ELECTRIC STREET QUEENS – HIGH energy rock ‘n roll mayhem – first show since 2020!!!!!!!

BAYLIES BAND (NEW BEDFORD) – 9 PIECE dance punk outfit, celebrating 28 YEARS

G. GORDON GRITTY – Experimental pop meets weird punk, 10 yr anniversary

DEATH SNAIL – Furry frat Allston allstar nu wave/ post pop punk trio



So you had a ball last night at our first DJ night over at the best bar around – State Park in Kendall Square? Same. It’s long been an institution, but the People Playing Records series is knocking it out of the Park as an opportunity for amateur music enthusiasts & disc jockeys to spin their heart out. We’re grateful to be a part of the mix! Speaking of which the crowd is quite the eclectic mix of students, tech millionaires, punks, pool sharks, loan sharks, friends, and first dates. The staff is friendly AF. Shout out to them.

Here are the songs/sets that we played:

Glen: Lee Hazlewood – Califa (Stone Rider), T. Rex – The Slider, Ananda Shankur – Jumpin Jack Flash, The Tail Gators – Rock ‘n’ Roll Till the Cows Come Home, Danyel Gerard – Sexology, The Hawaiian Singers – Bali High

Chris: The Earls – Remember Then, The Mighty Hannibal – Love is Funny, The Lids Something to Do, The Mummies – (You Must Fight to Live) On the Planet of the Apes/White Caps Part I

Glen: The Barbaras – Summertime Road, Giorgio Murderer – Beat Up the West Coast, Swell Maps – International Rescue, Swingers Resort – Hit List, The King Khan & BBQ Show – Zombies, Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin – I Wear Black

Chris: The Phantom – Love Me, The Novas – The Crusher/Take 7, The Triumphs – Surfside Date/Susie in My History Class, Pleasure Seekers – What a Way to Die

Glen: Paris Hilton – I Want You, Tracey Trance 10th & Stone Lane, Beat Happening – Noise, The Beets – Broken English, Saralee – Lead the Fire, Thee Oh Sees – I Was Denied

Chris: The Cavemen – Nightmare/Over You, The Donnas – Let’s Go Mano/Last Chance Dance, The Reatards – I Lie Too/She Don’t Know

Glen: The Savages – Born to Be Wild, Bound & Gagged – Black Sand, The Hawaiian Singers – The Hawaiian Wedding Song, Swell Maps – Hey Johnny, Where’s the Chewing Gum?  T. Rex – Spaceball Ricochet, Tracey Trance – Feelin’ the Sun

Chris: Dion – I Wonder Why, The Dreamers – Because of You, The Students – Everyday of the Week, The Velvets – Tonight (Could Be the Night), Trampoline Team – Kill You On the Streetcar/False Fiend, The Wongs – Get Away/Let’s Go to Outerspace (Baby)

Glen: The Tail Gators – Cajun Honey, The Barbaras – Topsy Turvey Magic, Giorgio Murderer – I Ain’t Doing So Hot, The King Khan & BBQ Show – I’ll Never Belong, Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin – Ramona, The Beets – For You

Chris: Beat Happening – Red Head Walking, Adam Green – Friends of Mine, Atlas Sound – I’ll Be Your Mirror, Best Coast – Sun Was High (So Was I), Cyrpress Hill – Insane in the Brian

Glen: Paris Hilton – Stars Are Blind, Thee Oh Sees – Warm Slime, Mohammed Rafi – Jaan Pehechaan Ho, Saralee – Jackolantern House, Saralee – Bugs in My Coffee, Charlotte Leslie – Les Filles C’est Fait

Chris: Marie Marie – Do You Do You Brush Your Teeth? Mickey Bliss – Cocktails for Two, Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time, Generation X – Dancin’ With Myself, Nots – Virgin Mary, Anemic Boyfriends – Fake ID, Icky Boyfriends – Frank’s Mom/Muffin, Euromilliard – Indolore, The Kingsmen – Louie Louie, From – Chase Me Up a Rhubarb Tree,  Fire Heads – Sleep At Night/Hardly There, Mudhoney – Sweet Young Than Ain’t Sweet No More, Bukkake Boys – Elite/Self Interest/Invisible Boundaries/Female Dog, -1 –  Hate is a Faucet/You Lack Direction/We Guilt This City/Policin the Scene/Social Justice/Negative One, Smith Westerns – Irukanji/Crabman, The Jades/Lou Reed – So Blue/Leave Her for Me, John Trubee – A Blind Man’s Penis, Connie Lingus – Fuck Me Forever, The Teddy Bears – To Know Him, Is to Love Him, The Elegants – Little Star, The Cryin’ Shames – Please Stay


Our favorites from Montreal, Canada – The Submissives – have a new album out!

