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What does Hamilton Leithauser say when someone calls him up for a ride?

“You’ve got a nerve to be asking a favor.You’ve got a nerve to be calling my number!”

And when the guy tells him where to pick him up….

He says, “I know,We’ve been through this before.”

When he arrives and the dude isn”t ready…

He screams, “Can’t you hear me I’m, Pounding on your door?!Can’t you see me i’m, calling out your name?!”

So now he always laments:

“I go out alone if I go out at all.”

My Favorite Singers

In no particular order after the first few.

1) Jay Reatard
2) Mark Sultan
3) Black Lips- Jared Swilley, Cole Alexander, Joe Bradley
4) John Lennon
5) Joey Ramone
6) King Khan
7) Zack De La Rocha
8) Bradford Cox
9) Kurt Cobain
10) Beat Happening- Calvin Johnson and Heather Lewis
11) Roy Orbison
12) Paul McCartney
13) Lou Reed
14) Lou Barlow
15) Freddie Mercury
16) Paul Simon
17) David Bowie
18) Seth Bogart aka “Hunx”
19) Paul Westerberg
20) Morrissey
21) Clayton McIntyre
22) Dean Allen Spunt
23) Jim Morrison
24) Roger Daltrey
25) H.R.
26) Glenn Danzig
27) Jello Biafra
28) Maynard James Keenan
29) Thom Yorke
30) Johnny Cash
31) Tammy Wynette
32) Patsy Kline
33) George Jones
34) Johnny Rotten
35) J Mascis
36) Michael Nau
37) Animal Collective- Panda Bear and Avey Tare
38) Nathan Williams
39) Bobby Vinton
40) Karen Carpenter
41) Dean and Gene Ween
42) Darryl Palumbo
43) Sonic Youth- Thurston Moore, Kim Gordan, and Lee Renaldo
44) Pixies- Black Francis and Kim Deal
45) Ian Mackaye
46) Steve Albini
47) David Byrne
48) Ronettes
49) Supremes
50) Beach Boys- Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Mike Love
51) Tom Gabel
52) Conor Oberst
53) Win Butler
54) Bob Marley
55) Leonard Cohen
56) Elvis Presley
57) Daniel Johnston
58) Perry Farrell
59) Elliott Smith- can’t believe I haven’t mentioned him yet!
60) Nick Cave
61) Frank Zappa
62) The Nightwatchman (Tom Morello)
63) Alex Turner
64) Shane MacGowan
65) Chino Moreno
66) Jesus and Mary Chain- Jim and William Reid
67) Meat Puppets- Cris and Kurt Kirkwood
68) Christopher Owens
69) Kip Berman
70) Milo Aukerman

I’m probably forgetting many others….

Honorary Klaymers

1) Black Lips

2) Jay Reatard

3) King Khan

4) Mark Sultan

5) No Age

6) Box Elders

7) Hunx and His Punx

8) Walkmen (for Glen)

9) Animal Collective

10) Bradford Cox

11) Harlem

12) Nobunny

13) Girls

14) Pains of Being Pure At Heart

15) Almigthy Defenders

16) Wavves

We feature many artists here, some far more than others, but these very few guys hold the highly prestigious title of “honorary klaymers,” even if they don’t know it.