Everyone has a deep urging, a seated, notpatient, and ever intense longing for what I am terming PRIMITIVALIA – this stuff is a step back from modern man, from rightnow pop capabilities and sensibilities, but lemme tell you this is the realest of deals. Oh yes, very noisy, but heartfelt in the most uncontrived ways – just listen. You’ll get it I hope.


First, the debut recording from THE CAVEMEN – Banned Before Time. This is what it’s all about folks. Now full disclosure if anyone’s connecting dots here – I didn’t play on this recording and I am glad I didn’t – I’m just unbelievably grateful these guys let me react to their music from time to time LIVE. So if you want to know what complete freedom and just whatever goes, goes feels and sounds like, come on out to Harvard University this Friday, October 30, and see what Crypt Smarts (TM) looks like. The Cavemen. On this recording, Kurt and Couch nail the brute root elements of old timey frat rockers but of course that gets deconstructed in Bits and Spurts into metallic-y Lightning Bolt – so loosy Grey goosey you have to wonder if this is happily the best doomed equivalent of a Jam band. Thank you God this is a thing.


Now for the true sickos and sickettes. I present to you the mind of >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> and his sophomore release >>>>>>>>>>. Some might be familiar with his work in the live G. Gordon Gritty band on noise guitar – so if you ever wanted to hear what that dude is like on his own, left completely to his own devices, with a wooden or half broken guitar, homemade pedals, and a light switch, this is your chance. His straight to tape competency on this recording is quite literally the embodiment of rock ‘n roll and DO IT YOURSELF. Despite its minimalism, it might be his most accessible work. I can’t recommend the debut album enough though, there’s a lot more going on. It’s poetic. Happy to play with dude every chance I can. It’s special!

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