An unmistakable force to be reckoned with – there is no other band like them! Except maybe Gash Rat, a related band. Check out all their stuff too ~~~~

All Amateur Aspiring bands – this is must listening

Bruit Direct Disques out of France has released the LP:

// Catching Up With Bradford of Denizen Records, Furry Frat, and A Shit Ton of Bands \\

I wanted to get to the bottom of the cult of Denizen Records – reading their website , perusing a lengthy Bandcamp discography, and shows at the Furry Frat (and elsewhere). Brad was nice enough to answer some questions from the bathroom of his workplace. Thanks buddy.

Q1. Thanks for the interview DENIZEN RECORDS. I’m going to link to your website, which is amazing in its early internet glory. A BRUTALIST website in 2022.  So from flipping around on there I’ve gathered that DENIZEN RECORDS started in the North Shore (Massachusetts?) in 2016, maybe as a high school collective of music nerds? Is that on point? Relatedly, there are tons of bands / projects / whatever on DENIZEN RECORDS. There’s a lot of information and a lot of music. Currently or even historically, was/is there a core group of you that are in all of these bands and would you like to identify yourself? 

Glenn. Thanks again for the interview , it is an honor to be the ee of an esteemed publication such as this and sorry again for the delay. First off you’ve got us all figured out throughout all these questions. My friend Sean Burke started denizen back then and it had a major internet success (punk against trump) along with releases from some high school related bands. After that I kind of usurped it (evil tyrant style) and the breadth of dzn015 and onwards are derived from torments near and dear to me and my friends

Q2. Just to dwell on the past for a little bit – what was the dynamic or impetus for starting all of these bands and releasing music? Any ‘influences’ in the game of high volume releases? Or with having a sense of humour about it all. Some might call it ‘A Joke’. Now that I think of it I may have stumbled across y’all years back when I used to browse Bandcamp for new music. I always thought – “shit, this is a lot to digest.” I wondered who was behind it. 

It’s great you found it all those years back.

One thing I’ll say for denizen is random people have a knack for coming across it  . It’s definitely one of those things where 5 people in the world would die for the cause but all

The 14 year olds on tik tok are gonna be in the darkness . There’s been many instances of people reaching out to us from various circles of hell . Beggars can’t be choosers !Your other question – a  joke me and Gavin have after writing a song is asking each other , “what part of my brain wrote this? ” I.e. Is this kitty fuckers or death snail or what . Lol 

Q3. Let’s fast forward to 2022. In addition to being a label, you’ve got some shows planned for this winter/spring. At some hot legit venues like O’Briens, Charlies Kitchen, sure. But also FURRY FRAT. Is it safe to say that the non-traditional venue known as FURRY FRAT is home base or HQ for Denizen Records? Can you give a little history of this lovely spot? I hadn’t heard of it until I was blessed to come and fill in for Matt in DBC (Dirty Babies Club) on a whim at the Fuzzstival afterparty. It seemed to be a mix of partychasing young adults and aged/seasoned show-goers. Classic. 

What a classic night. The furry frat is the bane of my existence but it’s the only thing saving rock and roll from the tik tok teens and the yuppy scum buying up venues everywhere with their Berklee parents money . I’ve lived in Boston my whole life and it’ll be sad to see all the real music fade away to be replaced by aforementioned yuppy scum , but they gotta put a new tatte somewhere I guess . And who’s gonna write the soundtrack . 

Q4. Also a more modern question. Indulge me a bit in your own words of the DENIZEN/associated bands that are or will be actively playing out in this post-pandemic environment. KITTY FUCKERS and DEATH SNAIL – I’m seeing these pop up from Denizen. But also seems like you have a kinship with THE CALENDARS/DEW MYRON, and maybe some of the ole TRIXIES PALACE gang. I’m just an outsider, so please enlighten me on these connections. 

If you like Death snail , you’ll love death snail live . I’m excited for kitty cause that’s also Gavin’s songs and he’s the one making marionettes of us all . Dewey is the best song writer I’ve ever met and together we make tres amigos I guess . I miss the dbc and trixy days . But rumor has it we’ll play a couple reunion shows. You know Neil said better to burn out than to fade away  

Q5. Oh yes – are you just releasing stuff digitally or have there been tapes / records / mini discs / other arcane formats? Wouldn’t put that kind of stuff past you. 

Death snail was originally all tape only , there’s over a hundred songs on those tapes which are my favorite things I’ve ever made . I think they’re all gone but I  have the masters if on the off chance anyone ever wanted to print more 

Q6. This is a guest question submitted by all the shitty music blogs. What do you make of the Boston underground music scene? It seems like there’s a bevy of basements actively putting on shows. Is it like a family or little isolated nooks? Is it better than the North Shore Music Scene (TM-trademark)? I’m from the North Shore and there seems to be a solid tradition of Pop Punk and Emo Screamo, dating back to at least the 90s or 2000s. Surely that’s growing up in Boston. Imagine growing up in Memphis with Goner Records and The Barbaras?  Would I be off in saying that you may have been a part of that pop punker tradition, but evolved to a broader landscape of experimentalism/weirder shit? I appreciate everyone’s journey. 

