Simpson Posing Nude for Playboy

Don’t be surprised if you pick of the November issue of Playboy and see Marge Simpson in the buff. E! Online reporter Marc Malkin confirmed that the Simpson matriarch will appear naked. Wonder what Homer thinks? And if blue-haired cartoons aren’t your forte, Marge will not be replacing the usual Playmate in the issue.

Hugh Hefner teased a while back on Twitter about a possible Marge-Playboy collaboration. Marge will be featured in a three-page pictorial complete with an interview and a data sheet to mark ‘The Simpsons’ 20th anniversary.

Sexy! Ha, when I first heard about this I thought it was Jessica!


Cole Alexander on Playboy

Cole Alexander of The Black Lips playing acoustic guitar on the same website where naked playmates and cybergirls frolic?

Apparently, it’s very, very true, and it will indeed occur in the not so distant future! launched its ”Uncovered” video series today where guest artists perform cover songs from bands that influenced them. The series, exclusively created for, will show fresh videos on the second Tuesday of each month for 10 consecutive months. Confirmed artists thus far include The Black Lips, Dinosaur Jr., The Dears, Drive-By Truckers, A Camp (Nina Persson of The Cardigans) and Phosphorescent.

The complete lineup—with four additional artists—will be available on August 1. –

Haha this is going to be awesome.