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Band Recommendation: Kaviar Special

I’ve been having a blast listening to the latest self-titled album from Rennes, France’s Kaviar Special. The French band actually sings in English and they blend garage, pop, and surf all into one giant rock ‘n’ roll mix. This is an album surely for the slimy at heart. Fans of Black Lips, Atlantic Thrills, Hunx and His Punx, and Jacuzzi Boys will really dig this. My favorite cuts are “Dating A Slut,” “Paradise,” “#1,” and “Summer.” Shit, I wish I had heard this album in the summertime, because I know exactly how Kaviar Special feels when they repeatedly sing “I Wish that summer never ends!” Seriously, these dudes really don’t want summer to end haha. Well, at least we have the good tunes and each other.

I can’t recommend this band and this album enough. Kaviar Special’s debut LP is co-released by Azbin Records/Howlin Banana Records. You can order it here: http://azbinrecords.fr/

Band Recommendations!

Myty Konkeror is a straight up noisy/heavy act! The CT/NY dudes have an LP out called I miss the future on Twin Lakes Records. You can take a listen to their rockers here: http://mytykonkeror.bandcamp.com/. They’ve got a video for the instrumental “Cell Division”, check it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sQARk-S4kA&feature=player_embedded#at=144. The band name lends itself pretty well to the music!

M-Tank of South Carolina play a very poppy rock ‘n’ roll by way of fuzz, scuzz, and twang that calls to mind the excellent rock ‘n’ roll/punk that has come out of the Atlanta scene. I’m digging the home-recording esque dynamic to their tunes — they’re not raped by hiss to the point of distraction, but rather to a point of keen suitability. Whatever that means! Check out their reverb nation page which is replete with audio and video: http://www.reverbnation.com/mtank.

Band Rec: The Maine Coons

The Nobunny concert review will be coming real real soon, but in the mean time I want to direct your attention to one of the opening bands that stuck out: The Maine Coons. The duo rocked in the spirit of the late King Khan & BBQ Show. There was the Sultan-esque drummer/guitarist/vocalist, but no Khan figure. Instead, there was a sitting keyboard player. A song that really stuck out to me was “H.L.I.I.G.T.F.Y.T.F.G” which stands for:

How long is it gonna take for you to find God!?

It’s a surf-doo-wop-(gospel?)oldie sounding number that you must check out right now: