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A Review of KLYAM’s AMAM Noisefest Part 7

In the style of Blowfish

We headed to Trixie’s Palace for Kids Like You and Me (KLYAM)‘s A Mouth Is A Mouth Noise Fest Part Seven. KLYAM has been putting on underground – quite literally – noise fests for a few years now so we thought we’d go check it out.

We were greeted by what appeared to be AMAM Noisefest performers sitting on the lawn outside of the house concert venue. These friendly folks informed us that there was free pizza and beer inside of the home. Somebody said that the kids putting on the show directed the bands to load in at 5 PM, but nobody actually showed up on time. Anyway, we waited around a bit for the show to start.

Soundcheck kicked things off. This band is comprised of Chris from KLYAM on vocals, Brian, who will be performing two more times tonight, on drums and G. Gordon Gritty on mini keyboard.  There is a repetitive synthesizer loop in the background while the trio is playing. They played some bizarre song with the lines “I WANT A MILF” repeated and then maybe a couple of other quick songs.

Next up were Lindie and Con Tex. Two really talented guitarists playing off of the other. They might have been playing two totally different melodies, but it really worked. Picture a 10 minute long instrumental passage smack dab in the middle of a The Clean pop song. Those perfect kind of vibes. They looked at each other and decided that the set was over. We think they should play much more often in the rock ‘n roll circuit!

Next up was Brian, also known as >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>, UP UP UP, arrows, the drummer of Johnnie and the Foodmasters, the drummer of Soundcheck, the noise guitarist in G. Gordon Gritty. Among other things. Up Up Up is an innovative noise guitarist who constructs his own pedals, guitars, and peripheral accessories. He has played at other noisefests before. This time it is just him on guitar and he plays a variety of instrumental surf classics. He introduces the set by saying something like it’s summer. His style of playing is pretty percussive and the sounds very wiry, clangy, and fuzzy. He deconstructs Dale with his own signature attack, but not to the point beyond recognition. This is great!

Next up was DJ Tomorrow’s Achievements. His vocal-only set was broken into a couple of segments. Progressively depressing per the speaker. The first was a group exercise: we were to find someone we didn’t know and tell them the best thing that happened today. The exercise was to take five minutes. We didn’t participate, but most people did. After that DJ moved into throat singing. Singing or noise making. A long fart type of noise. But other noises, too. Next, he told a story of a prisoner who ate his own shit and the high costs of maintaining prisons. The atmosphere did not lighten up as everyone paid close attention to the speaker.

Lobotomizer from Pawtucket took the stage after DJ. Lobotomizer has a large speaker and a vast array of electronics perched atop a keyboard stand. Turning knobs. Glitching out. It’s hard to say if there were individual songs, but it might be safe to assume something like that. So many different sounds. Back when we were going to noisefests in the ’90s, we would see performers do stuff like Lobotomizer. Almost really really subtle dance music now that we think of it.

Next up was Healers Co. A duo with both players on electronics and tiedye projections in the background. We’ve seen them before with drums and guitar, but this set is notably scarier, more atmospheric, and more one-with-nature. The cornerstone of Healers Co. is intimacy and the open invitation to let your mind to wander. They occupy a flexible position in the weird world noise universe. We sure will keep an eye on them.

G. Gordon Gritty was next and again they were rough. A three piece this time with Brian from before on noise guitar, a gentleman named Kyle on drums, and Gritty on bass and vocals. Interestingly enough, GGG did not utilize wireless systems to execute this performance, as he had in recent times. There was a cover of Black Lips “O Katrina” and a rapid-fire out of tune/time burst of one or two lines from a half dozen or so songs  before the band got all wild and switched instruments mid-jam while GGG improvised a bit “Like A Stripper In Vegas” and called it a night.

Skull Urethra , a project of VomitBitch, ended the night with a grotesque, one-of-a-kind set. There were about a half dozen members of this collective. Add to that a tarp of fake blood, partial nudity, wrestling, and haircuts. That was just the performance piece of it. The music side of it was well orchestrated and in the general pedigree of noise. The crowd seemed to be in on what was happening and some found themselves suddenly a part of the act. The people in the band, so to speak, were doing their thing in a half circle around the space. The chaos was controlled and once it was over, it was over, but we all had never seen anything like it. No amount of recorded audio could capture this. So you’d have to be there. Interesting, huh!

*SHOW TONIGHT*: Nice Guys, Black Beach, Jacques Le Coque, GBG @ Club Bohemia (4/17)!

Jim Bohemia
Flyer by Jim Leonard

Hello local mischief makers, boy do we have a shoe for you tonight. Tonight, tonight, at Club Bohemia (Cantab Lounge basement) in Central Square, Cambridge, KLYAM Presents: Nice Guys, Jacques Le Coque (CT), Black Beach, and Gangbang Gordon. 8:30 PM, $8, 21+ sorry kids :(  Facialbook event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/748501435268691/

It’s been nearly two years since we’ve seen our punk slimy Connecticut brethren in Jacques Le Coque, but now they’re back and with a new record, may I add. Hooky (King Pizza), pick that sheet up at the show and listen to it here: http://jacqueslecoque.bandcamp.com/ I WANT YOU TO GET SOME COQUE!

Joining the Coque, will be some local ruffians if I ever saw any. I’d like to give a shout out to URSULA first though, they were originally scheduled to play this show, but couldn’t make it due to illness. :(, we send our best wishes their way and you need to LISTEN to them immediately: https://ripursula.bandcamp.com/
Filling in for them is bizarre noisemaker, occasional hipshaker nonmusician Gangbang Gordon. https://gbgordon.bandcamp.com/ Playing a quick solo set to warm y’all up for…

Black Beach is a newer band to me, but one that has consistently shaken my soul with their aggressive brand of psychedelic garage grunge mish mash. Picture The Doors partying in a van with Mudhoney and Nirvana. Throw in some blistering surf rock for good measure. http://blackbeachma.bandcamp.com/
A fantastic addition to the messy, care free rock ‘n’ roll embodied by fellow Bostonians in Miami Doritos, Midriffs, and…

KLYAM Records’ own Nice Guys. Needs no introduction or explanation. Look thru the archives sucka. http://niceguys666.bandcamp.com/

Review: GBG’s debut @ PA’s Lounge W/ Atlantic Thrills & Roaches (4/29/12)

Artists: Atlantic Thrills, Roaches, Gangbang Gordon
Date: Sunday, April 29, 2012
Venue: PA’s Lounge (Somerville, MA)

Act I: Gangbang Gordon– Do you wanna Gangbang Gordon? I sure hope so. Gangbang Gordon is the product of endless, gruesome hours spent alone in a bedroom with the Black Lips, Jay Reatard, Nobunny, and Ty Segall. Three years and hundreds of songs later, tonight is GG’s night.  GG appears on stage wearing a blonde hair wig, black shades, a crooked Cornoa hat, a pair of blue jeans, and a tard shirt, ready to destroy the PA’s Lounge with unbelievable  outsider, tard rock.  GG’s vocals are mumbled, but they fit perfectly with his simple, “what the fuck is a chord?”, guitar strumming. He rocks through his set rather quickly, rocking so hard he leaps off the stage (in a humorously planned stunt), playing on the floor on his knees, and similar awkward antics ensue. My favorite moment is when he randomly brandishes a recorder for a few seconds before tossing  it aside, deeming the instrument as unworthy. Thee (outside of) outsider finishes his set claiming that there will be no encore. Good, to have an encore after Gangbang Gordon is like asking for sloppy seconds. When one sees or listens to this man, you have to ask yourself, is it all a  joke? At the same time, even asking this question means you are taking rock and roll too seriously. Isn’t it all a joke? I don’t know. GG certainly thinks so. In any case, I hope more kids hop on the gangbang.

Set List:
A) Damn Shame
B) Wanna Go
C) Same Meat
D) Slide Into Mountain
E) A Place To Cool Off
F) Do You Wanna Gangbang Gordon?
G) I Can Testify
H) Ping Pong With Natalie Pietrzak
I) The Breeze

Act II: The Roaches– The Roaches keep the garage rock flowing, but this time with much more musical chops. I have never seen the Roaches, but I have been meaning to for about a year. In fact, Glen and I actually met Eric and Joe Roach at PA’s Lounge, nearly two years ago during an epic Nobunny show. Great times! and the great times would continue on this evening. As I pound back a few more beers, the Roaches unleash a fiery performance filled with Oblivians esque garage rock. I love the guitar sound; these guys have some seriously great guitar riffs rolling. The bass is equally raw and the drums are fast and pouding. It’s a sweaty set that demolishes what is left of my hearing.

Set List:
Our Mind
J. Roach

Act III: Atlantic Thrills: Atlantic Thrills is a fantastic way to conclude our evening of fun, garage rock and roll. In the past year I have seen them a few times now and each time it truly gets better. With the Thrills, the small crowd, really take it up a notch. People are dancing and moshing, singing their lungs out, the whole nine. Simply put, having fun. It is a classic Thrills set: psychedelia, fast rock and roll, slow ballads, and unmatched odes to the Black Lips and the King Khan & BBQ Show. They open with the strong rocker and one of my favorites, “Give It Back.” “Shotgun” and “On My Mind” are also stand outs to me personally. The set concludes with two classics. The first being an unexpectd, Los Sacios cover, “Demolicion,” which is the equivalent to injecting steroids for a garage rocker. The song instantly gets the KLYAM & friends rockin’and singing along! The final number is Thrills classic “Acid Rain,” the perfect way to end the night.

Set List:
Give It Back
Filthy Mind
Try & Try
Foreign Lands
Light Shines
On My Mind
Acid Rain

I want to say thanks to all that came and particpated in the first Kids Like You & Me Presents show! Stay tuned for many more.

P.S. here’s a link to some more exclusive photos of Gangbang Gordon in action. http://www.flickr.com/photos/51832704@N07/7591243854/in/photostream/ Taken by a buddy Kiyal Canareo. Thanks dude!

Kids Like You & Me Presents GG, Thrillz, and Roaches (4/29)!

Who: Gangbang Gordon, The Atlantic Thrills, and The Roaches
When: Sunday, April 29th
Where: PA’s Lounge (Somerville, MA)
Event Details: 21+, doors open 8:30 P.M. Tickets: $8

Yo, you all know Kids Like You & Me, KLYAM. If you are reading this, then you have made it this far. Good for you, tell your family and friends! Now, KLYAM is branching out into other areas of the musical landscape. Enter Kids Like You & Me Presents! Starting April 29, we will be promoting and presenting shows in and around the Boston area. This first show is also special because it is the live premiere of our very own Gangbang Gordon. GG has been making music for quite some time now, but this is his very first show ever! Rhode Island’s finest garage rockers, Atlantic Thrills and local heroes, The Roaches cap off the bill. This is going to go down in history as a legendary show, so you don’t want to miss it!


More info and updates will be posted in the coming weeks!

Gangbang Gordon:

Atlantic Thrills:

The Roaches: