SOTD: Black Lips- “You’re Dumb” (2003)

I was watching TV and I thought of this song. Sometimes, I just like to point out to people that they are dumb. More importantly, this is one of the finest moments in the Lips’s discography. It certainly makes me hard, for sure. BUT what KEEPS me hard is this next track, “Say Hello To Postman” aka “Untitled,” both songs back to back conclude the band’s chaotic, eponymous debut album. Recently the Black Lips posted on their facebook page that they were performing “You’re Dumb” with none other than fellow, Atlanta Brave, Bradford Cox! Speaking of Mr. Atlas Sound, what a fine job he did with the artwork for this record. I think I would die a happy man if I saw the Lips do both of these tunes as an encore with Cox and their cocks. Everybody’s cocks!

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