Band Rec: Lotus Plaza

I’ve never considered myself a “hip” music fan, I don’t follow hypes and buzzes and things of that nature or at least I don’t follow bands for those reasons. Lotus Plaza is the solo project of Deerhunter lead guitarist and occasional vocalist, Lockett Pundt. About two years ago he released his first album (as Lotus Plaza) entitled The Floodlight Collective to mixed reviews: before the official release people really got off on it and then suddenly bashed it, as haters tend to do; haters gonna hater. Anyway, as much as I love Lockett in Deerhunter, especially his vocals on such classics as “Agoraphobia,” “Neither of Us, Uncertainly,” “Desire Lines, ” and “Fountain Stairs,” I never really checked out his solo work, until recently. I’m really digging Lotus Plaza, so I thought I’d share it with anyone that cares to check it out as with anything I post on here that I find fascinating aka gives me a musical erection. His singing here is truly gorgeous and evokes a lot of emotion in me per usual for his vocals. I really adore the mix of ambiance and pop. Keep up the good work Lockett!

Great Bradford Cox Quote

Talking about album leaks:

When Lotus Plaza came out I was like a mom or something. Keeping up. The way that it went from anticipation anticipation anticipation anticipation…it’s such a sexual thing. You know what I mean it’s like they really wanted to see him with his clothes off. The album leaks like a fucking homemade sex video or something. Once the real album comes out it’s almost like yeah, I fucked her. I fucked him. I fucked that person already. When they first start getting it on they’re like “oh my God Atlas Sound is shit compared to this! Deerhunter is shit! Lotus Plaza is Deerhunter! Lotus Plaza is the essential essence of good music! Lotus Plaza is the transcendental…” The first two weeks it’s always the same. Then a week later they’re is a backlash. I’m tired of hearing about how good this is. The album isn’t even out yet! Think about In Utero: it took a year of 92/93/94 for that cycle to fully happen. There was an important day like Election Day. There’s not that anymore. People have destroyed a format of art. I have too. I’m not being Mr. Highhorse. I’m sorry for the tirade.”