Band Recommendation: Thee Tsunamis

Three wicked killer tracks on Thee Tsunamis’ Bandcamp is plenty enough for me to taste the swell, the tasty swells that is this trio’s music. Surf rock seems to be a perpetually in style fun style to play and listen to, but when bands twist and turn it in their own direction, the stuff seems to be the most exciting. Indiana’s Thee Tsunamis punch in some country flair (most notably vocally) alongside can’t-go-wrong ’60s garage/pop drum and bass rhythms. Like I said, all three songs rule, but the one one that I’ve found myself going back to is: “A Goodbad Man Is Hard To Find” – it’s as if Rhode Island’s Atlantic Thrills underwent a sex change, moved to Tennessee, reconvened, played some tunes, etc, etc. Thee Tsunamis bring a vibe that should respectfully place 50 year old B52s fans in the same room as 20 something Those Darlins diehards.

Confused? Hopefully you get it. Do what you have to to hold dear this band; they have a tape out on Magnetic South Recordings:



Band Rec: The Boy Toys

Another band on Burger Records that pretty much kicks ass. Check out the songs on their MySpace…they play a neat blend of scuzzy, lo-fi bubblegum rock and roll. It’s kind of like listening to Mark Sultan through a tin can. The song “One,” what a helluva track.