EP Review: Fall Be Kind

Band: Animal Collective
Label: Domino
Release: December 18, 2009

1. “Graze” – 9.0 – Forget about the droning space psychedelia that the first few minutes bring…3:35 and on is what’s up.

2. “What Would I Want Sky?” – 9.6 – The long introduction isn’t so hot. 3:09 and on is what’s up. I get a “feel-good” vibe that’s sort of cold and fitting for this time of the year as opposed to the other kind of “feel-good” like in “Summertime Clothes.”

3. “Bleeding” – 8.2 – Initially, I’m not really digging it. I like the flow, but there isn’t anything outstanding.

4. “On A Highway” – 8.9 – The kind of song that you don’t want to introduce to prospective listeners. Any elements of pop have been toned back drastically. The ending brings the song together, but should have happened earlier.

5. “I Think I Can” – 8.3 -This one doesn’t do much for me until about the 5:11 mark. From there, the multiple vocal tracking is funny and sounds fine.

Comments: Oopsie doopsie another really early leak from the Collective. The last time an AC leak came, it turned out to be an instant classic wrought with premature “best album ever made” status. This EP is a let down for me. It doesn’t ride the Merriweather Post Pavillion coattails, which is sad, but I’m pretty sure they’ve had these tracks sitting around for a while and just wanted to release them in some form.

Grade: 8.8