This Day In KLYAM (January 30)

2018: Mr. Airplane Man, Pure Horsehair – Atwood’s

2016: Johnnie and the Foodmasters, Cavemen,Birthing Hips, Steam Traktor, Candy Miami – Black Lodge

2015: Gymshorts, Ra Ra Riot – Theives Grotto

This Day In KLYAM (January 24)

2015: Kids Like You & Me Presents: The Monsieurs, Atlantic Thrills, Feral Jenny, ACLU Benefit – Lilypad

2013: Fat Creeps, MiniBoone, Bunny’s A Swine, Pile – O’Briens Pub [REVIEW]

2009: Mission of Burma + The Neighborhoods +Faces On Film + Jimmy Tingle – Somerville Theatre