge, MA @ Middle East Upstairs
Tues 4/22 Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
Wed 4/23 Minneapolis, MN @ 7th Street Entry
Thurs 4/24 Kansas City, MO @ Record Bar
Fri 4/25 Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge
Sat 4/26 Denver, CO @ Hi Dive
Sun 4/27 Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge
Tues 4/29 Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey
Wed 4/30 Portland, OR @ Doug Fir
Fri 5/2 San Francisco, CA @ Thee Parkside
Sat 5/3 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo
Sun 5/4 Santa Ana, CA @ Constellation Room

And if u r peeing, then the dudes are playing in Europe in March!

Read Black Lips PAPERMAG Interview

black lips Mid
Photo shot by Hussein Atshan for Papermag.com
Check out PAPERMAG’s awesome interview with the Black Lips’ Jared Swilley in which he discusses the band’s experiences touring the Middle East and some misconceptions about Middle Eastern cultural as a whole.http://www.papermag.com/2014/01/egyptian_rock_the_black_lips.php

Can’t wait to see the band play at the Paradise on April 19th!

Read Excellent Article On Black Lips Middle East Tour & Documentary/Interview With Director Bill Cody

Photo: Crack Magazine

“After a last minute scramble to find a spot to play and some cautiously limited promotion, a low-key show ensued, which for me really revealed the non-commercial nature of the band that demonstrably stands in contrast with the band’s recent studio produced work alongside prodigious producer Mark Ronson.”- Crack Magazine

This is a fantastic point. The Black Lips (and all involved) really aren’t getting the recognition they deserve for organizing and completing this epic tour. It’s just another example of how they are a distinguished group among their contemporaries. Read the full article and interview with Bill Cody (tour documentary director): http://crackmagazine.net/music/black-lips-in-iraq/

Classic DVD Review: Dinosaur Jr Live in the Middle East

Full Title: Dinosaur Jr: Live in the Middle East
Director: Philipp Virus
Artists: Dinosaur Jr: J Mascis- Vocals, Guitar. Lou Barlow- Vocals, Bass. Murph- Drums
Year: Filmed in 2005, released in 2006
Set List:
1) Gargoyle
2) Kracked
3) Bulbs of Passion
4) Little Furry Things
5) Lose
6) Forget the Swan
7) The Post
8) Budge
9) The Lung
10) The Wagon
11) Raisans
12) Sludgefeast
13) Mountain Man
14) Chunks
15) In a Jar
16) Repulsion
17) Just Like Heaven

Comments: I’ve seen Dinosaur Jr live and without a doubt they are a tour de force, one of the most powerful live bands in the world. This concert in particular is special for two reasons: 1) It was not too long after their reunion, sixteen years after the demise of the original line up. 2) This concert is shot at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA (for the most part) the home state of Dinosaur. The venue is a small, comfy place and gives the band/DVD a certain character. It makes the performance feel homey and intimate. Typically, most Concert DVDs you see feel the total opposite. Since, the Middle East is my favorite venue, I also felt a greater connection and it seemed like Dinosaur was right at home. Overall, I enjoyed the performance and the band were incredible as usual, playing mostly 80s, You’re Living All Over Me (1987) material, which naturally added its own vibes and made the concert/DVD feel all the more like the good old times of the original Dinosaur years. With that being said, the band really carries this DVD. In other words, the DVD offers very little beyond filming the band and a few crowd shots, not much more. It is akin to a youtube video and for me this is surely not enough. In terms of bonus features, we have some treats: interviews with Thurston Moore, Kim Gordan, Steve Albini, Mike Watt, Mat Dillon, and others. They provide great insight and clear appreaciaton for the group. Here, we also see the lack of dedication for this DVD, for the footage itself is given little treatment and poor audio/lightning, but once again the content saves the viewer from running away. We also see a few performances from the band and a radio station performance/interview, which are decent.

Grade: 7/10- Great band, great show, but not a great DVD per se. Still if you’re a big fan I’d recommend it, I will watch it and enjoy it over and over again, because I’m just one of those kinda guys.

