Noam Chomsky Box Out Soon On Alternative Tentacles

“To commemorate three decades of spoken word releases on Alternative Tentacles, the label has complied four budget-priced spoken word box sets for release this fall—two in September, two in October. The first set collects Noam Chomsky, the foremost political commentator of our time, on some of the major topics he has spoken about for the last few decades—state power, imperialism, free markets, transparency, and institutional secrecy.”


KLYAM is the Only Site…

… where one can find both Noam Chomsky and Nobunny side by side on the roster! This isn’t any known fact, but if you know another site out there that features both great men then let us know! I’m curious.

Noam Chomsky- Wild, fun loving Bunnyman of the Rock and Roll Bubble Gummy Punk persuasion.


Nobunny–  Trailblaizing Linguist and Political Scientist; distinguished Professor at MIT.


This really gave me a chuckle, being a (tiny) fan of trash talk shows and a (massive) fan of the work of Chomsky.