KLYAM Recommends…

That you don’t do the following:

Give a beggar just one penny. Okay, I was walking near Columbus Avenue around Boston Common and there was a man on the sidewalk asking if I had any change. I did have some change, but I was in a rush so I just quickly reached in my pocket and pulled out…one penny. I dropped it into his coffee cup container and then…he went apeshit on me! “One fucking penny, are you fucking serious?” he said before giving me a right hook to the shoulder and throwing the cup in my direction. I said “that’s all the change I could get!” As I was walking/jogging away, I could hear him repeat “one fucking penny!”

Hot damn, don’t do this.

One thought on “KLYAM Recommends…”

  1. This is why I always check to see what I have – if I only have a penny I just don’t give anything at all. It’s easy for someone to be insulted by a penny. How many pennies are needed to buy anything? A hundred, maybe more. That’s a hundred passers by. Say you have nothing.

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