Arctic Monkeys H & E

Hopes: I hope they open with hey hey, we’re the Monkees… oh wait, wrong Monkeys lol. I hope the British boys play all of my favorite tracks of course, most of which appear on Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I Am Not. My favorite AM number is “Riot Van,” so I strongly wish they perform this, even though it is highly unlikely. “Teddy Picker,” “Secret Door,” and “Cornerstone,” would be more than nice as well. Lastly, I want this to be one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen, over an hour of rockin rolling, and placed in my top 10.

: I expect that they will play “The View From the Afternoon,” “I Bet You Look Good On the Dance Floor,” and maybe one other off Whatever… I anticipate that they will play “Fluorescent Adolescent” and a few other tracks from Favourite Worst Nightmare. Most of the songs will come from their latest release, Humbug/. They will play for about an hour and it will be a great show in my top 15.


3 Days Until Arctic Monkeys

Notice how drummer Matt Helders looks like Chris' brother Justin

Here are two classic reviews of, coincidentally, Arctic Monkeys’ first two albums:

Favourite Worst Nightmare
1. “Brianstorm” – (A) – Heavy rocker in all aspects, most noticeably drums and lead guitar.
2. “Teddy Picker” – (B) – Alex’s great voice kind of gets lost in distortion.
3. “D Is For Dangerous” – (A-) – A catchy riff, simple as that.
4. “Balaclava” – (A) – I can’t believe I’ve always overlooked this song. It’s awesome!
5. “Fluorescent Adolescent” – (A+) – Might just be the best they have to offer. Great ending harmonization.
6. “Only Ones Who Knew” – (B+) – It’s like you expect a huge build-up, but don’t get it. Still good, though.
7. “Do Me A Favour” – (A-) – Kickass heavy ending!
8. “This House Is A Circus” – (A) – You see the correlation yet? Loud, noisy distortion = awesome for AM.
9. “If You Were There, Beware” – (B+) – Cool rhythm, but not ultra exciting…well, the last minute or two is!
10. “The Bad Thing” – (A) – Just a good one!
11. “Old Yellow Bricks” – (A) – My favorite part is the beginning.
12. “505” – (A) – Makes sense that they usually close out sets with this one.
Final Grade: 93

Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not
1. “When The Sun Goes Down” – (A+) – An instant classic! “Said he’s a scumbag, don’t ya know!”
2. “The View From The Afternoon” – (A) – High energy goodness.
3. “I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor” – (A+) – Nothing needs to be said.
4. “Fake Tales of San Francisco” – (A) – I think it’s the bass line that makes this song!
5. “Dancing Shoes” – (A+) – Exquisite replication of tapping.
6. “You Probably Couldn’t See…” – (A) – Really really really really catchy. Features drummer vocals.
7. “Still Take You Home” – (A+) – Crisp all the way through.
8. “Riot Van” – (A) – Somebody on KLYAM’s favorite AM song. Soft, but meaningful throughout.
9. “Red Light Indicates…” – (A) – Very Humbug-esque.
10. “Mardy Bum” – (A) – Awesome.
11. “Perhaps Vampires…” – (A) – Like so many other songs.
12. “From The Ritz to the Rubble” – (A+) – I dig the spoken-word deal. Definitely one of their best.
13. “A Certain Romance” – (A+) – Great great great great way to end things.
Final Grade: 97