Boston Music Awards 2010

I don’t usually pay attention to music awards of any kind, but here are some notable (relative to KLYAM anyway) winners from last night’s show.

Artist of the Year: Amanda Palmer
Rock Artist of the Year: Girlfriends
Best Live Music Venue: Middle East
Radio 92.9 Boch Boston Band Award: Gold Star Morning*


*GSM drummer is our very own James DiNanno. Good work brother!

For a full list, turn here: http://theywillrockyou.com/2010/12/boston-music-awards-2010-winners/

No Age H & E

Hopes I hope this is within my top 5 greatest shows ever. No Age plays all my favorites, which are way too many to name, but mostly from Nouns (2008) and they close with “Everybody’s Down,” as they previously did at the Middle East.

Expectations: No Age are as great as ever, if not superior. They play most of my favorites, but not all. The show ranks high for me, but not top 5, perhaps top 10 and almost cerain top 15.

Classic Concert Reviews: No Age

This is a Concert Review of No Age at Wellesley College that I wrote for our past blog Wakefield Etudiant.

Bands: Lemonade, The Beets, and No Age
Venue: Wellesley College
Date: April 2, 2009

Introduction: When the three amigos and Paul arrived at Wellesley College we searched for nearly a half hour for the music center. Slowly, but surely we reached the place we were seeking (I had to run, not cool). So, we asked to step inside, but of course we have penises and it was an all girl school, clearly not our turf. We were instructed that entrance could only be granted, if we knew someone that attended the college. Well, we did not, but with our impeccable boyish charm we were able to coax the sweet girl at the door to let us in. The show cost a mere five singles. An excellent deal by any standard.

Act One: Lemonade
Excellent dance rock meets hard rocking noise pop. This trio rocked out for sure. All three members were highly energetic, especially the drummer; it appeared as though he would smash his entire set at any second. Now, with all that being said, I don’t want to confuse readers, they are extremely poppy, but in a very endearing way. I hope to hear more of them in the future.

Act Two: The Beets
Not the Beets that Doug and Skeeter adored, but rather an early Black Lips meets Beat Happening kinda group. They meshed garage rocky, bluesy, noisy sounds (Black Lips) with 60s pop and somewhat callow musicianship (Beat Happening, but perhaps better musicianship than Beat Happening). They weren’t as good as the first act and certainly nowhere near the next act lol, but they were overall entertaining and clearly talented. I heard some hooks beneath the noise. Some flaws were the start stop thing that occurred at the beginning of the first number and most of the songs sounding alike.

Act Three: NO AGE!!!
Simply said, one of the top five greatest bands out there today. Glen, Ben, and I had the magnificent pleasure of chatting with the dynamic duo at various junctures throughout the show. We stood right between Dean’s drum set and Randy’s amps and hopped up and down, raising our arms straight in the air relentlessly as soon as they opened with “Teen Creeps,” a tune I personally requested to Randy Randal. I hopped back and forth between the mosh pit and the front where it was a bit tamer. The crowd (30 , give or take) shared in our enthusiasm and loved each song. Along with TC, they played such classics as “Neck Escaper,” “Every Artist Needs A Tragedy,” “Eraser” “Miner,” “Keechie,” “Cappo,” “Here Should Be My Home,” “Ripped Knees,” “Sleeper Hold,” “Brain Burner,” and two new songs. Unfortunately, the band did not play their triumphant anthem, “Everybody’s Down,” but what are you going to do? There was no stage and perhaps Randy thought it would be too much of hassle to find some way to do his signature crowd surfing at the end of the song. Oh well, it was still a fabulous show. Can’t complain.

Conclusion: Small Venues make the best shows! Not an absolute, but an experienced truth. As I said before, fabulous. My second favorite concert ever! and I’m sure it ranks fairly high for Glen and Ben. Grade: 10/10. I strongly recommend No Age to those who have not seen them, fan or non fan.

