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CD Review: Expo 86 [2010]

Band: Wolf Parade
Release: 6/2010
Label: Sub Pop

1. “Cloud Shadow on the Mountain” – Krug – A-
2. “Palm Road” – Boeckner – A
3. “What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had To Go This Way) – Krug – A-
4. “Little Golden Age” – Boeckner – A-
5. “In the Direction of the Moon” – Krug – B+
6. “Ghost Pressure” – Boeckner – A
7. “Pobody’s Nerfect” – Boeckner – A-
8. “Two Men in New Tuxedos” – Krug – B
9. “Oh You, Old Thing” – Krug – A
10. “Yulia” – Boeckner – B+
11. “Cave-o-sapien” – Krug – B+

Comments: Spencer Krug starts the record off in a manner that I’ll dub uncharacteristic. He does a little spoken-word before singing in his oh-so characteristic way.  “Cloud” is (and I hate that I’ll keep referring to it at this) very Sunset Rubdown. Of course, it’s more dynamic and more dance. I like that it’s instantly catchy. It’s the catchiest tune on this LP. The Boeckner-led “Palm Road” is neat. There’s a lot of noticeable instruments going on in the background — some with weird, but cool effects. There’s also the break around the two minute mark that adds some lasting meat to the tune. The upbeat “What Did” contains an array of neat guitar riffs and a constant drum line that insists on you moving around. I absolutely am fascinated by “Little Golden Age.” Hot damn. Krug starts doing his “wa-who-wa-who” deal at the end and then Boeckner kicks back in with the chorus. Just great. “In the Direction” is a bit draggy, I’ll admit, but overall it is pretty consistent in being that, which isn’t bad. There are things I like. As I mentioned in song reviews “Ghost Pressure” features excellent synthesizer notes and a killer bridge/chorus. “Pobody’s Nerfect” has a cool rhythm section. Not breath-taking, but well enough. Too long? It makes the next song, “Two Men,” seem like an extremely short number. Comparatively so. “Oh You, Old Thing” is tight. It’s a very variable tune. It certainly has me not knowing what to expect next. For now, I’ll label it as a grower. Fantastic ending. “Yulia” just keeps getting better and better as it progresses. Matter of fact, that’s how a lot of Dan’s songs are. Cool effects are also present on “Cave.”

Grade: B+ (89)

Wolf Parade Song Reviews

Both tracks are off their upcoming album Expo 86 (June 29, Sub Pop):

“What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had To Go This Way)” –  Spencer Krug succeeded in his goal of penning a danceable song. Lyrically speaking, this song is filled with oddball lyrics, sort of like what we’ve come to expect from Sunset Rubdown. Like Deerhunter’s “Operation” the drum beat and bass are what makes this a so-called “dance rock” number. Sure, the organ fills and scratchy guitar riffs are nice, too. I wasn’t too impressed the first few listens, but this is definitely a grower. [Grade: A/A-]

“Ghost Pressure” – Dominating, at first, this song is the synthesizer, which sort of like an Editors song, darkens atmosphere and mood. The synth “brightens” up after a short keyboard part. The bridge “shake me up, shake me up” sounds awfully familiar, but I can’t quite recall what tune this reminds me of. Anybody? Boeckner sings the first half before Krug enters. They harmonize up until a short instrumental finishes the thing up. Like “What Did” I wasn’t really an immediate fan, but this is actually quite good. [Grade: A]

Listen to the songs at the Dork

EP Review: Dreamland (2010)

Band: Moonface (Spencer Krug)
Release: 2010
Label: Jagjaguwar

1. “Dreamland EP (Marimbas and Shit Drums)” – A-

Comments: Are you an aficionado for twenty minute songs? Krug keeps this banger interesting on several different fronts. At its core, this is an elongated, minimalist Sunset Rubdown epic. Terse epics (under ten minutes, please) are much appreciated, but this thing (47 MB) is far from that. Unlike, say, a Flashy Python doozy, this isn’t broken down into parts; there’s a constant marimba rhythmic sequence that sets the tone and is pretty darn scary. Quite fitting for an EP that’s based on Spencer’s dreams. Overall, I really dig it, but it’s just too bad it’s not broken up.

Final Grade: A- (90)