When I was In high school my first band was a north shore pop punk thing. It was the best band I’ve ever been in cause it was high school and all we cared about was punk and girls , both of which very far out of our reach  . Now we’re all so jaded but I try to be as pure as I was back then . The scene now as I’ve mentioned sucks , every house you gotta submit an application to Berklee and fill out 3 Google docs to get a presale. thats the only thing keeping the  furry frat going though I’m getting too old for this shit . sorry if this sounds more deranged than usual I’m typing really fast in the bathroom of work! 

Thanks again Glenn 

Yours , Bradford 






// Catching Up W/ Alex Walton (Youth Against Satan), Playing Furry Frat 3/18 \\


q1 – YOUTH AGAINST SATAN , thank you for this. Please introduce yourself(s) however you wish – is this an individual or a collective effort? According to some slight research, it appears that 2017 was the starting point with Hands Highway. Is that right on or was there stuff before then associated with YOUTH AGAINST SATAN. 

My name is Alex Walton, and I started Youth Against Satan in 2018 as an impromptu “record label” in order to create an overarching collection for the various musical projects I had done up to that point, namely Hands Highway, Semper Games, GSB, and under my own name. As time progressed, I started releasing music by my friends through it.

q2. Relatedly to the above – sorry if it’s come up a bit before in past interviews and media spells – South By South Wests and things – but the name YAS stands out. If you are at liberty to talk more on that. But if not, I was, too, wondering if Boston has always been homebase, if it is currently? 

We are called Youth Against Satan because we are vehemently against Satan, Lucifer, the Dark Lord, forces of hate, evil, nihilism, unTruth, and as such, we try to create love, good, purpose, striving towards the Truth In All Things. There’s so much shit out there that wants you to kill yourself, and we want to work against that. This doesn’t mean to be saccharine and gleeful at all times, I think you know what I mean. Redeeming, not deprecating. A song can save a life.

I started YAS in Boston, yes. Where it will go, if it goes anywhere, I am not sure. I’ve never been so good at predictions.

q3. Amazing music by the way. Noise pop, Proto or Post punk, surf, a little garage spirit that’s right up our alley so I’m inclined to think we’ve been missing the boat on your stuff – Group Sounds, Alex Walton, etc, etc – ; pre-pandemic were you playing shows in Boston / touring? Feel definitely free to give a run down/description or timeline of YAS associated bands. 

All of us have not played as nearly as many shows, pre- or post- killer virus, as we would have liked to, this city is rough for booking and short for venues. There were a small handful of GSB performances before and a handful after, but GSB has run its course and has been dismantled for the time being. AWSMASB (alex walton shame music all star band) has been getting a decent amount of shows, but people in this city need to wake up and book our other artists like Vim and Grilltones. We have had a lot more success booking and playing shows in New York with our friends John Variety and Matt Danger Lippmann (who incidentally just played a fantastic show here last week with Winkler), but it’s still rough out here.

q3a. Have YAS releases all been digital or any tapes, vinyl, other mediums at play? Any upcoming releases?

All digital file transfers as of yet, but there are plans for vinyl, CDs, a Group Sounds Band movie, a Youth Against Satan restaurant, Vim Jordan 4s, Jaden Cruz McDonald’s Signature meal, a SHAME MUSIC video game, Michael Grill AR-15, etc etc. whenever we may be given enough money to make it happen.

I am in the midst of producing a secret Jaden Cruz project, as well as a new Alex Walton ep/album/something with some remixes and special guests which should release sometime this spring. Lots of music videos.

q4. Alex Walton Band is playing at Furry Frat Friday March 18th – anything we can or cannot expect? Based on some bandcamp listens I so much feel the basement energy and getting in that spirit. Any preference of these underground gigs to their aboveboard counterparts? 

Expect a lonesome desert town in a pink glow. Expect an overabundance. Expect to find the love of your life. Expect seeing someone on stage fully invested in Quixotic ideals of pop music as art. Come with mirth in your heart and wish for nothing, you’ll find what you really want. 

The places themselves do not matter as much as how they sound. Most “venues” in Boston have not ideal sound people working much less than ideal PAs and try to run your entire band through a couple of shit monitors. I prefer all the elements to speak for themselves in an intimate space. I like playing at bars that give me drink tickets.

q5. Want to shout out what I see as a love of Alan Vega, Devo — is there a general kinship of protopunk & stuff of the like? And other modern musical favorites or even older, obscurer, whatever, things like that you feel aligned with on some level? 

Proto, post, whatever, the goal of pop music is transcendental Truth, and these descriptors mean nothing except division and abstraction away from this goal. We all want the same thing at the end of the day, to make someone somewhere at some time listen and feel and understand and be understood. I appreciate those who can create deep immediate significance from the most primal and obvious, and I don’t have much patience for “complex” and erudite music that loses what makes this all work. 

I am aligned with Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Chico Marx, Zeppo Marx (in that order), Arthur Rimbaud, Candy Darling, Egon Schiele, my bandmates Brendan and Jaden, everyone on YAS (especially Vim), Winkler,, Liam and Jori from Comet Pond, the Modern Warfare 3 ads with Eminem, John V Variety, Lou Reed, Matthew Danger Lippmann, Takashi Mizutani, Patrick Gray, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Adrian Borland, and all other truth-telling liars and previous incarnations of myself. 

Duty Now For The Future,

Alex Walton

KLYAM’s Rama Lama Ding Dong Returns – Sat Nov 13 @ O’Briens

Our annual Rama Lama Ding Dong festival is less than two weeks away – mark your calendars for Saturday, November 13 at O’Briens Pub in Allston.

The 2021 edition is a spectrum of pop and punk but surely not pop punk.

We’ve got RLDD 2019 favorites/late ’70s punk legends Unnatural Axe back again. Mr. B called them “the most important punk band Boston will ever call its own”.

Silver Synthetic are on tour from New Orleans! We saw them outdoors at Gonerfest so surely it will be wild to see the Third Man Records supergroup bring their warm & breezy sound to the cozy pub atmosphere of O’Briens.

The Swettes played our Holiday Party in December 2019 and surely won the hearts of the Dorchester Art Project faithful with their minimalist, adventurous, and immediate brand of rock ‘n roll. They met at Girls Rock Camp just a few years ago.

We’re excited to at long last do a show with Kathy Snax! Kathy just released a 7″ (Changeling b/w On A Winter Day) on Relief Map Records. The eerie/haunting vibe is real, but it’s the catchiness/pop of Kathy’s music that makes it feel not of this time/of this place.

Johnnie and the Foodmasters have played all of the RLDD and the streak continues. Musicality meets chaos in the context of the golden oldies.

This will sell out! Get your tickets ahead of time:

Catching Up With M R from Picniclunch & Eric Baylies Before 4752 Fest

4752 Fest is almost here! We can’t sing its praises enough over at KLYAM. In case you missed it: Saturday afternoon/evening (OCTOBER 23) in Downtown New Bedford – 13 bands of various persuasions will play at 6 different (mostly nontraditional) venues starting at 2:30 PM. Experimental and DIY meets the small business entrepreneurial spirit. There isn’t anything like it in New England – or even the United States. Maybe? Maybe this will be the start to people from all over the world coming through to the hidden gem that is New Bedford. A la Gonerfest? Maybe.

In the spirit of 4752, I caught up with Mike Ribeiro of Picniclunch and Eric Baylies of Baylies Band. Both are playing. Check the full lineup and details at the end of this post.

Mike Ribeiro (PICNICLUNCH) – an oral history:

My family moved to New Bedford in 1984, when I was about to turn 10. After graduating high school I went to college in Boston, dropping out after two years, then spent a couple years in Baltimore before coming back. Talking, 1996. So, outside of those 4 years and my early childhood, I’ve been here most of my life. I picked up bass in high school, and even sang in a band with some of my friends for a bit, but it wasn’t until I got back from Baltimore that I really got into performing. I played in a couple, mostly recording, projects—including one with Devin Byrnes, our bassist and sometimes singer, called Steer Beyond Pink—before starting a band with my friend Jon DaCosta we dubbed Acrylic Anatomy. This ended up morphing into The Visa Mastercard Liars when my sister Rozana joined as a vocalist, and we played together for a good five years, mostly performing in and around New Bedford, which was a lot of fun. Splitting up sucked big time because I really loved our sound—very cacophonous and careening—but there had been some tension building, and getting things together had become very tough. I had put out a solo recording as M.R. (“Cornrows On the Desert Storm”, 2001) while still in VML, so when we broke up I just went full on with it, self-releasing an EP (“Loose Advocacy, 2005) and another full length (“Title Evoked”, 2007). Due, I think, to the abrasiveness of my guitar work, and possibly the lyrical content, it wasn’t always easy getting shows. And I really do love to play out, so this was frustrating. Seeking out open mics was practically the only way I could perform. But it was rarely ever gratifying in that I was basically forcing my material on an audience expecting the usual acoustic, mellow stuff, and feedback was at best things like, “Hey, keep at it, buddy, you’ll get better,” haha, when I’m thinking, “This is exactly how I want to sound, folk loser.” So after six years of this, I really wanted to get a band going again, both to collaborate again, and for access to other, more receptive venues. Devin was game, so we found a drummer, and that’s how Picniclunch started, and we’ve been at it—with a three year lapse while I went back to school from 2010 to 2013—since 2009. As to how it all relates to New Bedford itself, I’m not totally sure. I will say that, though it’s not always overt, New Bedford has consistently been referenced in my lyrics, so I’ve always considered what I do as being regional. Another way it might relate is the fact that it’s always seemed to me that metal and cover bands are the only kind of music that’s given any attention around here. So I have to give myself credit, along with long-time veterans of our scene like Eric Baylies and Carl Simmons, and Mike Montagano when he was around, for so stubbornly offering an alternative to that all this time.

