Band Recommendation: Kaviar Special

I’ve been having a blast listening to the latest self-titled album from Rennes, France’s Kaviar Special. The French band actually sings in English and they blend garage, pop, and surf all into one giant rock ‘n’ roll mix. This is an album surely for the slimy at heart. Fans of Black Lips, Atlantic Thrills, Hunx and His Punx, and Jacuzzi Boys will really dig this. My favorite cuts are “Dating A Slut,” “Paradise,” “#1,” and “Summer.” Shit, I wish I had heard this album in the summertime, because I know exactly how Kaviar Special feels when they repeatedly sing “I Wish that summer never ends!” Seriously, these dudes really don’t want summer to end haha. Well, at least we have the good tunes and each other.

I can’t recommend this band and this album enough. Kaviar Special’s debut LP is co-released by Azbin Records/Howlin Banana Records. You can order it here:

Band Recommendation: The TeleVibes

I could tell you about The TeleVibes, but I say you should just go see them. Chris tried telling me about the Salisbury Mass threesome a few months back after catchin them at Wilder Zangcraft, but per the ole usual he was a bit shithaused!! Anyway, I caught TeleVibes last night playing alongside Nice Guys (so sick, you know this) and Gymshorts (Providence band so sick) at Zuzu and damn these guys rock ‘n roll straight top of the tot pole style. I mean TVs are more unusual than a lot of stuff passing as Surf Rock these days – and I mean this assuredly. The drums pound harder and wilder, guitar playing like a constant barrage of twisty leads. All very pop. Though there wasn’t much chaos amongst the crowd last night, I’d say that’s probably coming any day now with these dudes on the ]no[ stage.

They’ve got a tape coming soon – January 22, 2014 – and a release show that same night at Middle East Upstairs. Playing with them will be our fave Providence dudes The Atlantic Thrills, Vundabar, and The Guru.



Band of the Week: Lust-Cats of the Gutters/ On Tour Now!

Photo from

We haven’t made a band of the week in a long, long time. It’s something reserved for only the best. We hear so many bands, it’s hard to keep up with all of them, but I recently came across an amazing two piece known as Lust-Cats of the Gutters from Denver and they rock! It’s a mixture of riot grrl, garage, and minimalist twee pop like Beat Happening and Vaselines (but heavier). Vivian Girls also come to mind when I hear this band. If you’re a fan of the fun, riot inducing punk slime we regularly champion on this site, then you will most likely enjoy Lust-Cats of the Gutters. If not, then I will have to slap you across the face repeatedly until you get the picture.


Lust-Cats are currently on tour with New York’s Mannequin Pussy! They recently slayed in Brattleboro, VT, Jamaica Plain, MA, Middletown, CT, and Brooklyn, NY. So catch them when they destroy your town…

Tour Dates:
Monday, 10/7: Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie w/ Congenital Death, Pushups, Pussy Dog,
Tuesday, 10/8: Baltimore, MD @ The Sidebar w/ The Vibrators, Sinnin’ Man, Starcrunch
Wednesday, 10/9: Arlighton, VA @ The CD Cellar w/ Nic Fits, Dudes
Thursday, 10/10: Charlottesville, VA @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar w/ Lil’ Huffy, The Harang
Friday, 10/11: Durham, NC @ The Pinhook w/ Colleen Green, White Fang, The Memories
Saturday, 10/12: Atlanta, GA @ 529 w/ Carnivores
Sunday, 10/13: Gainsville, FL @ Display w/ Waylon Thornton, Witch Titz, Velma
Monday, 10/14: St. Augstine, FL @ Shanghai Nobby’s w/ Trailer Park Princess, Thunderhoof
Tuesday, 10/15: Tallahassee, FL @ Lydia’s House w/ TBA
Wednesday, 10/16: New Orleans, LA @ Saturn Bar w/ Trampoline Team, Patient Zero, The AIDS Monkeys
Thursday, 10/17: Houston, TX @ TBA
Friday, 10/18: McAllen, TX @ Thirsty Monkey McAllen w/ The Sad Campers
Saturday, 10/19: Austin, TX @ Hotel Vegas w/ Guantanamo Baywatch
Sunday, 10/20: Fortworth, TX @ Wherehouse w/ Bitch Bricks, Space Pussy
Monday, 10/21: Hot Springs, AR @ Low Key Arts
Tuesday, 10/22: Russelville, AR @ Thurberdome w/ Radradriot
Wednesday, 10/23: Memphis, TN @ The Lamplighter w/ Loser Vision & Swimming
Thursday, 10/24: Nashville, TN @ Dino’s w/ Beef Oven, Study Hall
Friday, 10/25: Bowling Green, KY @ Rocky’s w/ Crybaby
Saturday, 10/ 26: Detroit, MI @ Lo & Behold! Records & Books w/ Nature Boys, surprise guest!
Sunday, 10/27: Cleveland, OH @ TBA
Tuesday, 10/29: Providence, RI @ TBA
Wednesday, 10/30: New Haven, CT @ Cafe Nine w/ Gabba Ghouls
Thursday, 10/31: NYC Halloween @ Lit Lounge w/ Happy Jawbone Family Band, Gabba Ghouls,

