Peter Hook Presents ‘Unkown Pleasures’ H & E

So on December 4th I am going to see Peter Hook (Joy Division, New Order bassist) perform Joy Division’s debut album ‘Unknown Pleasures’ from beginning to end, and I have nothing but the highest expectations. For those that haven’t heard it ‘Unknown Pleasures’ is universally considered a classic album (and in my top ten), and is one of the most important albums of the 70’s (yes I said it and I will stand by it). Good news is set list wise, I know what I am getting, the album cover to cover with maybe some stuff from the second album ‘Closer’ thrown in as an encore (sadly lead singer of Joy Division Ian Curtis committed suicide after two albums). Bad news is performance wise I don’t know what to expect, for those who have heard Joy Division know that as strong as the music was Ian’s vocal’s is what really made the album special, so I don’t know who Peter found for vocal’s. Also will the experience be a pure rendition of ‘Unknown Pleasures’ or will it be a bassist focused version. Personally I would also love to hear stories about the old days too, but who knows if I will get that. In any case I know Ian is dead, the living members hate each other with a passion, so this is as close as I will ever get to seeing Joy Division live, so for one night I am looking forward to closing my eyes and pretend that it’s 1979.

Hopes + Expectations: Paul Weller + (Black Lips?!)

Paul Weller
Hopes + Expectations: I hope Paul plays an enjoyable set. I can certainly imagine him doing so.
My favorite Weller (solo) songs that I hope he plays:
– “Come On, Let’s Go” – As Is Now
– “Savages” – As Is Now
“Wings of Speed” – Stanley Road
– “No Tears Left To Cry” – Wake Up The Nation
– “Changing Man” – Stanley Road
– “Wild Wood” – Wild Wood
– “You Do Something To Me” – Stanley Road
– “Mermaids” – Heavy Soul
– “Whirlpool’s End” – Stanley Road
He’ll probably end up playing a few of the ones that I’ve just mentioned in addition to plenty of new ones from Wake Up The Nation and a couple of Jam classics.

(Black Lips?!)
– This is the the toss-up of the century. After the Paul Weller show, will I be able to make it down to Brooklyn to catch my favorite band? Last time I was in NYC and saw Black Lips, it ended up being my favorite show of all time — on a boat and terrestrially. It’s by the grace of God that decided to hold a “secret show” on Saturday. This would be an incredible addition to a trip that is already shaping up to be great.

Deerhunter H & E!

Hopes: The H&E this time around is basically the same as the past two times; after seeing them twice I’ve come to expect what their shtick is. I don’t expect any surprises, but I look forward to an amazing show and hopefully one of the best I’ve ever seen. I hope they play, as I’ve stated in previous H&Es, my favorite Deerhunter song: Twilight at Carbon Lake. I would also like to hear various favorites such as, but not limited to: “Basement Scene,” “Sailing,” “Agoraphobia,” and the entire Rainwater Cassette Exchange EP.

Expectations: I expect them to put on a “stellar production” as David Lee Roth would say. I plan on hearing the classics such as “Never Stops” and “Nothing Ever Happened” amongst others.

Wavves H & E

: I hope Wavves plays mostly tracks from their brand new release, King of the Beach. I also wish they perform classics like “So Bored,” “No Hope Kids,” “Summer Goth,” “Lover,” and “California Goths.” They play for over an hour and it is one of the best concerts I have ever experienced.

Expectations: I expect Wavves to play a good chunk of old and new tunes. They play for 30-60 minutes and it is a very good show.

Harlem H & E

Hopes: I hope this is one of the best shows I have ever seen. I witnes an extremely high energy performance in which they play mostly cuts from Hippies(because I haven’t heard their other LP lol), particularly “Friendly Ghost,” “Be Your Baby,” “Poolside,” “Pissed,” “Faces,” and others.

Expectations: It is a really good show, but not one of the best I have ever seen. They play most of the above numbers, but also several I am unfamiliar with from their first record or elsewhere.


Black Lips/Box Elders H & E

As always, before a concert, I make two lists of hopes and expectations I have for said show. Having known that the Black Lips simply don’t play certain songs, my hopes are a bit more realistic than they would be for other performers.

The Black Lips play most of my favorite numbers, there’s far too many to mention. They play “Bad Kids,” my favorite BL song (I guess this is more of an expectation). A couple of new songs are performed, like “So, Long to Carolina.” A couple of cover songs that I am familiar with, chiefly “Too Much in Love” by King Khan/BBQ appears in the set. It would be fantastic if they didn’t get kicked out like last year and played a three song encore. Lastly, the concert is even better than last year’s (my favorite ever) and becomes the greatest concert I’ve ever experienced! For the Box Elders, I hope they play all my faves from Alice and Friends, including “Atlantis,” “Jackie Wood,” “Ronald Dean,” “Death of Me,” and “Hole In My Head,” amongst others. I hope funny man, Dave is just as funny with his aerobic antics as he was before.

The Black Lips play a set that closely resembles the one Glen posted the other day, playing mostly Let It Bloom songs, which is perfectly fine. I have a really, really, kickass time! The show is just as good if not close (either way) to the last one. If they are not given the boot, then they play a two song encore. For Box Elders, I expect them to crank out most of the above tunes. Knowing and loving the songs now, I will enjoy them more than when I saw them open for Jay Reatard (being the first time I ever heard of them); even then I found the ditties extremely catchy! They remain one of the finest opening acts I have ever seen.


Arctic Monkeys H & E

Hopes: I hope they open with hey hey, we’re the Monkees… oh wait, wrong Monkeys lol. I hope the British boys play all of my favorite tracks of course, most of which appear on Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I Am Not. My favorite AM number is “Riot Van,” so I strongly wish they perform this, even though it is highly unlikely. “Teddy Picker,” “Secret Door,” and “Cornerstone,” would be more than nice as well. Lastly, I want this to be one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen, over an hour of rockin rolling, and placed in my top 10.

: I expect that they will play “The View From the Afternoon,” “I Bet You Look Good On the Dance Floor,” and maybe one other off Whatever… I anticipate that they will play “Fluorescent Adolescent” and a few other tracks from Favourite Worst Nightmare. Most of the songs will come from their latest release, Humbug/. They will play for about an hour and it will be a great show in my top 15.