Wow, that’s a lot to respond to, haha. Definitely think those open mic audiences would agree with you about me “killing songs” with my guitar. I’m very much in love with that description. That “attack” is very much a direct influence of several post-punk bands of the 70s and 80s I totally immersed myself in in my twenties, including The Fall, Gang of Four, and Sonic Youth, not to mention precursors like Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band and the Velvet Underground. And yeah, Minutemen and Burma are definitely in there, too. That visceral feeling these groups exuded really grabbed me, and continues to do so. Free Jazz and, as you mentioned, No Wave are another two huge aesthetic influences. What’s so exciting to me about those two genres is the musicians’ intense tenacity, hanging onto a note or idea as if letting go of it would mean death. And maybe that’s why you find what we do so danceable: we’re all trying to do our own individual thing—me, Devin, and our amazing drummer Mac Williamson—while doing our damnedest to hold down the rhythm, and that dynamic just sucks you in, and gets you moving. It’s our simultaneous joy and anxiety you’re dancing to, haha.

Yes, I did the flyers, and with Devin’s feedback, designed the festival t-shirt. So, yes, I’m a visual artist as well, and have done all the band’s album artwork—though I’d like to change it up a little, and get some guest artwork on the next lp. I also do animation, something I majored in at MassArt ten years ago. Outside of some animated visuals for a live streaming show we did at AS220 in Providence last December, I haven’t produced anything lately. Hoping I can get my act together soon and finally put together a video for one of our songs, which the guys have been encouraging me to do for a while. Dont wanna overpromise and underdeliver, so we’ll just have to wait and see….


Played a few festivals since we been back in somerville and providence, good to be getting back into swing of things. Looking forward to nov 5 columbus theatre w vapors of morphine ( surviving mem of morphine) and dec 4 the met w start making sense – talking heads tribute. Done 4 tryouts for the show – hope to start filming pilot episode next month. Looking forward to first nb show in 2 years, lottsa great stuff that day. Fav record is always the next one but right now irs KAFKAESQUE- kinda shape shifting record for is as we stayed weird but in a different way- more towards captain beefheart and pere ubu than the noisy swans and sonic youth styles that served us so well

Line up for 4752

230- 345 (fiber optics center, 23 centre street)

230-Scapeghost315-Sugar death whistle

4 to 515 (communal space, 246 Union street)

4-Myles Goulart445-Wreath

515 to 630 (Destination soups,149 union)

515-Blood feeder6-Picniclunch

630 to 745 (the madlila, 741 Purchase st)

630-G.Gordon Gritty715-Bridge of flowers

8- 10 Mcfee gallery (104 William st)8-Baylies band845-Urojets915- Loud hearts1

10 to 11 30 No problemo (813 Purchase st)

10- Black beach1045-Landowner

4752 Fest Coming Back To New Bedford on October 23

4752 Fest, New Bedford’s all-day music spectacular, returns this year! The first edition in 2019 was nothing short of inspiring – drawing in local music fans and bands from all over New England. The 2021 version of the festival will take place on Saturday October 23rd starting at 2:30 PM at the Fiber Optic Center loading dock. I caught up with organizer Devin Byrnes, proprietor of Destination Soups (one of the venues), and member of New Bedford dance-noise trio Picniclunch:

: Hey Devin! Describe the magic of New Bedford’s 4752 Fest to somebody not from there but who is curious about what differentiates 4752 from the average music fest?

D: 1. The 4752 festival is a completely walkable, roaming music festival. It is set up in different venues scattered around downtown New Bedford. It is completely free and is all ages except for one venue. No two bands play at the same time, the set times are staggered, so as one band is ending, another act who might be a block or two away is set up to start their set. I wanted it to be a free flowing experience allowing the listeners to take in as much or little music as they would like.

G: There are 6 venues, including some that don’t regularly host live music – tell us a little more about each spot if you can!

D: Yes, absolutely… I would be remiss if I didn’t give a heartfelt thank you to each venue for agreeing to be a part of this, especially during these times. The venues are: the loading dock (only outside venue) at the Fiber Optic Center. They provide fiber optic technology for all sorts of businesses and the president, Ethan, not only is allowing us to kick off the event there, but he has been very generous in being a sponsor of the event, enabling us to pay the artists. Then we move to The Communal Space which is is a Bipoc led, arts cultivator space with an emphasis on community engagement and equity for all. Then we go to The Madlila, which is a store focusing on eclectic, newer and vintage clothing and accessories. Then to Destination Soups, which is my fast, casual, lunch restaurant. We move on to Paradise McFee Gallery, a really funky, vibrant working art gallery. Followed by last, but not least, No Problemo, which is one of the OG spots in the New Bedford, downtown scene. It’s a hip, delicious, Cali-Mexican place. Craig (who runs it) has been an ubermensch for years, by being one of the only spots to host original music Downtown. In my mind, these businesses highlight the eclectic make up of our Downtown.

