Concert Review: The Beets, Briliant Colors, Honeysuck @ Problem House (6/16/11)

*My apologies for the extremely late arrival of this review. Better late than never!*

Artists: Honeysuck, The Beets, Brilliant Colors, Libyans (missed- next time!)
Location: The Problem House (Allston, MA)
Date: Thursday, June 16, 2011

Act I: Honeysuck– Honeysuck was a real treat. They played a brief, but energetic set filled with frenzied, classic hardcore punk styled songs- a nice way to kick off the evening. They were kinda mellow in terms of their performance, but musicially they were really loud and as I said earlier energetic. I tend to not like current bands that play in the style (at least to me) of the old school hardcore stuff, but Honeysuck is an exception. I’ll keep my eye on them in the future.

Act II: The Beets– Ahh The Beets, one of Queens’ finest, just the guys we were looking for. These cats can really tap into some truly demented psychedelia. Shit makes you wanna float around all day on acid and move to another groove. They’re so laid back in their approach, yet the music is enticing. One of my favorites of the evening was “Flower Girl”- one of the sweetest in The Beets’ catalog. When I heard that quintessential line “All is good when I’m with you, I cut my balls off, gave them to ya, I don’t need them as long as I got you!” my eyes lit up. I mean that line sold me from the beginning. Just that line makes them a more qualified group than just about any other schmuck with an acoustic guitar. There’s this great, “I don’t give a fuck, whatever” quality to The Beets, and yet at the same time they offer thee utmost sincerity in their delivery and as evidence here their lyrics. It’s hilarious, but at the same time, what a better way to say I love you then telling your significant other that you could exterminate your manhood and it would not matter because you have them by your side. Oustanding. Then the biggest highlight of the night came when the guys played (at my request!) my Beets fave- “Broken English.” That song simply evokes complete euphoria in me and it was just as good live. Beets need to come back soon. From Boston with love.

Act III: Brilliant Colors – I honestly can’t really remember too much about Brilliant Colors. I remember thinking they were decent, but I don’t remember them being spectacular either. This could also have to do with the fact that for their performance I was closer to the back of the room, so all I saw were bodies in front of me. Typically, I need to see the band perform for it to really kick in.

Here’s a great video of The Beets.

CD Review: Stay Home [2011]

The Beets
Release: 1/2011
Label: Captured Tracks

1. “Cold Lips” – A-
2. “Dead” – B
3. “Hens and Roosters” – A-
4. “Watching T.V.” – B
5. “Pops N’ Me” –  A-
6. “Floating” – A-
7. “Eat No Dick 2” – C
8. “Let It Dim” – B-
9. “Knock On Wood” – B-
10. “Just A Whim” – A-
11. “Your Name Is On My Bones” – A-
12. “Young Girls” – B+
13. “Flight 14” – A-

Comments: The Beets of Queens, New York (word to Queens — the best borough in NYC), a staple in the NYC DIY community, have followed up their first collection of songs with Stay Home, thirteen new songs about staying home. The coy, stripped down nature of these tunes are typically inviting and catchy. Stay Home is definitely meritorious of better acclaim than it will probably get. The more ‘professional’ music personalities will most likely brush this to the side given its home recording quality. The songs themselves have a Beat Happening feel to them, driven by neat vocal harmonies (“Floating”) and puerile topics (“Hens and Roosters,” “Pops and Me”). What separates The Beets from the rest of them is the singer Juan Wauters…his accent and delivery, specifically.

Grade: B (86)

Band Spotlight: The Beets

No no not those Beets!

Artist: The Beets
Label: Captured Tracks, Mountain of Slime
Years Active: 2007-Present
Where Does This Shit Originate?: Jackson Heights, New York
Members June- Vocals/Guitar and Josie-Vocals/Bass
Main Influences: According to their MySpace, “Chicos Electricos, The Beach Boys, Eduardo Mateo, Spit and Puke, Ramones, Tom & Jerry, Jackson Heights, Emi Delico, The International Adult Conspiracy, and Chicos Electricos.”
Sounds Like: Also according to their MySpace, “a trio of drunk, possibly retarded twelve year olds. Seriously, my left tit probably outweighed the whole fucking band.” – Tuddd’s Muddd, (” I myself and Glen hear a lot of Beat Happening in their soud, attitude and overall aesthetic. Also, a little bit of wildmen, garage drenched drunkeness a la Black Lips.
Top Songs: “Broken English,” “Flower Girl,” “Happy, But On My Way,” “I’m So Bored,” and others
Top Album: Spit In the Face of People Who Don’t Want to Be Cool
If You Like…: If you like the Black Lips, Maine Coons, Beat Happening, Shaggs, Ramones, Tim and Eric (haha), then the Beets may just tickle your fancy like they have tickled mine.

Check Them Out! and