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“You Know, For Kids” Promo On ABC

Here’s a promo vid for Bill Cody’s documentary, “You Know, For Kids,” a film documenting the Black Lips and Lazzy Lung’s recent tour of the Middle East. Can’t wait to see it when it hits the big screen!

“I kind of feel like we’re almost diplomats for the people, like we’re just regular people and we share music”- Cole Alexander

ATP “Pardons” Black Lips

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Ahh, it felt like just yesterday when we were reporting that the lips were considered “assholes” from the ATP camp. Actually, it feels like centuries ago, uhh, I don’t even know anymore. Now, they are back on the All Tomorrow’s Parties (ATP) festival line up during the weekend of June 21- 23 (thanks to Deerhunter), good for them! This year is looking hot, what with Deerhunter co-curating (with TV On The Radio) the festival and playing their three magnum opuses: Cryptograms, Microcastle, and Halcyon Digest each in their entirety. Holy smokes, Batman! And a Black Lips set too,  damn I wish I could go :( Donate money, help sponsor the KLYAM ATP trip!

Read about the official Black Lips “Pardoning” here:

Here’s the line up (which is to include the Black Lips!)
All Tomorrow’s Parties: Weekend 2 
Curated By Deerhunter – June 21-23, 2013

Deerhunter (performing Cryptograms, Microcastle, Halcyon Digest)
Atlas Sound
Panda Bear
Avey Tare
Animal Collective DJs
Pere Ubu
Dan Deacon
Tim Gane
Laetitia Sadier
No Age
* Plus more to be announced
I want to make love to this line up. Get Nobunny, Hunx and His Punx, Ty Segall and Wavves on there and I go into cardiac arrest.

Ghetto Cross- “Shadows” + More @ 529 (8/21/12)

Gotta love these fucking guys. Two dudes in two excellent bands I don’t need to mention, you ought to know em by now. Two dudes playing at the 529 in Atlanta, sharing their music with the world. Ghetto Cross is Bradford Cox and Cole Alexander, enjoy!


SOTD: Black Lips- “You’re Dumb” (2003)

I was watching TV and I thought of this song. Sometimes, I just like to point out to people that they are dumb. More importantly, this is one of the finest moments in the Lips’s discography. It certainly makes me hard, for sure. BUT what KEEPS me hard is this next track, “Say Hello To Postman” aka “Untitled,” both songs back to back conclude the band’s chaotic, eponymous debut album. Recently the Black Lips posted on their facebook page that they were performing “You’re Dumb” with none other than fellow, Atlanta Brave, Bradford Cox! Speaking of Mr. Atlas Sound, what a fine job he did with the artwork for this record. I think I would die a happy man if I saw the Lips do both of these tunes as an encore with Cox and their cocks. Everybody’s cocks!

“A Decade of Debauchery: Die Slaughterhaus Hits the Double Digits”

Old King Cole YOUNGER!-  Photo by  Adam Bruneau. JHONI JACKSON’s archives: features, reviews and more

This is a year old, but I just found this to be far too informative and fun not to share it with you punk slimers out there. Here’s a great article by Jhoni Jackson about the Die Slaughterhaus’s tenth anniversery. The Die Slaughterhaus was a house venue turned label that began in 2001 in Atlanta, GA, showcasing the likes of some of the greatest rock and rollers of our generation in the form of the Black Lips, Deerhunter, the Carbonas, and more. This article/interview focuses mostly on the role of label head, Mark Naumann and how his particpation in this moment in time helped paved the way for similar artists/labels/venues in the Atlanta punk music scene(s) and beyond. Here’s the article: