This Day In KLYAM (November 7)

2015: Boston Hassle Fest Night 3 – Brighton Music Hall featuring Dan Melchior, Flipper, Guerrilla Toss, Obnox, Ono, Palberta, Pvre Matrix, Serengeti, Terrence Dixon, The Channels, The Lesser Knowns; The Barbazons, Earthquake Party, Jim Leonard, The Double Buscemis – Theives Grotto

2014: Hasslefest 6

What G. Gordon Gritty Is Listening To – A Lot

Who cares what anyone is listening to? Right??? Full disclosure: anytime you click on any of these songs (on any form of media) I will earn a commission.

Parsnip – “Too Late” – I’ve gone back and forth on what my favorite song is from When The Tree Bears Fruit, the recently released debut LP from Melbourne’s Parsnip. Band of the year, maybe. Gonerfest alumni. I think I like it so much because it has Fat Creepsian ‘Aaahhhh-aahhhhhhh’ parts and then that really killer “I might sammy out of here…” section that is so so addictive. Repeat repeat repeat

Knaughty Knights – “Get Well In Jail” – From the Gonerfest 2 soundtrack. That’s Jack Oblivian singing, right? Clocks in at one minute. Don’t sit down and dissect, just reach for the repeat. Need to kill 10 minutes? 10 “Get Well In Jail”s

Icky Boyfriends – “Pigs” – Okay so the full report is coming soon on how the Nervous Guys show went. Icky Boyfriends, best band. 18 seconds long is “Pigs”. Has my attention span really gone to shit? Maybe.

Paris Hilton – “I Want You” – I’ve been proud to sing Paris Hilton at karaoke at every opportunity. This is a deeper cut aka not ‘Stars are blind’ from her excellent album Paris. The production is insanely thick and juicy and immediate and this sure beats most any Mainstream material from the past 10 or so years (when I stopped following along).

Giorgio Murderer – “Computer Simulation” – Shoutout to Hugo in Montreal, first and foremost. On the subject of cover bands, has anyone tried Giorgio? Too sacred? A band or guy that makes you want to quit making your own music.

The Hussy“Have To Hide” – We all know The Hussy is hook after hook. Been like that for a decade and that’s not stopping. This cut from their recently released banger Looming is filled with brilliance by working in a number of styles – all in a hair over 2 minutes.

This Day In KLYAM (November 5)

2018: Shannon and the Clams, Dirty Fences, The Monsieurs – The Sinclair

2015: Boston Hassle Fest Night 1 – Cambridge Elks Lodge (6-11PM) & Out of the Blue Too (11-1AM) featuring Black Beach, Downtown Boys, Free Pizza, Home Blitz, JOSS, Listening Woman, (New) England Patriots, PC Worship, Urochromes, World Cup, Whip Appeal

This Day In KLYAM (November 4)

2017: A Mouth is a Mouth Noise Fest Part IV: Johnnie and the Foodmasters, James Coarse reading from “American Light Beer,” Poacher, Chill City Icon, G. Gordon Gritty, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> – The ratsnest

2016: Nice Guys, Black Beach, Mad Doctors, Rye Pines – Black Lodge

2014: Nice Guys, Zip-Tie Handcuffs (Release Show), Midriffs – Middlesex Lounge

2012: Grass Widow, Fat Creeps, Creaturos- Great Scott [REVIEW]