Band of the Week: Gravys Drop!!!!

WOOOOOO! Band of the Month, errr Band of the Week a title only reserved for the greatest Rock ‘n’ Rollers, the truest gangstas to quote one, Frank Hurricane, and this week we have Gravys Drop!!! Gravys Drop is fronted by Billy Grave, a cool, cool dude. In fact, while we’re here we might as well do some reminiscing. Let’s take a quick trip back to October 2, 2009, a day that will live in KLYAM infamy. Nobunny nearly burned down Harpers Ferry haha! JK!! More importantly, Billy G himself played drums in Nobunny during this tour and KLYAM chatted with the dude for a little while before the show- at the time we were pretty new to well everything. We knew and loved Tard, but had never heard of Nobunny or Hunx or most of the bands we enjoy and endorse now. It’s funny, I remember distinctly it was Billy that introduced us to Thee Oh Sees. I doubt he remembers this, but for what’s it worth, thanks, great show, good times! Now back to present. Gravys Drop. Killer band with killer songs. Nice, old school rock ‘n’ roll just the way we know you like it. There’s some country, bubblegum, and certainly gah ridge rock. It’s fun! Listen to For The Love of Gravy, it dropped on Burger Records earlier this year. Check it out!


P.S. Gravys Drop, if you’re ever heading on tour, hit up Boston we’d love to have ya!

BOTW: Mark Sultan

Our Band of the Week needs no introduction, do your history! Mark Sultan has been a KLYAM fave since before there was a KLYAM. If you’re in the Boston/New England area, come to the PA’s Lounge in Somerville this Saturday, May 12. Sick local bands opening: Banditas, New Highway Hymnal, The BFs, and Girlfriends.


Hello everyone, check out SARALEE our latest Band of the Week, truly a unique group that deserves a lot of praise. We have seen and reviewed SARALEE a few times now and they get better each time. Definitely one of the best bands in Boston right now. The first time I saw them they opened for Peach Kelli Pop (PKP’s very first show in America!) at the now defunct Problem House in Allston, MA. Allie Hanlon¬†from PKP wrote about SARALEE in her tour diary: “Saralee was a girl Sara, who has the cutest / best voice, and Lee a great drummer, who lives at the Problem House and was a gracious host to us! I was happy to see them play.”-
I couldn’t say it better myself! Here’s their Band Camp page:

BOTW: New Highway Hymnal!

Yessir, our Band of the Week is none other than, New Highway Hymnal, a kickass band from both Haverhill and Lowell, MA. NHH has just recently released a 7-inch, entitled “Blackened Hands” on Vanya Records (a local, Allston based label) and will be playing Austin, TX’s annual South By South West (SXSW)Festival in the next couple of weeks. Congrats guys!

A review of their Lowell “7 release show will up soon. Stay tuned, turn on, and take over.

Below is the music video for “Blackened Hands” for your viewing pleasure.

BOTW: Shannon and The Clams

As we close 2011, we celebrate the bands that made it special and Shannon and The Clams is certainly one of them. That is why they are this week’s Band of the Week. Check out their album Sleep Talk, it’s nuts! I really want to see this band live.

BOTW: The Orwells

Band of the Week is one of my favorite parts of KLYAM because it gives us a chance to constantly promote a band; you can’t come on here and not come across these bands. They’re always there! Great bands all of the time and this week is no exception, but they are exceptional, no doubt. The Orwells are perhaps the coolest-youngest band I have seen. Seriously, these guys have incredible potentional. They are only teenagers and they play real rock and roll and do it better than most jokers five or ten years their senior. Check these Elmhurst, IL natives out right now!

BOTW: Big Mess!

Hey y’all tis a beautiful day in the neighborhood because our prestigious Band of the Week is none other than Lowell’s finest, Big Mess. I’ve seen these guys a few times now and every time they have been outstanding. They are an all instrumental band (at least live), with some great guitar hooks. The drums are truly a powerhouse. All in all, an excellent sonic experience. Check them out!

BOTW: Hurricanes of Love!

Yes, my heavenly brothers and sisters, this week is a very special week because our Band of the Week is the illest of pimps, the truest of gangstas, none other than Hurricanes of Love, Hurricanes of Lizzzove up in this heavenly site. 

BOTW: Fat History Month

Look up and down and all around, and then look to the righthandside of your screen and you will see two demonic disciples that call themselves Fat History Month. What do they sound like? God only knows. But, if you want to learn more about Fat History Month, check out the wonderful site below.