Lowell mASSachusetts FUZZ MEISTERS/ORGAN DONORS SINBUSTERS have a musical long piece out. It is called Second Coming. It was recorded at the ole stomping grounds of Micky Ward’s nephew…The DIRTY DOUGLAS. The famed. These songs that you are about to entrust your ears upon are chaotic.


No Age – “Everything in Between”

No Age. Yo. New Album. Drops September 28 For Sure. Fun Titles. Check ‘Em:

01 Life Prowler
02 Glitter
03 Fever Dreaming
04 Depletion
05 Common Heat
06 Skinned
07 Katerpillar
08 Valley Hump Crash
09 Sorts
10 Dusted
11 Positive Amputation
12 Shred and Transcend
13 Chem Trails

Walkmen’s Sixth Album Titled “Lisbon”

The Walkmen’s sixth studio album now has a name: Lisbon. Although the band has showcased at least sixteen new songs live and recorded twenty-nine in studio, Lisbon will only have eleven when it drops on September 14.

Click HERE to download a live recording of “Lisbon,” presumably the title track on the record. It’s of a pretty bad quality, but if you are really eager to hear something new then listen!

No Radiohead EP…Just “These Are…”

No four track EP. But the leak that was “These Are My Twisted Words” is available from Radiohead’s w.a.s.t.e merchandise shop as a free download.

Click here to download:

Included in the download is the song, artwork, a .pdf about the artwork, and a little document about the song.

No Age “Losing Feeling” Stream

No Age, via Facebook, just announced….

“You can listen to our new EP, Losing Feeling for free and pre-order the 12” here:

Edit: It works!

1. “Losing Feeling” – Polished Weirdo Rippers era sounding; electronics heavy; extremely catchy.
2. “Genie” – Shitgazey; vocals heavy; noise pop
3. “Aim at the Airport” – Animal Collective-y opening; top quality instrumental
4. “You’re A Target” – A winner…very Nouns-y…one of the group’s best tracks of all time

Grade: 9.8