Honorary Klaymers

1) Black Lips

2) Jay Reatard

3) King Khan

4) Mark Sultan

5) No Age

6) Box Elders

7) Hunx and His Punx

8) Walkmen (for Glen)

9) Animal Collective

10) Bradford Cox

11) Harlem

12) Nobunny

13) Girls

14) Pains of Being Pure At Heart

15) Almigthy Defenders

16) Wavves

We feature many artists here, some far more than others, but these very few guys hold the highly prestigious title of “honorary klaymers,” even if they don’t know it.


9 thoughts on “Honorary Klaymers”

  1. “The following and all related groups”, including people in bands with those people? Bloodshot Bill must be one then. Take the first four on your list, there are links between all of them. Who was it who mastered The Sultanic Verses? The other three are linked formally through number 15 on the list.

  2. That’s false actually, I’m going to erase that because I wrote that before I fully knew who I would put down. And Jay mastered Sultanic Verses I believe. Perhaps Bloodshot Bill should be on the list, but idk if we directly feature him enough. Probably we do, but I’m not a huge fan of him like I am of the others. Maybe Glen is? Idk, I like his material, but I really fucking love the others on the list pretty much, so even if BB is featured frequently idk if he is an honorary klaymer.

  3. I must admit I don’t much like Bloodshot Bill myself. I don’t like seeing him around. There are people around those people on the list and they’re not that good. There is this band that opened for Jay Reatard here that had people there who knew him and in many ways it was the opposite of that, it was anti-catchy, the only way the music seemed to change was with the bass line and it was boring to me when I heard it. This is why I was surprised that they liked Jay Reatard, I figured they didn’t believe in music that was too catchy and pop-like. There is that kind of snobbery out there.

  4. Expect King Khan’s new record to be pop songs. It’s due shortly. He at least isn’t a snob about such things.

  5. It is not a solo record. It is a new project. There’s a MySpace for it. If you read the recent MTV Iggy interview you’d see he mentions it. The Spaceshits drummer is in it. He calls it punk and it’s a bit true but some of the songs sound like pop songs to me.

  6. I will quote the interview to provide the relevant passage.

    Q – You play soul/jazz/big band stuff with the Shrines and explore a more punk/garage side with the BBQ. Is there any other style/genre you’d like to tackle that doesn’t have an outlet yet?

    A – In the past two years, I have recorded a gospel record with the Almighty Defenders, a new full length “Bollywood Rock N Roll” album in my new band with Bloodshot Bill called Tandoori Knights. A super destructo punk album with some old school friends in Montreal called VOMIT SQUAD. I am currently working on a soft piano album kinda influenced by Eric Satie. I am basically living proof that ADD can be GREAT! A mind is a wonderful thing to baste.

  7. The VOMIT SQUAD 12″ EP “Amon Ra Bless America” is OUT NOW on Psychic Handshake Recordings (label outta Montreal). The band features King Khan, Danny Marks (drummer for The Spaceshits / CPC Gangbangs), Choyce (Red Mass / Sexareenos / CPC Gangbangs) and their high school buddy Rich Ritalin on lead vocals. 1000 copies on puke colored wax. Record has six songs, all really weird Killed By Death-inspired songs about terrorists plots, religion and American foreign policy, sung and written by a guy with Asperger syndrome.

    Trust me on this, you WON’T be disappointed. It is true punk. Not punk for those who spell “punks” with an x, but those who truly do get it like these guys always have.


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