Arctic Monkeys H & E

Hopes: I hope they open with hey hey, we’re the Monkees… oh wait, wrong Monkeys lol. I hope the British boys play all of my favorite tracks of course, most of which appear on Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I Am Not. My favorite AM number is “Riot Van,” so I strongly wish they perform this, even though it is highly unlikely. “Teddy Picker,” “Secret Door,” and “Cornerstone,” would be more than nice as well. Lastly, I want this to be one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen, over an hour of rockin rolling, and placed in my top 10.

: I expect that they will play “The View From the Afternoon,” “I Bet You Look Good On the Dance Floor,” and maybe one other off Whatever… I anticipate that they will play “Fluorescent Adolescent” and a few other tracks from Favourite Worst Nightmare. Most of the songs will come from their latest release, Humbug/. They will play for about an hour and it will be a great show in my top 15.



Set List From Friday Night @ Terminal 5 In NY!
1. The Jeweller’s Hands – Humbug
2. Brianstorm – FWN
3. This House is A Circus – FWN
4. Still Take You Home – FWN
5. Potion Approaching – Humbug
6. Red Right Hand (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds cover)
7. My Propeller – Humbug
8. Crying Lightning – Humbug
9. Sketchead – Humbug B-Side
10. I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor – WPS
11. The View From The Afternoon – WPS
12. Cornerstone – Humbug
13. If You Were There, Beware – FWN
14. Pretty Visitors – Humbug
15. Do Me a Favour – FWN
16. Fluorescent Adolescent / Last Christmas – FWN
17. Secret Door – Humbug
18. 505 – FWN

$35 Helders doesn’t sing “Last Christmas” tommorow night. Good shit, Alex!

3 Days Until Arctic Monkeys

Notice how drummer Matt Helders looks like Chris' brother Justin

Here are two classic reviews of, coincidentally, Arctic Monkeys’ first two albums:

Favourite Worst Nightmare
1. “Brianstorm” – (A) – Heavy rocker in all aspects, most noticeably drums and lead guitar.
2. “Teddy Picker” – (B) – Alex’s great voice kind of gets lost in distortion.
3. “D Is For Dangerous” – (A-) – A catchy riff, simple as that.
4. “Balaclava” – (A) – I can’t believe I’ve always overlooked this song. It’s awesome!
5. “Fluorescent Adolescent” – (A+) – Might just be the best they have to offer. Great ending harmonization.
6. “Only Ones Who Knew” – (B+) – It’s like you expect a huge build-up, but don’t get it. Still good, though.
7. “Do Me A Favour” – (A-) – Kickass heavy ending!
8. “This House Is A Circus” – (A) – You see the correlation yet? Loud, noisy distortion = awesome for AM.
9. “If You Were There, Beware” – (B+) – Cool rhythm, but not ultra exciting…well, the last minute or two is!
10. “The Bad Thing” – (A) – Just a good one!
11. “Old Yellow Bricks” – (A) – My favorite part is the beginning.
12. “505” – (A) – Makes sense that they usually close out sets with this one.
Final Grade: 93

Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not
1. “When The Sun Goes Down” – (A+) – An instant classic! “Said he’s a scumbag, don’t ya know!”
2. “The View From The Afternoon” – (A) – High energy goodness.
3. “I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor” – (A+) – Nothing needs to be said.
4. “Fake Tales of San Francisco” – (A) – I think it’s the bass line that makes this song!
5. “Dancing Shoes” – (A+) – Exquisite replication of tapping.
6. “You Probably Couldn’t See…” – (A) – Really really really really catchy. Features drummer vocals.
7. “Still Take You Home” – (A+) – Crisp all the way through.
8. “Riot Van” – (A) – Somebody on KLYAM’s favorite AM song. Soft, but meaningful throughout.
9. “Red Light Indicates…” – (A) – Very Humbug-esque.
10. “Mardy Bum” – (A) – Awesome.
11. “Perhaps Vampires…” – (A) – Like so many other songs.
12. “From The Ritz to the Rubble” – (A+) – I dig the spoken-word deal. Definitely one of their best.
13. “A Certain Romance” – (A+) – Great great great great way to end things.
Final Grade: 97

Arctic Monkeys @ HoB

I dig if tickets aren’t sold out. The date is December 13 and that’s a Sunday night. If I do manage to get a ticket, I know that I’ll do all that I can do to get there earlier than last time when I saw Animal Collective from the way back, but by the grace of God (and a few pushy-shove people) I managed to get really close to the front. I don’t think that will happen at an Arctic Monkeys show.