G: The line up is a combo of homegrown NB talent and others from around the region – without giving too much away, what sort of sounds might we expect? It certainly seems like it could get loud & weird at times!

D: Yeah, I am really excited for this year’s line up. When I started booking it in July, it came together really quick and almost everyone I reached out to was on board. I think that was a reflection of how much people were really jonesing to play again. My formula for curating it is about a 50/50 split between New Bedford area based artists and artists around New England. Also, I am looking at different styles. I have some dreamy acoustic acts and some abrasive noise rock, a bit of everything. I try to focus on more underground artists that in my eye, bring something original and interesting to the table. If you come and walk around the festival, I think you will be entertained. I think to make something like this successful, you need a good amount of variety. If you really like a certain kind of music, great, but you probably don’t want to watch 13 acts playing that kind of music.

G: Your band Picniclunch just headlined our SUPAPS festival and that was a blast. You’ve done some Covid-era gigs in Providence, too. Will this be a homecoming gig for y’all? Anything else you want to plug or share related to the Fest or Picniclunch?

D: Yeah, thanks for having us up to Somerville.. that was a great day. I loved how on a really nice day, all these people were using the public park space, punk bands, people shooting hoops, kids birthdays, etc. . yeah, this will be our first show back in New Bedford in probably a few years. Like you said, Providence is pretty close and we have played 3 fairly recent shows there. When Covid hit we started recording and we hope to get back at that soon. We have almost a full album worth of new material and are really excited by the newer material.

In closing, I just want encourage everyone to come check out the festival. I don’t really know many events like it – the bill is stacked and I think our home town is pretty great.


ATWOOD’S TAVERNCAMBRIDGE – Undergoing a renovation indoors – live shows to return late summer/fall

DEEP THOUGHTS JAMAICA PLAIN – Live shows came back in June

THE JUNGLESOMERVILLE – Live shows came back in June

LILYPADCAMBRIDGE – Live shows came back in June

THE MIDDLE EASTCAMBRIDGE – Shows in August and beyond

MIDWAY CAFE JAMAICA PLAIN – Live shows came back in June

O’BRIENS PUB – ALLSTONShows in July and beyond

ONCE – SOMERVILLE – Outdoor venue at 101 South Street with shows in July and beyond

PLOUGH AND STARSCAMBRIDGE – Live shows came back in June

THE PORCHMEDFORD – Live shows came back in June



The question we asked all of our podcast guests was always: WHEN WILL SHOWS RETURN?

In Boston – at least – the correct answer was June 2021.


Total: 74 shows

2019 [16 shows]

December 20 – KLYAM XMAS FREAKOUT/HOLIDAY HANGOVER PARTY W/ Johnnie & The Foodmasters, The Swettes, American Whip Appeal & The Glue, and Children of the Flaming Wheel  – Dorchester Art Project

November 16 – M.O.T.O, Electric Street Queens, Sticker Shock, Johnnie & The Foodmasters – Club Bohemia

October 21 – The Hussy, Funeral Cone, G. Gordon Gritty, Nice Guys – Somerville Greek American Social Construction Club

September 7– Mickey Bliss, Gull Boy, The Mystery – Club Bohemia

August 31 – Mavis The Dog, American Whip Appeal, Johnnie and the Foodmasters, F – Dorchester Art Project

August 17 – A Mouth’s A Mouth Noisefest Part 7: G. Gordon Gritty, Healers Co., DJ Tomorrow’s Achievements, Con Tex & Lindie, Corsefuckers, >>>>>>>>>>> – Trixie’s Palace

August 1 – Andy California, The Swettes, Johnnie and the Foodmasters  – Hong Kong

Rama Lama Ding Dong 2019:
July 13 – Unnatural Axe, Nice Guys, Atlantic Thrills, Andy California, Johnnie and the Foodmasters – Cambridge Elks Lodge
July 12 – Thighs, Kremlin Bats, G. Gordon Gritty, Semi Sounds – Dorchester Art Project
July 11 – Juan Wauters, Boston Cream, American Whip Appeal, The Glue – Lilypad

June 29 – Booji Boys, Idiot Genes, Sticker Shock, Johnnie & The Foodmasters – Ted House

June 8 – Mickey Bliss with Johnnie and the Foodmasters, Life Partners, Love Strangers Duo (LSD) – Club Bohemia

