Great Quotes!

NOTE: For those who are reading this post, thanks for checking us out. With that being said, this site is far more than just Sharon Tate. In fact, she has only appeared twice in the thousands of posts we have made. So, in other words, we are the KLYAM or Kids Like You and Me, mainly a music based blog, but we also cover a wide variety of subject matter from film to comedy to politics to philosophy, you name it. Please, check out the rest of the site as I am positive you will find something that tickles your fancy. Good Day.

Dayemmm Sharon Tate was smokin! I don’t know how anyone could lay a harmful finger on her….

“Eh, I will ahh come back for you later… possibly…” Ted Kennedy

“Yeah, I’d fuck her!” Bill Clinton

“You and your family are welcome to come back anytime, Mr. Manson.” Sharon Tate

“Imagine if I said we were bigger than Elvis!” John Lennon

(Puffing cigarette) “It’s not like I’ll get cancer anytime soon,” Bill Hicks

“Sorry, I can’t make it to your birthday party, but I wrapped up a gift and mailed it to you. I’m sure you’ll have a blast!” Ted Kaczynski

“So, how are you feeling today?” Dr. Jack Kavorkian

“Thank God, she said she was 18…” Any porn star that appeared in a film with Traci Lords


Funny Moment of the Day

So, I was taking a stroll through my favorite section of Barnes and Noble, Biography, and I could not help, but notice the attention grabbing, gorgeous Tera Patrick on the cover of her new autobiography, SINNER TAKES ALL: A MEMOIR OF LOVE, MARRIAGE, & PORN. So, I flipped through the pages and skimmed some sections and some… cough photos cough… whilst holding the book close to me to make sure other patrons and the workers did not notice what I was reading. Then allasuddden I dropped the motherfucker and the jacket came off! As I struggled to wrap the jacket around the book as it was originally (this can be pretty damn difficult if you’re under some serious pressure!), the young female worker asked if I was alright and if I found what I was looking for. I replied instantly, ” uhh yeah thanks uhh.” She realized what I was looking at and we shared in our awkwardness. Of course she said nothing, but it was maladroit as fuck. Perhaps, I should have stood on a table and pumped my fist in the air and shouted, “HELL YES THIS IS AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A PORN STAR AND NO I’M NOT ASHAMED THAT I’M LOOKING AT IT! AND WHILE WERE ON THE TOPIC, WHY DON’T YOU ORDER SOME HUSTLERS AND PENTHOUSES. NOT THAT I’D PURCHASE THEM, BECAUSE I CAN EASILY ACCESS PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING ELSE FOR FREE ONLINE, BUT AT LEAST I COULD LOOK AT SOME MAGS JUST FOR KICKS, WHAT DO YOU SAY?! Some day… I will agitate the fine people of Barnes and Noble, but for now I’m satisfied venting in this forum. Peace.


I’m Just As Repulsed As You… chuckles

I saw an advertisement for Volvo cars that utilizes classical conditioning to excite customers about their products. The ad conditions its viewers to get “excited” when they see Volvo cars like they get “excited” for sex. Specifically, the ad features a parking brake in its upward position to resemble an erect penis, this is accompanied by the caption, “We Are Just As Excited As You Are.” The marketers are aiming at the 16-40 year old male demographic. They hope guys will learn to associate the company’s automobiles with horniness, so they will go out and buy them. Fuckers… why they can’t just associate horniess with big black boots like fine, upstanding, citizens.