Editors Note: Definitely the second best show I’ve seen. The up-close and personal nature of the show contributed to its awesomeness. The fact that the group traveled out of their way to put on a show for a relatively small number of college students is simply impressive. The showmanship of Randy Randall and Dean Allen Spunt is second to none. – Glen

Here is a Concert Review of No Age Glen posted on the old blog WE about two years ago. Ohh the memories!

It’s always fun searching online for bands that play local all ages shows. Especially difficult is finding one at a small club-like venue. Not to worry for Chris, Ben, and I as we noticed No Age, an LA based noise rock band we saw back in July, scheduled to play at the Middle East Downstairs. Recalling No Age as one of the more preeminent live acts we’ve seen, we didn’t hesitate to make the journey to Cambridge on Monday night.

Act One: Silk Flowers – I didn’t really know what to expect from this trio. Judging from looks alone, I saw diversity. The guy on the left with the long hair seemed more apt as a 90s garage rock guitarist than a synthesizist (no such word, is there?). The center-man was just kind of there. That’s not a bad thing. He was doing some heavy duty rocking out and I greatly admire that. The dude on the left handling the drum machine (and singing…if we can call it that), who I figured out is Aviram Cohen, reminded me of Mr. O’Brien in his youth (not that I know what O’Brien looked like back then). The group showed flashes of potential with catchy dub beats and a tribute (or seemingly so) to the post-punk/industrial scene of the ’80s. I recall Ben comparing their music to ’70s horror music, a fairly accurate comparison. I admittedly heard more Palm (the electronic one-man band from the first No Age show) than Kraftwerk. Overall, it was quite a respectable performance for a three song set.

Act Two: Soft Circle – Guitar. Drums. Electronic Percussion. Vocals. Hiram Akira Bharoocha can literally do it all…in one song at that. He picks up the guitar and plays a one or two minute riff. He then goes over to the electronic percussion kit and mixes a string of noise. All the while he records a spacey chant. With the guitar riff, percussion noise, and vocals all on loop, he picks up his drum sticks and starts going nuts. Being able to do all of this effectively proves he is a masterful musician, but what impressed me even more were the songs themselves. They were more dub than anything else, but the heavy drum was really the kicker. Watch out for Soft Circle. That’s all I have to say.

Act Three
: No Age – Words really can’t describe how good No Age is live. You kind of have to be there. Further, you kind of have to be in the front row. Starting things off with “Keechie” — an experimental and instrumental track off their 2008 highly acclaimed CD release Nouns — was a bit unexpected, but proved to be a great segue into more heavier, noise driven tunes. The crowd, rather shiftless during Silk Flowers and Soft Circle, went into an uproar as soon as Dean Allen Spunt, the drummer/vocalist, began pounding the bass drum. Randy Randall’s near flawless guitar play was an excellent complement as usual. Lesser known songs like “Brain Burner”, “Cappo”, and “Sleeper Hold” drew great crowd involvement in the form of head banging and dancing while more popular songs like “Here Should Be My Home”, “Eraser”, and “Ripped Knees” put everyone into a comfortable position to rock out and bang into each other. Two particularly awesome moments I recall were: Randy Randall playing “Eraser” right in front of me (I could’ve and should’ve memorized the chords) and an attractive female, approximately my age, dancing and throwing herself around with ease (whilst not giving any shit at all). I was a little disappointed when No Age left the stage having not played the classic “Everybody’s Down.” Of course, they came back for an encore. The first encore included Aviram Cohen on vocals singing a cover of G.G Allin’s “Don’t Talk To Me.” That was pretty much out of the blue, but awesome, and went along well with the pace of the previous set of songs. The second encore was in fact “Everybody’s Down.” This is definitely one of No Age’s better songs (Chris would argue its their best) and ended in a spectacularly awesome way — Randall crowd surfing while finishing the final minute of the song on guitar. He was thrown back on the stage and the concert ended. Amazing. Oh yeah, Aviram gave Ben and I high-fives. That was cool.

