Jay Reatard – Zebra Session

From Matador: “Shortly after he began working with Matador Records, Jay Reatard with cohorts Stephen Pope and Billy Hayes set up shop at Matador’s downtown New York City office to play tracks found on “Singles 06-07”, “Matador Singles ’08”, and “Blood Visions.”

This Day In KLYAM (August 6)

2016: Fuzzstival Night One – Ghost Box Orchestra, The Migs, Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion, The Mystery Lights, Herbcraft, Mini Dresses, Bong Wish, Soft Eyes – Middle East Upstairs

2015: Gravel, Fake Surfers, The Cavemen, Cosmc – Black Lodge

Healers Co. New Visual-Audio Album!

Healers Co. just released their latest album Healers Paradise. If you knew what was up last night, you went to comfy Trixie’s Palace to celebrate the release of the audio-visual album. Stream it below. Sound collage experimentalism and campfire acoustics, some dreamish pop. I watched/listened first thing in the morning and it worked wonders. I bet late at night would be a nice time too. Early Animal Collective, early Girls of the Gravitron. Good work dudes.

Healers play Kids Like You and Me’s A Mouth Is a Mouth Noise Fest Part 7 at Trixie’s Palace on AUGUST 17.

This Day In KLYAM (August 2)

2018: Fat Creeps, Boston Cream – Deep Thoughts

2014: Boston Fuzzstival: Fat Creeps, Atlantic Thrills, Fagettes, Gymshorts, The New Highway Hymnal, The TeleVibes, Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion!, Creaturos, The Magic Shoppe, Ghost Box Orchestra, Doug Tuttle, 28 Degrees Taurus, Abadabad, Dinoczar, Black Beach – Middle East Upstairs and Downstairs [REVIEW]

2010: Black Lips/Natural Child/K-Holes- The Temptress, NYC (REVIEW)

This Day In KLYAM (August 1)

August 1 is a hot-to-trot date for hot-to-trot shows. Peep all around this site for the show that we are hosting tonight at Hong Kong Harvard Square. It is our first HK show and we couldn’t be more excited. Johnnie and the Foodmasters, The Swettes, and Andy California. Doors at 8 PM. 21+

2015: Kids Like You & Me and BUFU Present: Nice Guys (Free Pizza split tape release), (New England) Patriots, Power Masters, Jim Leonard, G. Gordon Gritty – Out of the Blue Too Art Gallery

2013: Ronnie Nordac, Durt Dog the Band, Gangbang Gordon -Cantab Lounge/Club Bohemia [REVIEW]