April 25 – Kids Like You & Me and BUFU Present: Request Freebird (record release), Sean Daniel Daniels (fka Bad History Month), G. Gordon Gritty – Deep Thoughts

March 16 – A Mouth is a Mouth Noise Fest Part VI featuring Johnnie and the Foodmasters, Evicshen, Birthday Ass, Thighs, Pain Chain, Eric Baylies, Healers, KLYAM Haus Band – Trixie’s Palace

March 5 – The Cowboys, Nice Guys, Boston Cream – Deep Thoughts

February 16 – Mr. Airplane Man, Sticker Shock, Johnnie and the Foodmasters – Club Bohemia

2018 [9 shows]

December 21 – HOLIDAZE Party – Love Strangers, Johnnie and the Foodmasters, American Whip Appeal, The Glue – Dorchester Art Project

November 14 – Ts foss, B.J. Snowden, Glue (solo) – Potato Emporium

October 18 – Dumb Vision, Boston Cream, Request Freebird, G. Gordon Gritty – Lilypad

September 4– Proud Parents, Love Strangers, Electric Street Queens – Lilypad

July 14 – A Mouth is a Mouth Noise Fest Part V: G Gordon Gritty, Scum, Con Tex, Luoto, Blue Ray, Jarva Land, Bashful Slasher, Tom Ashton, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> – The ER

July 13 – American Whip Appeal (“Live in NY” KLYAM Records tape release), Johnnie and the Foodmasters, Bashful Slasher, The Glue – The Farm

June 23 – RAMA LAMA DING DONG! featuring The Monsieurs, Nice Guys, Rene Chambers (Jim Leonard – “A Brief History of Slime re-release”), Love Strangers, Johnnie and the Foodmasters, James Coarse reading – Cambridge Elks Lodge

May 28 – Fire Heads, Nice Guys, Andy California, G. Gordon Gritty – The Jeanie Johnston

April 14 – Kids Like You & Me and Dann Lawrence Present: Bashful Slasher, Request Freebird, Johnnie and the Foodmasters, The Glue, Someone Else’ Blood – The Farm

2017 [12 shows]

December 18 – Kids Like You & Me and Rad Castle XMAS FREAKOUT! featuring Earthquake Party, Boston Cream, G. Gordon Gritty – ZuZu

November 17 – Andy California, Bashful Slasher, G. Gordon Gritty, The Glue – The Farm

November 4 – A Mouth is a Mouth Noise Fest Part IV: Johnnie and the Foodmasters, James Coarse reading from “American Light Beer,” Poacher, Chill City Icon, G. Gordon Gritty, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> – The ratsnest

November 1 – Guantanamo Baywatch, Creaturos, Nice Guys, Andy California – Deep Thoughts

October 7 – Boston Hassle and Kids Like You & Me Present: Crocodiles, Saint Pe, Boston Cream, Second Becky – First Parish Cambridge

October 6 – Johnnie and the Foodmasters, _highlightreel, Picniclunch, Dylan and the Ded Beets – Club Bohemia

August 21 – Earthquake Party, Love Strangers, American Whip Appeal – ZuZu

June 16 – Rama Lama Ding Dong featuring The Monsieurs, Creaturos, Littlefoot, Germ House, Jim Leonard, Johnnie and the Foodmasters – Middle East Upstairs

May 22 – Peach Ring, Proud Parents, G. Gordon Gritty – ZuZu

April 1 –  A Mouth Is a Mouth Noise Fest Part III featuring Fat Shuggy, Sam Rog, April & the Foolmasters, Picniclunch, Tom Ashton, vbit 32, >>>>>>>>>>> – Trixie’s Palace

March 27 – Kids Like You & Me and Rad Castle Present: Birthing Hips, -1, Body Meat, Johnnie and the Foodmasters – ZuZu

February 4 – Kids Like You & Me Presents: Johnnie and the Foodmasters (return show!!!), Thee Cavemyn, Jim Leonard, Peach Ring – Club Bohemia

2016 [13 shows]

December 12 – Electric Street Queens, Andy California, Tiki Twins – ZuZu

November 14 – Illegally Blind, Kids Like You & Me, and Rad Castles Present: Straight Arrows, Sprit Ghost, Ryan Major & The Love Strangers, Chasms – ZuZu

November 12 – The Channels, TRIM, Request Freebird – Lilypad

October 8 – A Mouth is a Mouth Noise Fest Part II featuring Id M Theft Able, G. Gordon Gritty, Asher Tuil, Mike Mountain, The Craters, Disembowelment Choir, Negative One, Orgins – Black Lodge

September 12 – Nice Guys, Sauna Youth, Earth Heart, G. Gordon Gritty – ZuZu

July 23 – 7th Anniversary Show featuring (New England) Patriots, IAN Sweet, Giving Up, Birthing Hips – Lilypad

June 11 – A Mouth is a Mouth Noise Fest: The Cavemen, Puzzle Mansion, Meat Dreams, Fenner, Wendy Alembic, Gangbang Gordon, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> – Black Lodge

