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EP Review: Abnormalities (2010)

Band: The Spill Canvas
Release: 2010
Label: Sire

1. “Gateway Drug” – B-
2. “Don’t Let Your Enemies Become Friends” – C-
3. “Good Graces, Bad Influence” – C+

I liken this band to Head Automatica, with evident styles in pop-punk and power-pop. Like HA, the Spill Canvas manages to (mostly) stay outside the obnoxious zone that so many bands of today tend to fall in. HA is a lot catchier, but this definitely is comparable.

Grade: C (76)

EP Reviews: Teabag Party 7″ and Animal Party 7″

Band: King Khan & BBQ Show
Title: Teabag Party 7″
Label: Crypt
Release: 2008

1. “Teabag Party” – 9.6 A straight up ancient garage-comedy sucker with lyrics like “Well I’m gonna put my balls/
on top of your head/then you gonna wish oh/wish you were dead. ” Imagine a Fish Fight, but with Teabags.

2. “Larry Is A Gay Blade” – 9.8Hahahahahahahaha! A hiliarious 12 seconder in the tune of “Learn My Language.”

3. “Teenage Foetus” – 9.7From my perspective this song rings true about the ills of the abortion industry. “Teenage foetus, you can’t beat us,” shows how the fetus is left powerless in an abortion situation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure KK and BBQ didn’t think of it this way when they made it, but it’s up for interpretation I’m sure.

4. “What’s Yours Is Mine” – 9.5 – Pretty fuckin’ sweet doo-wop, but not really high high class.

5. “Gangbang Gordon” – 9.9Hahhahahahahahahaha shit! Guess what song(s) this sounds like? Here’s the lyrics: “1..2..3 Gonna Gangbang Gordon, We’re Gonna Eat His Organs! We’re Gonna Fuckin’ Gangbang  Gordon, We’re Gonna Eat His Organs! Dip-pa-dap-da-pa-dip…” Hahaha!

Band: King Khan & BBQ Show
Title: Animal Party 7″
Label: Fat Possum
Release: 2008

1. “Animal Party” – 9.2Funny, but not too awesome. A really solid rhythm and very inviting. “Open the door/come on in/let the Animal Party begin!”

2. “God Of Raisins” – 9.3Gospel gone wrong, but not musically wrong.