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We had a blast as always spinning records at State Park last Tuesday night! Several scratches, fries, high lifes, and green teas shots later we wound up with the platters below. Forever grateful for Nicholas Ward for having us!

Glen’s Set: Delta 5 – Triangle, Wire – Once is Enough, Eat Skull – Beach Brains ???, Priors – Got in Me, Louder Than Death – Leather Boy

Chris’s Set: Flipper – Ha Ha Ha, Gee Tee – FBI/Pigs/Chromo Zone, Icky Boyfriends – Toenails/Skitty

Glen’s Set: The Dream Team – There He Is, The Playmates – What is Love?, Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood – The City Never Sleeps, The Ronettes – Born to Be Together, The Cascades – Rhythm of the Rain

Chris’s Set: The Hearts – Lonely Nights, Four Seasons – Hot Water Bottle, Vito & The Salutations – Unchained Melody, Jordan & the Fascinations – Give Me Your Love

Glen’s Set: ??? – Angel Louie, Roger Williams – Arrivedrchi Roma, Lou Monte – Eh Marie, Eh Marie, Ray Peterson – Shirley Purley, Hain Rone??? – Lasbbabq????

Chris’s Set: Tunnel of Love – Rock Around the Cock/Please, Please, Please (Let Me Fuck Your Brains Out)/Midnight Hour, The Cavemen – Euthanize Me/Eat Your Heart Out & Wear Your Face, Puppy and the Handjobs – I Hate Everything/Cocksucker/I’m a Beat Off/Plan 9

Glen’s Set: Colleen Green – U+Me/Mike/Rabid Love, Lana Del Ray – Carmen, Delta 5 – Now That You’re Gone, Hierophants – Change, Wire – 15th Floor, Pavement – Unfair

Chris’s Set: Jay Reatard – See/Saw, Cyndi Lauper – I’ll Kiss You, Mickey Bliss – Video Lizards, Toxie – Ties, The Escavels – Lonely Sea, The Fleetwoods – Mr. Blue, The Escavels – You Should Know

Glen’s Set: Flip Flop Stevens – Let’s Do That (Part 1), Barbara Stant – Baby, I Love You, Nat Fross – Too Many Skeletons in the Closet, The G ??? – Slow Down, Barbara Stant – My Mind Holds Onto Yesterday, Ida Sands – Start All Over Again

Chris’s Set: Gang Green – Terrorize, Teengenerate – Mess Me Up/Savage, Trash Knife -Inna Funk/Locked Out/Sick of It, Pucker Up – Utopia

Glen’s Set: Pavement Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain Side 2

Chris’s Set: Randy Jackson – Moose on the Loose, Bob McFadden – Beat Generation, David Seville & the Chipmunks – Harmonica, John Trubee – Blind Man’s Penis, The Louvrin Brothers – The Christian Life/Satan’s Jewel Crowned, Jody Reynolds – Endless Sleep

Glen’s Set: Lana Del Rey – Born to Die/Blue Jeans/Video Games/ Summertime Sadness

Chris’s Set: The Fireballs – Bottle of Wine, Beach Boys – Don’t Worry Baby, The Students – I’m So Young, Joy & Dave – Believe Me, Rochelle and the Candles – Once Upon a Time, Teenage Lovers – Number One, Box Elders – Tiny Sioux, P Vert – Stickball, The Carpenters – We’ve Only Just Begun, Spodee Boy – Lover Boy/Downtown/Purple Bodies, Unnatural Axe – Summertime/The Creeper, SOA – Public Defender/Gonna Have to Fight/ Gang Fight/Disease, Magic Kids – Superball, The Three Degrees – When Will I See You Again?, Smith Westerns – Imagine Part III