May 14 – Illegally Blind and Kids Like You & Me Present: Peach Kelli Pop, Secret Lover, Gravel, Electric Street Queens – Middle East Upstairs

Rama Lama Ding Dong 2016
April 30 – Guerilla Toss, Ursula, The Barbazons, Johnnie and the Foodmasters, Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion, Electric Street Queens – Middle East Upstairs
April 29 – The Monsieurs, The Prefab Messiahs, Nice Guys, Scully, Black Beach, CosMc (First show!), Future Spa – Middle East Upstairs
April 28 – Funeral Cone, Second Becky, Andy California, G.Gordon Gritty – Club Bohemia

April 22 –  Boston Hassle & Kids Like You & Me Present – OBN III’s, The Monsieurs, Devil Music, Far Corners – Out of the Blue Too

March 30 – Kids Like You & Me Present: Cumstain, Pookie & The Poodlez, The Mardi Kings, Idiot Genes – Out of the Blue Too

2015 [19 shows]

December 14 – Kids Like You & Me and Rad Castle Present: Gravel, The Nude Party, Adam PC, Johnnie and the Foodmasters – ZuZu

November 21 – Kids Like You & Me Presents: The Lonely Machines,Future Spa, Squash, Johnnie and the Foodmasters – Wilder Zangcraft

November 20 – Kids Like You & Me and Bob Records Present: Future Spa (“Girl” CD EP Release Show!), The Double Buscemis, The Rococo Bang, Johnnie and the Foodmasters – Out of the Blue Too Gallery

November 13 – Illegally Blind and Kids Like You & Me Present: Nobunny, The Monsieurs, Nice Guys, Gymshorts – Middle East Upstair

October 20 – G. Gordon Gritty, Style, Whip Appeal, Mike Mountain – Midway Cafe

October 3 – The Shallow End Divers, Drug Dogs, Johnnie and the Foodmasters (first club show!), KLYAM DJ Set – Club Bohemia

September 23 – Wet Nurse, halfsour, Digital Prisoners of War – ZuZu

August 28 – Só Sol, Bum Candy (first show!), Field of Sheep (first club show!), G. Gordon Gritty – Club Bohemia

August 17 – Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion, Electric Street Queens, The Shallow End Divers – ZuZu

August 1 – Kids Like You & Me and BUFU Present: Nice Guys (Free Pizza split tape release), (New England) Patriots, Power Masters, Jim Leonard, G. Gordon Gritty – Out of the Blue Too Art Gallery

July 1 – 6th Anniversary Party featuring The Barbazons, Nice Guys, Atlantic Thrills, G. Gordon Gritty – Middle East Upstairs

June 26 – Earthquake Party, Whip Appeal, Andy California, Jim Leonard – Cantab Lounge/Club Bohemia

June 6 – Nice Guys, The Hussy, G. Gordon Gritty – ZuZu

May 29 – Kids Like You & Me and BUFU Records Present: G. Gordon Gritty “Still Not a Musician” Tape Release Show w/ Tall Juan, Underwater Bear Ballet, The Shallow End Divers – Club Bohemia

April 17 – Nice Guys, Jacques Le Coque, Black Beach, G. Gordon Gritty – Club Bohemia

March 30 – Kids Like You & Me and Rad Castle Present: The Barbazons, Miami Doritos, G. Gordon Gritty – ZuZu

March 19 – Kids Like You & Me and Illegally Blind Present: The Prefab Messiahs EP Release Show with The Barbazons, Fedavees, Secret Lover – Middle East Upstairs

March 7 – Boston Hassle and Kids Like You & Me Present: Nice Guys, Nancy, Gymshorts, Robot Death Kites, Muscle Plant – Boylston JP Church

January 24 – The Monsieurs, Atlantic Thrills, Feral Jenny, ACLU Benefit – Lilypad

January 16 – The TeleVibes,Future Spa, CHARLIE, Ben Tan – Club Bohemia

2014 [4 shows]

November 28 – Miami Doritos, G. Gordon Gritty, Ben Tan – Club Bohemia

October 24 – Big Buck Hunter, Ravi Shavi, Phaze, Gangbang Gordon – Club Bohemia

September 10 – Illegally Blind & Kids Like You & Me Present: Creaturos, The Electric Street Queens (Tape Release!), Nice Guys, Headband – Church

August 24 – Kids Like You & Me, Boston Hassle, BUFU Present: Cumstain, G. Gordon Gritty (Tape Release), Free Pizza, White Pages – JP Drive In

2013 [1 show]

October 11 – Miami Doritos, Free Pizza, G. Gordon Gritty, Ben Tan – Radio Down 

2012 [1 show]

April 29 – Kids Like You & Me Presents: Atlantic Thrills, The Roaches, G. Gordon Gritty (first show!) 

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