Band Spotlight: Almighty Defenders

History and Formation: Formed in Berlin, Germany in February 2009 shortly after the Black Lips fled India after an incident of homosexuality and nudity. The Black Lips met up with King Khan and Mark Sultan (BBQ); all members collaborated to form Almighty Defenders and recorded an LP.

Label: Vice Records

Members: Cole Alexander, Jared Swilley, Joe Bradley, Ian St. Pe, King Khan, and Mark Sultan.

Musical Style: Psychedelic gospel-influenced soul music.

Top Songs:

  1. “The Ghost With The Most”
  2. “All My Loving”
  3. “She Came Before Me”

Upcoming Releases: Almighty Defenders (9/22/09, Vice Records)

My Opinion: Having been just a few feet away from the likes of the Black Lips, King Khan, and Mark Sultan all in the past few months (I effectively witnessed the Supreme Genius in all of them), there’s really nothing comparable to the energy and performance brilliancy of their live shows. When I heard of them joining forces, I experienced a rare sense of excitement. As Chris mentioned to me, Almighty Defenders is a super-super-group since King Khan and Sultan are already a supergroup, playing under the name the King Khan & BBQ Show.

YouTube Song of Choice:

One thought on “Band Spotlight: Almighty Defenders”

  1. King Khan And BBQ are not really a supergroup, they’re two former Spaceshits playing together. They have played together in the same band for something like 10 of the last 14 years! It’s true that Mark did not do the BBQ one-man band thing when he was singing for the Spaceshits but that’s what makes it possible for only two of the five Spaceshits to play live shows and release material.

    Another band of note that had multiple ex-Spaceshits in it was the Sexareenos (1999-02) and Mark was also in that one.

    KKBBQ allows Khan to be more “punk”, do stuff closer to what he did with the Spaceshits and with a former member of that band, it’s not really a marriage between his Shrines self and the BBQ act.

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