2 thoughts on “Chomsky On the Role of the Radical”

  1. His being raised Jewish has a lot to do with it. Back then, many Jewish people were into socialism, communism and anarchism. The infamous neoconservative William Kristol wistfully recalls his youth as a Trotskyist raised by his Trotskyist father who later became a neocon, Irving Kristol. One reason why Jewish people were banned from moving to the USA during the inter-war period was because they were accused of spreading radical ideas. Italians were also identified as such and many Italians were shipped off to Europe after World War I as part of a plan to stop anarchism. A really bad thing that happened to the American people is the purge of communists from the trade union movement in the late ’40s and 1950s. They didn’t do that in France and look how they’re actually fighting back over there.

  2. Noam Chomsky has spoken! Give money to Counterpunch!

    “It is, regrettably, no exaggeration to say that we are living in an era of irrationality, deception, confusion, anger, and unfocused fear — an ominous combination, with few precedents. There has never been a time when it was so important to have a voice of sanity, insight, understanding of what is happening in the world. Counterpunch has performed that essential service with unusual success. It is a matter of paramount importance to ensure that it will continue to do so, with even greater resources than before.”

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