Final Comment: 3rd Best Concert Of All Time (Following Radiohead and Dinosaur. Jr/Meat Puppets/Built to Spill)

Finally, here is a review of the first No Age show we saw when we were not as familiar with the LA duo.



Band of the Week: No Age :)

Yessir our Band of the Week is the incredible noise pop duo No Age (Dean Allen Spunt-Drums/Vocals and Randy Randall- Guitar), a longtime and beloved KLYAM favorite. NA are a great example of a modern Punk band still keeping the DIY ethos alive, well, and always ready to knock the corporate ogre on his ass. Our guys will be playing at the Middle East this Tuesday, November 16 at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA. Glen, Ben, and I have seen NA three times before, so we know we’re in for one helluva show! For longtime readers of the KLYAM or even our previous blog, http://wakefieldnews.blogspot.com/ y’all already know about these dudes and their great music, but for those who have not heard of NA and/or are new to our blog, check these guys out, one of the finer bands around today- we cover them frequently. In the days leading up to the show more coverage of the one and only No Age will appear. In the meantime, treat your ears to this new classic, “Life Prowler,” opening track from their latest release Everything In Between (2010).

Concert Review: Thalia Zedek, Uninhabitable Mansions, Big Big Bucks @ Middle East Upstairs (5/7/10)

Artists: The Big Big Bucks, Uninhabitable Mansions, Thalia Zedek, and Ketman (we did not see)
Location: Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA
Date: Friday, May 7, 2010

The Big Big Bucks: They were a decent band and a good start to the show. The guitars were nice and loud, but not too loud. I could sense they had some pop sensabilities, but the songs did not come all the way through as major hooks. One of their jams, “New Socks,” stood out to me as a little catchy and definitely rocking (and not just because they announced its name, Glen!). Alas, there were some technical difficulties, which truncated the group’s set a teeny bit, but they dealt with the mishap with delightful humor and audience interaction. Overall, I liked them and they served as a good act to warm up for the Mansions. I think I am the only one who has ever referred to them that way lol. Maybe not?

Uninhabitable Mansions: Ahh yes the band we came to see! They created some exciting vibes without being over the top in their showmanship; the songs spoke for themselves. I really dug the adorable Annie Hart and her skillful keyboard playing, something I had overlooked previously while listening to their recordings. The group played a relatively quick set consisting of the classic, “Speed is Deceiving,” which was easily one of the best musical performances I have ever seen. I was like in a trance for a few minutes, it was really that outstanding. The vocals particularly stood out to me as they not only sounded extraordinary, but they also did total justice to the recording, which in itself is fabulous and one of the best from 2009. They closed their brief, but invigorating set with “We Already Know,” another classic from their last LP. Okay, I’ve sucked their dick for enough now, better move on before I start deep throating….

Thalia Zedek: Uhh yeah this is simply music I do not have time for lol. They suffered from the Tulsa effect of playing what seems more like a jam session than a performance of songs. The first number was ok and I was a bit interested, but after that, actually by th end of it, my focus was far from fixed! When that shit is broken, I’m mentally finished with an artist. Perhaps, it’s just me and some other musicians would find real meaning and entertainment in their work, but for me there’s nothing fascinating about it. I typically dig exciting, fun, catchy pop music (what I see as pop, i.e. Jay Reatard). So, if you can’t wow me with explicitly “stuck in my mind, sing along” tunes than you should wow me with something else really unique or mind blowing i.e the performances of Deerhunter and Sonic Youth, amongst others, whom have many catchy songs, but clearly they explore further terrirtory outside the pop landscape and do not rely on the hooks and what have you. If you’re band, as in the case of TZ cannot satisfy these two musical needs of mine than you have lost my attention. Now, that does not necessarily mean the band is bad (TZ are probably decent musicians), it just means I have absolutely no desire to listen to them. Alright, alright, I’ve ranted for wayyy too long lol. So, yeah TZ bored the fuck out of me.

Grade: B