Nice 7

In 1956, Elvis Presley shook his hips on national TV. Later in 1956, Elvis Presley shook his hips AGAIN, being shot from the waist up. Then for a long time nothing happened… Until now. We bring you the Nice Guys/Miami Doritos Splifft 7″ out on KLYAM Records on March 3rd and at the Nice Guys/Miami Doritos tour kick off show and subsequent shows on February 28th. For far too long, rock ‘n’ roll has been neutered, packaged, sold, resold, twittered, tweeted, repeated, and cheated again and again. I for one have had enough. This Splifft here is a grenade in your sweaty hands. Use it wisely.

Four fresh, gahridgerawk cutz to terrify the neighbors. Shambling, scuzzy noise. BLASTS!

Nice Guys :
1) Jamaican Vacation
2) Medical Envy

Miami Doritos:
1) Price 2 Pay
2) Rush Hour/Piss Take



February 28th – Boston @ THIEVES GROTTO
March 1st – Syracuse, NY @ HOUSE SHOW
March 3rd – Detroit, MI @ BLACK LODGE
March 4th – Chicago, IL @ WALLY’S WORLD
March 5th – St. Louis, MO @ PLUSH
March 6th – Memphis, TN @ LAMPLIGHTER
March 9th – Asheville, NC
March 10 – Chapel Hill, NC @ NIGHTLIGHT
MAR 12 – Arlington, VA @ CD CELLAR
MAR 13 – Baltimore, MD @ HOLY FRIJOLES
MAR 14 – Philadelphia, PA @ THE NUTHOUSE


And whaddya know there is a new music video from the Doritos themselves. Check it out below.

New Gangbang Gordon EP: Lean Front

G Gangbang Gordon is on a mission to release 75 tracks in 2011. He’d also like to go into a studio so that his listening audience will better be able to realize his talents. You see, he has a lot of ideas, but the limits of home recording and computer room trickery have really held back Gordon. He hopes to play a few local shows in the coming months. He has some top secret ideas up his sleeve pertaining to his live show. Y’all will have to wait and see. Here is Lean Front, his first EP of many in 2011. “Neptune” is a twangy solo-guitar son of a gun about going to the planet without your jacket. “Red Syrup” is Gordon’s most expansive effort to date, playing up his Jay Reatard influence and incorporating a range of instruments. “The Earth Is Flat” is an 8 minute trip down random lane. If you have the patience, there are many a surprise embedded in the tune. “Freebase Crack” featuring the likes of a spoon as percussion and looped whistling is about a young drug dealer of the awfully redundant freebase crack.

Lean Front EP by TheKLYAM

KLYAM Records First Release: “Singles 2010”

Debut LP from Gangbang Gordon! Consists of single recordings that accumulated over the course of the 2010 year. Stylistically all over the place — from nitty-gritty lo-fi punk jamz to softer, more primitive rock and roll. Will be made available to the masses on January 23 in MP3/CD format and on vinyl soon thereafter! 

“I Thought (I Was)”