CD Review: Fantastic Explanations (and Similar Situations) [2010]

Band: Cheap Time
Release: 2010
In The Red

1. “When Tomorrow Comes” – B
2. “Everyone Knows” – A-
3. “I’d Rather Be Alone” – B
4. “Throwing It All Away” – C+
5. “Down the Tube” – B+
6. “Showboat” – C-
7. “Miss Apparent” – C+
8. “June Child” – C-
9. “Woodland Drive” – A-
10. “Lazy Days” – B
11. “Approximately Nowhere” – B
12. “Waiting Too Long” – C+

Comments: Young Jeffrey Novak had a ball on Cheap Time, the self-titled debut release of…Cheap Time! He and his boys created a pretty solid record of garage pop slingers that I thoroughly enjoyed. At his songwriting peak, he is just as awesome as former label-mates Black Lips and Jay Reatard. It’s unfortunately that really none of that great songwriting can be found on this record. Fantastic Explanations is a relaxed vacation on a island where everything is not all about speed. This approach isn’t as winning as I had hoped, but there is a decent moment or two to be listened to on here. Take the lazy “Everyone Knows,” which is simply a disgusted Jeffrey rambling over a hooky garage/grunge riff. The Ramones-esque “Woodland Drive” is a nice listen as well. Besides those songs there aren’t a whole lot of goodies.

Grade: B- (81)

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