This Day In KLYAM (November 7)

2015: Boston Hassle Fest Night 3 – Brighton Music Hall featuring Dan Melchior, Flipper, Guerrilla Toss, Obnox, Ono, Palberta, Pvre Matrix, Serengeti, Terrence Dixon, The Channels, The Lesser Knowns; The Barbazons, Earthquake Party, Jim Leonard, The Double Buscemis – Theives Grotto

2014: Hasslefest 6

This Day In KLYAM (November 5)

2018: Shannon and the Clams, Dirty Fences, The Monsieurs – The Sinclair

2015: Boston Hassle Fest Night 1 – Cambridge Elks Lodge (6-11PM) & Out of the Blue Too (11-1AM) featuring Black Beach, Downtown Boys, Free Pizza, Home Blitz, JOSS, Listening Woman, (New) England Patriots, PC Worship, Urochromes, World Cup, Whip Appeal

This Day In KLYAM (November 4)

2017: A Mouth is a Mouth Noise Fest Part IV: Johnnie and the Foodmasters, James Coarse reading from “American Light Beer,” Poacher, Chill City Icon, G. Gordon Gritty, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> – The ratsnest

2016: Nice Guys, Black Beach, Mad Doctors, Rye Pines – Black Lodge

2014: Nice Guys, Zip-Tie Handcuffs (Release Show), Midriffs – Middlesex Lounge

2012: Grass Widow, Fat Creeps, Creaturos- Great Scott [REVIEW]

This Day In KLYAM (October 31)

Grandma Sadie’s Birthday – happy birthday Gram! Gram would have been 94 years old today. She passed in 2016. She was simply the best! For those not in the know or wondering – we are talking about my (Gritty) Grandma Sadie of the eponymous Gramspot, named for her living quarters which eventually became the practice space of Gritty/KLYAM adjacent projects in late 2017. Halloween is all year down at Gramspot as the space has many Gram keepsakes and memorials, including Gram face hand fans which were made for her surprise Halloween birthday celebration in 2015. An incarnation of Johnnie and the Foodmasters  with Ben and myself performed a few numbers, including “Blue Velvet” and “Blueberry Hill,” which were some of Gram’s favorites.

Gram loved dancing and I was lucky enough to capture her talking about The Raymore Playmore (actually was spelled RaymorPlaymor) ballroom. Check it out:

2016:  Creaturos (The Stooges), Electric Street Queens (“The Motorways” – Motorhead/The Runaways), Beach Toys (The Velvet Underground), “The Shaggs” – ZuZu

2014: Ursula, Beach Toys, Little Spoon, Hatsune Miku, World Cup – Lasthaus

This Day In KLYAM (October 30)

2015: Blood Club, Sour Spirit, Dog, The Cavemen – The Harvard Advocate

2014: The Memories, Gracie Jackson, The Lentils, Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser – Lilypad

2007: Morrisey, Girlfriend In A Coma – Orpheum Theatre