This Day In KLYAM (July 12)

2019: Night Two of Rama Lama Ding Dong/KLYAM 10th Anniversary. 9 PM at Dorchester Art Project! All Ages.

2014: Saralee, Ian, Cool Memories, Ryan Power, Cloud Becomes Your Hand – Cambridge Elks Lodge

2013: The New Highway Hymnal (Tour Kick Off), Atlantic Thrills, Creaturos, First Creature – O’Brien’s Pub

This Day In KLYAM (July 11)

2019: Night One of Rama Lama Ding Dong/KLYAM 10th Anniversary. 10 PM at Lilypad! All Ages. $12-15 Suggested Donation. Featuring Juan Wauters (NY), The American Whip Appeal and The Glue Supergroup, and Boston Cream. See you there!

2015: Ursula, Sour Spirit, Funeral Cone, Trophy Knife (solo), Pucker Up – Grandma’s House, Wakes, Sports Coach – Theives Grotto

2014: Robot Death Kites, Charlie, Narrator, Amadels, Underwater Bear Ballet – Neverland

This Day In KLYAM (July 10)

2016: Birthing Hips, Palberta, Tiffany’s House, Blood Club – The Banana Hammock

2015:  Mr. Airplane Man, The Monsieurs, Party Pigs – Cuisine En Locale

2007: Psychedelic Furs, The Fixx, The Alarm – Avalon

This show predates KLYAM proper, but is very significant. Why? Please read a poem Chris made (presumably for school!):

My First Concert with Glen
We stood in the Front Row
Waiting through Two
Clichéd British Acts
The Alarm
The Fixx
Before the Furs hit the stage
We were the Only ones
Under 45
It seemed
Numerous Drunkards Surrounded us
Slurring Along to the Songs
The Band were an aging, forgotten act
From the 80s, but
Their Energy and Showmanship
Shined Through
Glen even High Fived
Singer, Richard Butler
The Evening Foreshadowed
Many More, Great Concerts to Come

Interviews with KLYAM ahead of Rama Lama Ding Dong

Boston Groupie News and Boston Hassle recently chatted with us about our 10 year anniversary celebration Rama Lama Ding Dong. Click the links to check out the interviews and a 3 night pass to all three shows. The festival is happening this Thursday (Lilypad), Friday (Dorchester Art Project), and Saturday (Cambridge Elks Lodge). If you go for an advance ticket you’ll receive any KLYAM release of your choice!

This Day In KLYAM (July 8)

2017: Haag, Don Gero, Rust Promoter, Nice Guys – Black Lodge; Salty Greyhound, Looms, Dust From 1,000 Years, Tony Bullets – The Spice Palace

2016: Hallelujah the Hills “Vinyl Full Length + EP7” w/ The Barbazons, Thalia Zedek, Black Beach – The Sinclair

This Day In KLYAM (July 4)

This day will always be a part of KLYAM mythology – the fourth of July 2015. Chris was not present (as he explains in the video below). Johnnie and the Foodmasters first show. We rock, we rolled. It was wild debauchery, very sloppy. The cops were called on us; the show had to be moved inside. But mainly? Fun. A lot of fun. And we’re still out there getting at it.

2015: 1st Annual Lower Allston Rock ‘n’ Roll Speedtrials featuring Nice Guys, Miami Doritos, Dinoczar, Black Beach, Charlie, Drug Dogs, Grave Ideas, Johnnie and the Foodmasters, Axe Horder