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Band Spotlight: The Beets

No no not those Beets!

Artist: The Beets
Label: Captured Tracks, Mountain of Slime
Years Active: 2007-Present
Where Does This Shit Originate?: Jackson Heights, New York
Members June- Vocals/Guitar and Josie-Vocals/Bass
Main Influences: According to their MySpace, “Chicos Electricos, The Beach Boys, Eduardo Mateo, Spit and Puke, Ramones, Tom & Jerry, Jackson Heights, Emi Delico, The International Adult Conspiracy, and Chicos Electricos.”
Sounds Like: Also according to their MySpace, “a trio of drunk, possibly retarded twelve year olds. Seriously, my left tit probably outweighed the whole fucking band.” – Tuddd’s Muddd, (http://tudsmudh.typepad.com/)” I myself and Glen hear a lot of Beat Happening in their soud, attitude and overall aesthetic. Also, a little bit of wildmen, garage drenched drunkeness a la Black Lips.
Top Songs: “Broken English,” “Flower Girl,” “Happy, But On My Way,” “I’m So Bored,” and others
Top Album: Spit In the Face of People Who Don’t Want to Be Cool
If You Like…: If you like the Black Lips, Maine Coons, Beat Happening, Shaggs, Ramones, Tim and Eric (haha), then the Beets may just tickle your fancy like they have tickled mine.

Check Them Out!
http://www.myspace.com/thebeetsbeat and http://www.daytrotter.com/dt/the-beets-concert/20031324-37382373.html

KLYAM Recommends…

That you don’t do the following:

Give a beggar just one penny. Okay, I was walking near Columbus Avenue around Boston Common and there was a man on the sidewalk asking if I had any change. I did have some change, but I was in a rush so I just quickly reached in my pocket and pulled out…one penny. I dropped it into his coffee cup container and then…he went apeshit on me! “One fucking penny, are you fucking serious?” he said before giving me a right hook to the shoulder and throwing the cup in my direction. I said “that’s all the change I could get!” As I was walking/jogging away, I could hear him repeat “one fucking penny!”

Hot damn, don’t do this.