Band Recommendation: Thee Tsunamis

Three wicked killer tracks on Thee Tsunamis’ Bandcamp is plenty enough for me to taste the swell, the tasty swells that is this trio’s music. Surf rock seems to be a perpetually in style fun style to play and listen to, but when bands twist and turn it in their own direction, the stuff seems to be the most exciting. Indiana’s Thee Tsunamis punch in some country flair (most notably vocally) alongside can’t-go-wrong ’60s garage/pop drum and bass rhythms. Like I said, all three songs rule, but the one one that I’ve found myself going back to is: “A Goodbad Man Is Hard To Find” – it’s as if Rhode Island’s Atlantic Thrills underwent a sex change, moved to Tennessee, reconvened, played some tunes, etc, etc. Thee Tsunamis bring a vibe that should respectfully place 50 year old B52s fans in the same room as 20 something Those Darlins diehards.

Confused? Hopefully you get it. Do what you have to to hold dear this band; they have a tape out on Magnetic South Recordings:



Band Recommendation: Quailbones

Hey all, it’s band recommendation time and boy do we have a great band for y’all to devour. If you’re into slimy garage punk (you know we are) then Kentucky’s Quailbones is just the right band for you. They remind me of The Oblivians and Thee Oh Sees; fierce, fast, messy songs that will appeal to those that dig raw rock ‘n’ roll.

The Quailbones have just released a new 7″ entitled Lord Dion’s House of Discovery on Ghost Orchard Records. Check it out here:

Band Recommendation: Moldy Naan

Nick R
What up world, I know you’re dying to hear some fresh music, so here’s a brand spankin’ new demo from Moldy Naan, our fellow No Age devotee, Nick Rasmussen. It’s folky, it’s freaky, but is it Freak Folk? Nah, do people even use that term anymore? Moldy Naan reminds me of Bob Dylan, Gangbang Gordon, and Hank Williams, quite the motley crue! The song available on Moldy Naan’s bandcamp page (link below) is called “Two-Headed Boy” and if you have any imagination left in you, then it will bring you to a different place. A wee, mental journey never hurt anyone. CLICK CLICK CLICK

Band Recommendation: The Cretin Stompers Are Here

The Cretin Stompers – if you’ve never heard of them, that’s fine because they are a new band – consist of Billy Hayes (who shouldn’t need an introduction, but for new slimers – he was a vocalist/drummer in the beloved Barbaras and drummer in Wavves and Jay Reatard’s band), Alex Gates (guitarist currently in Wavves, formerly of Barbaras and Magic Kids), and Big Muff.

As of right now, the band has made three songs available for listening via SoundCloud. These will be on their first LP  Looking Forward To Being Attacked and will be coming soon. Their sound, judging from these songs, is really poppy, which shouldn’t be a surprise knowing these guys. Poppy with chosen rough production and whirling guitars. Take a listen to “Eye of the Storm,” which brings me back to Smith Westerns in its bubblegummy ‘oh yea’ rocking get-up.

Band Recommendation: The Soupcans

Here’s The Soupcans, a rowdy bunch from Toronto. This recommendation was brought to you by the smooth talking words of Mr. Matt Garlick. Niceguysfagettes4lyfe whooo!!! Soupcans will rock your socks off and sock your rocks off. What do they sound like Chris? They sound like The Spits, The Reatards, Lost Sounds, Nice Guys, and early hardcore. Turn this shit up REAL LOUD. It makes a difference.

Band Recommendation: Wet Illustrated

If you like your rock and roll energetic and spirited, hey ya here’s a band for ya: Wet Illustrated. They are very similar to a band that we here at KLYAM hold near and dear: Harlem. Like those Austin gents, these dudes from San Fran craft songs that are groovy and odd, but very charming. The melodies come at you from all angles so… beware! From 2011’s 1x1x1, you’ll hear some crazy good repetition “Satellite Kids,” slick Babies meets Barbaras (“Claws”, “Boogie Away”), and a variety of other material that has me intrigued. Their latest 45 Scorped is just as fun.

Check ’em out

Brooklyn Band Recs: Robot Death Kites & Hector’s Pets!

Here are two fine ass bands hailing from Brooklyn, New York that have entered the world of KLYAM in 2012…
Robot Death Kites

Loud, lewd, wild, chaotic, and shirtless. Get loose with Robot Death Kites!

We saw these Brooklyn boys this past July opening for the holiest, King Khan & The Shrines, amazing show! Hector’s Pets blast you with some soul induced garage rock grooves with some Zappa flavored love. Just fun lovin’ dudes. Listen here: