Review: Head Automatica & Cubic Zicronia @ Great Scott (7/23/09)

: Head Automatica and Cubic Zirconia
Location: Great Scott, Allston
Date: Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cubic Zirconia: I’ll be straight up here, I focused more on the amazingly attractive, sexual chocolate lead singer than on the music itself. If you witnessed the band’s somewhat bizarre performance which included a song, proclaiming “FUCK WORK” about 20-30 times, then you would realize that the singer would probably not take offense to being referred to as “sexual chocolate” haha. I dug her sexually charged dancing and I particularly enjoyed when she stared right into my eyes and sang at me. Glen and others also noted this, thus confirming that I wasn’t merely delusional and horny. As Glen affirmed, “she likes you!” Besides being very appealing, in a stunning, gorgeous gold dress, she and her mates rocked out and were able to get the crowd moving in anticipation of Head Automatica. I also dug it when practically every member of the group would tap a drum or two in sync with one another during various tunes. Overall, I liked it, but I’m not much of an electronica/ dance rock fan, with few exceptions…

Head Automatica!!!
: One of the greatest performance I have had the pleasure of witnessing! As Glen professes, “Extremely energetic, especially on ‘Please, Please Please,”‘ the group had nearly every concert member dancing, gyrating, screaming, and singing along to some of the greatest and catchiest pop songs of the past five years. Lead singer, Darryl Palumbo, whom we had the amazing privilege of briefly chatting with after the show(claims the next Glassjaw, Darryl’s other band, release will be really heavy and coming very soon!) and his mates entered the scene and bashed out such loud, fast, pop classics as “At the Speed of a Yellow Bullet,” “Brooklyn Is Burning,” “Beating Heart Baby,” “The Razor,” their powerful closer, “I Shot William H. Macy,” as well as some new songs from their forthcoming album. The band, particularly, Darryl enthusiastically performed by dancing with the audience, jumping up and down, screaming his lungs out, and what appeared to be hitting himself in the head haha. His communication with his fans was flawless: making jokes about cute police and claiming their last album was Pet Sounds, amongst other larfs. One could simply find humor in the singer’s appearance, almost “1960s,” as Glen declared. His attire consisted of a brown jacket, a white collared shirt, suspenders, brown pants, and slick black, “dress up” shoes. A far cry from most rock stars.

: A- 9/10: High energy, Hot Femmes, Dancing my White Ass off!


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