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EP Review: Abnormalities (2010)

Band: The Spill Canvas
Release: 2010
Label: Sire

1. “Gateway Drug” – B-
2. “Don’t Let Your Enemies Become Friends” – C-
3. “Good Graces, Bad Influence” – C+

I liken this band to Head Automatica, with evident styles in pop-punk and power-pop. Like HA, the Spill Canvas manages to (mostly) stay outside the obnoxious zone that so many bands of today tend to fall in. HA is a lot catchier, but this definitely is comparable.

Grade: C (76)

Review: Head Automatica & Cubic Zicronia @ Great Scott (7/23/09)

: Head Automatica and Cubic Zirconia
Location: Great Scott, Allston
Date: Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cubic Zirconia: I’ll be straight up here, I focused more on the amazingly attractive, sexual chocolate lead singer than on the music itself. If you witnessed the band’s somewhat bizarre performance which included a song, proclaiming “FUCK WORK” about 20-30 times, then you would realize that the singer would probably not take offense to being referred to as “sexual chocolate” haha. I dug her sexually charged dancing and I particularly enjoyed when she stared right into my eyes and sang at me. Glen and others also noted this, thus confirming that I wasn’t merely delusional and horny. As Glen affirmed, “she likes you!” Besides being very appealing, in a stunning, gorgeous gold dress, she and her mates rocked out and were able to get the crowd moving in anticipation of Head Automatica. Continue reading Review: Head Automatica & Cubic Zicronia @ Great Scott (7/23/09)