CD Review: Humbug

Band: Arctic Monkeys
Label: Domino
Release: 2009

1. “My Propeller” – 9.8
2. “Crying Lightning” – 9.8
3. “Dangerous Animals” – 9.9
4. “Secret Door” – 9.8
5. “Potion Approaching” – 9.6
6. “Fire and the Thud” – 9.4
7. “Cornerstone” – 9.7
8. “Dance Little Liar” – 9.8
9. “Pretty Visitors” – 9.7
10. “The Jeweller’s Hands” – 9.2

Comments: Spin almost hits the bulls-eye in a phrase of its review: “accomplished, but not particularly infectious.” Those last three words are pretty damn crucial. Just think about the first two Arctic Monkeys albums. Whatever People Say I Am excellent from top to bottom. Favourite Worst Nightmare picked up right where Whatever… left off and is packed with some of the best tunes of this decade. Humbug isn’t as instantly infectious. The first two tracks are darker and heavier, but just as noteworthy as what can be considered this band’s best. There are also some lighter, lyrics-focused songs that exemplify Alex Turner’s exquisite song-writing like “Secret Door” and “Cornerstone.” Definitely to me this is one of the best albums of the year. I’m embracing the new direction band has taken, if you want to call it that.

Grade: 9.7

Concert Review: Arctic Monkeys (Paradise)

Date: August 5, 2009
Venue: Paradise Rock Club (Boston)

2:30 PM, August 5. eBay. 2:35 PM. Free Arctic Monkeys tickets. It’s funny how things work. You know, going from about to spend $100 for a pair of tickets to spending absolutely nothing. Lucky me I won two tickets through a Boston Music Spotlight giveaway that I learned about on Tuesday.

Modey Lemon
Unfortunately, unlike normal, I was not able to do much research on this band before hand. I was really impressed by their hard rock/garage ways during their 45 minute set. Their last song (no clue on its name) featured a lengthy guitar solo/jam that was perhaps the best of its kind that I’ve seen live.

Arctic Monkeys
Great! They started off with “Pretty Visitors” and “This House is a Circus,” both of which I haven’t heard much of. But the crowd immediately connected with Alex Turner and crew. “Brianstorm” really got every one going, myself included, as it was a flawless performance of an amazing track. The next noteworthy track in my opinion was a new one off Humbug, “Dangerous Animals,” that has Turner spelling out a catchy D-A-N-G-E-R-O-U-S. The group ended up playing four more spectacular songs off the new record: “Crying Lightning,” “My Propeller,” “Cornerstone,” and “Secret Door,” the first song during the encore. The best song of the night I thought was “Fluorescent Adolescent.” I’ve been a very big fan of this one for over two years primarily because of its heavy, post-punk flare and its great lyrics. The Arctic Monkeys added a light light part right in the middle of the song that was essentially a perfect fit. I was awe-stricken by the end of the song. “The View from the Afternoon” was another highlight! “I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor” obviously received the best crowd reception. That’s in large part because it’s better live than on record. “If You Were There, Beware” got the people around me to sing along and rock out. After that they played a “Red Right Hand,” a Nick Cave cover. I never heard the original, but this one sounded naturally fit to be an Arctic Monkeys tune. Turner’s ultra-British voice really came through on “Only Ones Who Know,”  sounding quite like the man himself Pete Doherty. The set ended with the fitting “Do Yourself A Favor.” The men came back on stage a few minutes later after constant applause. Turner humored us by saying that he had his car key in the ignition, but just couldn’t leave. He seemed naturally interested in performing for “Bous–tin.” “Secret Door” with its warm and fuzzy opening segued into pounding drums and sweet guitar licks. The infectious “505” finished their 1 hour and 20 minute set off.

Conclusion: This concert will go down in my life’s history as the best free show of all time. Even if I did shell out $50 bucks a ticket, I still would have been just as pleased. It will also be placed amongst the best sounding and best performed shows I’ve seen. Unfortunately since I arrived a little late I had to settle for a side view instead of front and center, but that’s just what happens and you gotta deal! Overall, I give it a A/A+ rating.

“Crying Lightning”