Band of the Week: No Age :)

Yessir our Band of the Week is the incredible noise pop duo No Age (Dean Allen Spunt-Drums/Vocals and Randy Randall- Guitar), a longtime and beloved KLYAM favorite. NA are a great example of a modern Punk band still keeping the DIY ethos alive, well, and always ready to knock the corporate ogre on his ass. Our guys will be playing at the Middle East this Tuesday, November 16 at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA. Glen, Ben, and I have seen NA three times before, so we know we’re in for one helluva show! For longtime readers of the KLYAM or even our previous blog, y’all already know about these dudes and their great music, but for those who have not heard of NA and/or are new to our blog, check these guys out, one of the finer bands around today- we cover them frequently. In the days leading up to the show more coverage of the one and only No Age will appear. In the meantime, treat your ears to this new classic, “Life Prowler,” opening track from their latest release Everything In Between (2010).

CD Review: Everything In Between [2010]

Band: No Age
Release: 9/2010
Label: Sub Pop

1. “Life Prowler” – A-
2. “Glitter” – A
3. “Fever Dreaming” – A
4. “Depletion” – A+
5. “Common Heat” – A-
6. “Skinned” – A-
7. “Katerpillar” – B-
8. “Valley Hump Crash” – A
9. “Sorts” – B
10. “Dusted” – B+
11. “Positive Amputation” – B
12. “Shed and Transcend” – A
13. “Chem Trails” – A+

Comments: No Age is back in No Age form. Once again! What that means is the same as it has ever meant for Dean and Randy: 1)  catchy noise-punk and 2) atmospheric experimentalism. The dudes could have definitely abandoned the filler atmosphere stuff like they did, to an extent, on Nouns. The instrumental sample heavy tracks on that album fit well. Not really so much the case here, but that’s fine! “Life Prowler” is a harmony of the sampler, the drum kit, and the guitar. Dean’s drums hammer away…Randy’s guitar enters a short while later. Dean sings. The samples come on. Noise. This is pretty cool introductory fare; a little taste of what the band is all about. It’s not a life changing track or even close to a great one, but it serves its purpose well. “Glitter” is the first song off this album that we all got to listen to. I’ve heard better, but it captures the “sound” so to speak of the band’s 2009 Losing Feeling EP. I really like how it comes together (via noise assault) toward the end. Y’all want punk No Age? Good. “Fever Dreaming” is moshing material a la “Brain Burner.” It shreds so great, though it doesn’t seem to be mixed as soundly as it could be.  “Depletion” is another heavy yet catchy number. “Common Heat” is slower, but still a really good track. The shaker really stands out! “Skinned” changes up so often it’s almost hard to keep up with, but that’s nearly the beauty of it. “Katerpillar” is a decent little sound collage. “Valley Hump Crash” is lyrically cheesy, but the Minutemen-esque guitars compliment the surfer rock sampling very nicely. “Sorts” is really good. “Dusted” is just as good as “Katerpillar.” And “Positive Amputation” is not too positive. “Shed” is at first a mere noise explosion, but it picks up and becomes…so so fun. I love the back-and-forth on the verses of the closer, “Chem Trails.” The firecracker sound effects are cool, as well. I contemplated not counting some of the atmospheric tracks, but in the end I decided that since they are an inevitable part of the album, I must. Had I not included them, this would be amongst my very very favorites. The songs that rock on here…rock hard. So the tell-tale question…is this better than Nouns? Nope! It’s well-rounded effort, but even the best tunes on here are a few light years behind 75% of the Nouns LP.

Grade: A- (90)

No Age Return To Boston!!!

It’s been a year and a half. It feels longer, but at the same time, it doesn’t feel that long.

At any rate, I haven’t seen No Age since April 2, 2009. That’s far too long. They’ve got a new album coming out September 28. Get at that. Everything In Between is the title.

Most importantly, Dean, Randy, and the other dude are in town on November 16. They’ll be at the Middle East Downstairs, a choice venue. It is my favorite place to see a show after all and has vegan goodies for the dudes. It’s all ages gig, too! It’s a Tuesday night.


No Age – “Everything in Between”

No Age. Yo. New Album. Drops September 28 For Sure. Fun Titles. Check ‘Em:

01 Life Prowler
02 Glitter
03 Fever Dreaming
04 Depletion
05 Common Heat
06 Skinned
07 Katerpillar
08 Valley Hump Crash
09 Sorts
10 Dusted
11 Positive Amputation
12 Shred and Transcend
13 Chem Trails