Robert Plant & the Band of Joy is Coming to Boston!

If you aren’t excited yet, well you should star getting excited, because Rock Icon, Robert Plant will be coming to Boston at the House of Blues on January 25.  He will be performing with the Band of Joy to promote his new album, the aptly titled ‘Band of Joy’.  Of course Plant is most famous for his work as lead singer for the legendary Led Zeppelin, but musically he has moved as far away from that as possible as seen in his previous album ‘Raising Sand’ with bluegrass-country singer Alison Krauss.  So if you are looking to relive the glory days of Zeppelin, this concert is probably not for you (although I hear he does do a couple of Zeppelin songs), but if you want to hear a once in a lifetime artist perform a careers worth of great material, then look no further.

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