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Beach House!

Hot damn! That’s Victoria Legrand right there of Beach House. Her and that other guy in the band recently did a Daytrotter session and I’m feeling this a lot, particularly songs like “Zebra,” which I wrote about a few days ago and now my fascination is “Walk In The Park.” Legrand’s Nico replica of a voice is pretty hot, not going to lie.

Listen to the tunes here: http://www.daytrotter.com/dt/beach-house-concert/20031020-3738208.html

Beach House – Zebra

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I listened to and reviewed this album for the first time back in November. Talk about an early leak! It’s among the better things that I’ve heard for 2010, but it’s a little blase, aka something bitchfuck media won’t admit! Take this song “Zebra.” You got to admit it’s pretty awesome, but at certain points I feel sort of disappointed. “Any way you run, you run before us” is simply an excellent chorus, but this song calls for some kind of loud extravagant epicness. The ending is quite solid, but in the middle it’s just all right. What do you think?